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January 5, 2020 | Update

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Dante    1

I'm back baby, not a big update. But i'm getting just started and back to the daily content grind boys and girls i've missed stargaze so much! I have a ton of new content
that i have planned for implementation and make this server one of the best custom rsps experiences there is!!! So i hope all of you will ride a long with me on this journey by becoming #1 one day!
First thing on my list is to rework all of the unused dead content and make it usable, next is brand new raids, New systems such as boss of the day,collections logs etc. Mount system, Skilling that would work with the customs, New unique skill, New unique to stargaze charm system and so much more!!!

-Added New Animated Server Icon on discord
-New system to protect us from packet abusing or account spam that could cause lag issues
-Increased Client Performance
-Added starterbook to the ironman starter package
-Added New King Zone Map
-Clipped King Zone
-Added King Tokens Into The Game
-Added Santa Npc For King Zone As Some People Have Full Grinch Sets, and i will still let them pickpocket santa for 1 month until i fully remove it!
-Added King Store, this store is going to be empty until we collect enough feedback on what should be added in there, it will be completed on the next update
-Added Brand New Taxi Npcs Which will be dropping King Tokens/Universo Set/Boss Key and more!
-Added Money Bags Into King Zone So U Could Farm Em Without Paying For The Gates
-Added Ultra Mystery Boxes To The King Zone for all the Aoe fanatics
-Fixed The price for omega keys x10 on the webstore was 190$ now 160$
-Starterzone command now teleports you to the right location
-Rock crabs have been added in starterzone for the slayer tasks
-Buffed GWD Bosses and their rare loot table, removed pet and tokens from 1/1000 Chance so shield pieces would be more common to obtain
-Increased attack speed for madaras wand
-Fixed numbers showing up on starter tasks
-Added KC Requirement For Taxies
-Christmas event teleport has been removed i hope u enjoyed it!
-Increase range shop stock also removed all the unecessary items in it so it would look more clean
-Changed saturday daily reward from pet box to the High-end tier weapon box
-Universo bow has been buffed
-Buffed TDI
-Added Some Missing items to the rare item announcer
-Some minor bug fixes that i forgot about
-Adjusted Descriptions on the webstore to match what the item is truly about
-Removed some items from webstore and adjusted prices to outdated items
-Client 9.3 Version comes with updated kingzone map

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