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Loot from 1380 red keys.

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janco    0

Loot from 1380 red keys, sold all the junk to the custom shop (took me about 3 runs to get all the keys opened :classic_tongue:). Restults below.

Bought the 1380 red keys from pos and made some with Crystal keys. All of wich cost around 140k.

Loots with prices wich are by my best estimate on december 22nd:

44317k straight up cash.

33530 mboxes x 3= 100.590 bags.

8 summer keys x 2400= 19.200 bags.

Dope donations box = 1000.

3 ice diamonds x 4000= 12.000 bags.

3 $5 x 750 = 2250 bags

2 $10 x 1500 = 3000 bags.

1 $25 = 3750 bags.

Overall pricecheck= 139.540


Overall i broke even and got a lill unlucky on the $ scrolls.

Conclusion, if u can buy the red keys under 110bags each then do so! There is profit to be made!


After all was done i opened all the boxes and got just enough to upgrade total donated to $3000. Next post upgrade rank?


Have fun, see you around!




loot from 1380 red keys.png

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vinny    1

Very nice, although with the junk you get as well that contributes a fair bit to the over all price, regardless its good to show that red keys are more beneficial to open than to sell to custom shop :P. 

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