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January 7, 2020 | Update

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Dante    1

Small QOL Update for ye all! 🙂
-Removed universo armor from taxi
-Buffed LMS And other drops on taxi
-Added Another row of taxi npcs
-Auras from harlakk can now be sold to custom shop
-Added More Sponsor tokens drops for donkey kong
-Added captain america shield to the kingstore for 200k kingtokens
-Removed junk drops from anoukes drop table
-Heroic Maul is now sellable for 1m in custom shop
-Removed from the donation shop fire gun
-Buffed The chance to obtain loot from op asf chest
-It's now harder to obtain aoe weapons from Mystery Box Of All Mysteries
-Increased price on attack stones
-Buff Tank Drops
-Boss keys stackable
-Made king tokens untradable
-Ultra donation box stackable
-High-end weapon tier boxes stackable
-Updated vetions zone
-Added brand new command ::Gear that will redirect to savages gear guide to help you learn about stargaze armor sets

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