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January 14, 2020 | Update

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Dante    1

Here is a brand new update for stargaze! This update focuses on Content and QOL, but it's not over for this week as i'm now developing even more stuff such as brand new Home Area map with way more detailed stuff such as skilling area/afk area/training/event boss area and more it's going to be a really nice way to start off 2020 like that with a fresh look and revamp of old stuff 🙂
-Added Brand New Ying&Yang Map
-Clipped Ying&Yang Map
-Fixed Mystery Box Pet effect now it has a chance of giving 1/400 kills a random reward for you
-Added Brand New Super Scratch cards that contain the rarest and best weapons in the game, but not only that if you do not match 3 of them you still get a guaranteed Prize!
-Added Vorago Models
-Added Vorago Pet will have 1.5k damage boost plus 20% dr increase
-Did a custom vorago Combat Script
-Added Vorago In Mass Boss Teleports
-Added Vorago to mass boss system with drops. Vorago won't have drop interface until next update as i'm redoing the drop system a bit but here what he will drop

Red Keys
Seasonal Keys
Cash Boxes
Legendary Mysteryboxes
Pet vorago
Op Keys
Extreme Megazord Set
Omega Key
Boss Key

-Added New GFXs
-Added New Animations
-Added New Images
-Added Brand new reward list interface which will help to show what rewards u can obtain from various boxes/cards etc.
-Fixed Some Corrupted Spawns
-Added New Rainbow Minigun that has a chance of hitting 5k damage 1/100, it can be obtained either by using ::combine and combining dragon/frost/golden/minigun/toxic minigun or completing all ::startertasks
-Cleaned Combiner from attack/healer/defender/collector icons, you can still upgrade them by using energy fragments on them
-Added Scratch Cards/Cash Boxes on Boss King Loot Table
-Captain america shield price has been decreased to 130k king tokens from 200k
-Removed Savechristmas from the teleport manager
-Removed Ice Troll From Instance Manager
-Increased loot count on pinata from 15 players to 20
-Ak assimov sellable for 1mil to the custom shop now
-Placed Gamble Shop in the kingzone
-Added Some Messages To The Shops
-Adjusted Some Stuff For 2X Donation System
-Fixed Some Minor Bugs
-Reworked Daily Login Rewards
-Adjusted Donation Deal Interface, started coding in the prices, still needs work tho
-Added Brand New TableCat icon which can be activated by doing ":c" in the chat!
-Edited Rare Drop Message A Little Bit
-Resized some npcs on interfaces to look cleaner
-Added new referal code called "vihtic"
-Adjusted some more outdated prices in the webstore
-Christmas cracker has been removed from the webstore
-Cursebearer now drops way more auras chest than before
-Updated King Zone Shop With Juicy juicy items
-Megazord Extreme Armor Set Has Been Added as BIS Range Armor obtainable by killing Vorago Boss plus this set is going to be a requirement for upcoming Tyrael's set, which will be an upgrade to QBD
-Buffed jax lantern damage cap
-Replaced The Yellow Star logo near the minimap with stargaze image
-Added More Big Ass Papas Bags To The Kingzone
-Revamped Pheonix Loot Table/Hp/Attack Damage/Defence As This Boss Could Be Used For Mid Tier Players To Enjoy Some Lotation
-Added Pheonix Into teleport manager
-Added some items to rare announcer
-Added Super Loyal Pet To Loyalty Shop, A rework for the whole shop is coming aswell, but this pet is for the players that are super active and loyal to stargaze!
-Added dick sword into the game LOL, the sword can be obtainable at OP Store the stats are slightly better than skittles
-Added More Slayer Tasks
-It's now easier to get trial swords, but in return it now consumes 2 tokens per kill rather than 1
-Increased upgrade chance for skittles for trial sword tier 7
-Stability Fixes removed unecessary Systemoutprints,messages fixed a memory leak
-Client version 9.4

If you find any bugs or issues with the update please let me know asap so it could be patched!

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