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January 23, 2020 | Update

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Dante    1

Update time everyone! I have even more stuff that's being developed! Let me know if you guys will find any issues with this update! I hope ye all enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚
-Added New Home Map
-Clipped New Home Area Map
-Added Brand New Genesis Set which is unique and baught only for stargaze!
-Added Custom Scroode Mode Made For BobbyT8000
-Fixed Some Items Going Into Wrong Slots
-Fixed Some Items Overwriting Each Other Causing Them To Become Another Item
-Fixed vorago drop table bug
-Added 2 new equipment slots for upcoming charms and only unique items to stargaze
-Adjusted Warriors Trial Sword Drops Slightly As I Got Reports That It Was Easy As Hell To Obtain The Sword
-Increased HP On pinata so it wouldn't get killed so fast and more players have a chance of participation
-Deleted some ugly ass unecessary code that was eating up server performance for no reason
-Added New System Where I Can Now Manualy Put Icons On The Map With Ease
-Added Map Icons All Over New Home Map
-Fixed some objects with broken textures that weren't animated now they work perfectly
-Fixed Trivia Question that was broken
-Rewrote Whole Super Scratchcard system and improved on it. That's why it was unreleased yet
-Updated Afk Area On New Home Map Tree/Rock Now Spawns at the same area
-New Fountain Of Heroes Replacing the fountain of youth plus you will no longer need to pay 10k for it only 500 bulging bags will be enough
-Boss event moved to a new location
-Added ::shops command to move to a new shops location
-Changed Most Of Skilling Locations on the lvl tab
-Made all of homes object function normaly
-Moved most of skilling npcs to skilling area
-Increased Chances Of Obtaining Supreme T-Shirt from the omega chest
-Keyroom rewards no longer are sent to the bank, now it goes to the inventory straight
-Added New Starterzone
-Increased Chances Of Obtaining Loot On Keyroom Lvl 5
-Loot Is Now picked up automatically At Infartico if wearing collector item
-Added Animations To Genesis Set
-Added Genesis Set To The Super Scratchcard loot table and reward interface
-Added Divine Effect To The Spender Shield
-Adjusted Some More Prices On Webstore
-Hardcoded all the prices from webstore to work with donation deals so i wouldn't need to give them manually, now everything works automatically
-Extreme Megazord untradable pieces are now tradable
-Nerfed Custom GWD Health, but removed agro from them so they couldn't be afked
-Pets no longer go away on death
-Legendary Mystery Boxes Now All Open With 1 Click
-You can no longer attack pinata when ur pet is out
-Now when using command ::pinata your stats will go back to normal without you needing to get killed
-Macban now works for admin rank
-Staff Members Can Now check inventories
-Staff members can now check banks
-Donation Deal Timer Doesn't Go Nuts Anymore as it was basically the more u press on the donation deals the more tasks it openned making the timer go faster with every click
-Added Extra notification for when Pinata event goes live when you press to spawn it
-Added Command ::bosstimers which will show in how many seconds the global bosses are going to spawn
-Fixed Jail so now it works properly
-Added brand new damage counter system for top 5 damage dealers to show dps done on multi zone NPCS u can toggle it off if u don't want by doing ::toggledamageoverlay
-Fixed Looping issue with the client it needing to load 2x models, rather than 1 so it should load client a little bit faster
-Fixed seasonal chest saying u need summer key to open it
-Moved all of the chests to the new home area
-Diamond Chest price has been increased from 800k to 900k in OP Store
-Added Super Scratchcard to Webstore for 9$ and to Pest Control Minigame
-Increased pet bag from 10k value to customย 
-Fixed Bugged Youtubers icon on top of its head
-Fixed a major bug where u could basically turn ur self into Owner xD
-Fixed some minor bugs that i've fixed in the process

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