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December 26, 2019 | Update

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Dante    1

-Fixed dante's necklace not picking up double key drops
-Increased santa costume value to the bulging bag store
-Adjusted donation double, to not give out doubles randomly
-Daily login rewards have been changed a little bit
-Fixed AOE Not working on sponsorzone
-Added Ctrl+U keyshortcut for KING rank to open upgrader anywhere they want
-Fixed a bug where the timer on donation deals went bonkers after some time
-Made it so after the timer runs our the donation deal changes
-Fixed a bug when u logged in and teleported your pet would dissapear
-Added a brand new keyroom Skipper lvl 4 skipper tab
-Added the brand new keyroom skipper tab to teemo shop
-Added ::startertasks for the newbies
-Coded all tasks for startertasks.

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