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January 16, 2020 | Update

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Dante    1

Here we go another small updaterino coming to the StargazePS, introducing a brand new BEST HYBRID GEAR IN GAME Unique to only StargazePS as these models were baught for us, Tyrael's Set.
Another update should be coming aswell as i'm gonna be working on more content this week aswell as start implementing new home Area which u can find at #polls-regarding-updates at Our discord!
-Added Clue Scroll Rewards to the ::Rewardlist
-Removed vorago from anoukes teleport
-Removed a lot of rare drop spam, that wasn't really that of a rare drop
-Added command ::updates to redirect you instantly to the updates page, where you can read the latest updates on stargaze!
-Added Announcer when u hit rare on super scratch card
-Fixed Some Typo Mistakes
-Added 35% Dr Bonus To Loyal Star, Plus 10% Damage increase when the pet is out
-Fixed AOE pet bonus there was a calculation error now it gives the extra drops
-Buffed spender shield
-Buffed Madaras Wand
-Increased voragos damage radius so no safe spotting would happen
-Fixed dante's necklace picking up bad drops
-Fixed vorago bugging out and losing agro
-Fixed Starter Tasks Descriptions
-Nerfed Vorago Max Hit
-Updated Boss Event Message from event boss to boss event
-Added DR To Tyrael's set
-Added Tyrael's Set to the combiner
-Some minor bug i fixed forgot

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