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August 12, 2020 | Update

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Dante    0

 Small QOL update to start of daily updates, as i'm gonna be hiring helping hands and even if i'm dealing with IRL shi* there will be still a person covering me up and working on them juicy juicy updaterinos ❤️ Next update will focus more on bug fixes and after that update we're gonna start focusing on getting new content into the game ❤️
So don't forget to post your 
-Added Bulging Bag to the afk store. 1 afk ticket=1 Bag
-Updated Pinatas Loot Table
-Added New Stone tablet which can be upgraded by using upgrader either into executive totem or godly stone
-Made it so there is now a chance to obtain Supreme clue while openning regular caskets
-Added more kid buus at diety zone
-Red Wings are now sellable to the custom shop
-Added More Jokers into the jokers area
-325 Joker cloens will now have to be killed until The Joker shows up
-Buffed Clue scroll rewards
-Added Ultimatium to 10k NPC TASKS
-Added Supreme clues to pyramid head
-Packed vetions zone
-Clipped An Area
-Added Weapon guide command at ::weaponguide you can find all the latest news on your weapon upgrades etc.
-Auras chests are now stackable
-Updated Wildwyrm message so there wouldn't be rule breaking
-Top100Arena link updated
-Cerberus drop table interface updated
-Diety Zone Fountain now increases stats to 500 for a small fee
-OP Key can now be sold to custom shop for 30k
-Legacy Mystery Box is now stackable
-Fixed a bug where joker rpgs doubled with ddr as it is a mass boss
-Increased chance of receiving joker rpg
-Updated Broly as an officially supported AFK boss with included AFK ticket drops (1/5000 for 10k tickets | 1/4500 for 5k tickets | 1/1 for 1 ticket
-Increased amount of Diamond chests in azzandra shop
-Kid buu now attacks faster and has a bigger max hit
-Buffed Pyramid Head Mode
-Kid Buu Mode can now be sold for 4M bulging bags
-Kid Buu pet can now be sold for 1M bulging bags
-Ultimatium has been drastically buffed drop table wise
-Magic stone is now 300 Commedations rather than 10k
-Fixed some typo mistakes
-Deleted some unecessary code that was using up resources
-Updated client

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