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July 28, 2020 | Update

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Jewel    2

Well just a quick heads up i'm back from my short break because i was still dealing with some shi* that was affecting my mental state... I'm doing way way better and i hope this is my last message like that ever. The support of stargaze these past couple of weeks was breath taking 200 Online players... 200 i mean it's fucking insane and amazing guys i hope we can keep going and daily that 200 and go for 300! And thank you everyone who PMED me and gave me strenghth regarding my whole irl situation i love you guys and i can't ask for a better community than what we have created! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
-Fixed so yuou can now buy Godly shots from the ranged store
-Fixed Joker RPG it's a nice decent range weapon with the AOE effect to beat SUPER AOE ZONE
-Added Millionaire Box into the game, to obtain it is either from voting box or new Super Buu Zone or webstore
-Added New Buu Set into the game obtained by killing Kid Buu
-Made a new Spec Weapon Called The Doom Guy Sword, obtained only by ultimate stargaze slayers! at ::combine
-More items added To Custom Shop to sell
-Added Brand New Star stone which can be obtained either by upgrading godly stone at 50% and 10m cash or buying at webstore
-Fixed some issues that combiner system had from a lot of items
-Added Jonelles custom Staff
-Buffed Godly Flail
-Buffed Subie/Ad infinitus custom weapons
-Buffed Scrooge mode to 20%
-Added New DBZ MAP
-Clipped Dbz Map
-Added ::dbz command for Diety Players
-Added BUU DBZ teleportation tab into teemo shop
-Added Super Buu NPC
-Added Kid Buu NPC
-Buffed Mustang Sword
-Removed Perfecto Box from 20k Kill counter
-Removed Virtus robe legs from nex
-Added Zeus/Cell jrs to custom shop
-Added Kid Buu Mode 12% Damage Boost
-Added Buu Pet
-Added SS Effect to yoda pet, cuz we want variation rather than just see bugatis all day night plus it has better dr than bugati
-Added KC Requirement on BUU
-Fixed Some Typo Mistakes
-Fixed Some Bugs
-Added new items to rare item announcer
-Did some adjustments to the potion system
-Reworked a lot of webstore items/prices
-Client V13

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