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July 15, 2020 | Update

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Dante    0

After this update is out, i'm gonna be pushing updates every 3-4 days boys, to keep everything fresh and nice, sorry for the lack of the updates the past couple of weeks, was busy as hell with irl life and wanted to get back into the grind as i had some emotional problems because i suffered from a broken hearth syndrome lol as retarded as that sound but i know a lot of you suffered this once in your life and yeah basically i didn't really wanted to anything, just sit around and be a depressed piece of shit... But that is over i'm 10x better now than i was like a month ago, i got my motivation back and i want to reach that 200 Online mark so badly, as i've seen startgaze growth is fucking insane!!!!!!! Yeah yeah and most of you can judge me that i can't write normal message to ye all, but this is me expressing my feeling and what i've been through so yeah expect me being online daily communicating with the community etc ❤️


-Fixed a custom item
-Fixed some memory leaks inside of the server
-Updated voting database
-Buffed Godly Flail
-Fixed Executive Icon not adding up DPS to the mage
-Buffed Pyramid Head Mode to 13%
-Buffed Scrooge Mode to 20% as how rare it is
-Redid some of the NPCTASKS loot table
-Now you will need 50k to open instance manager
-Fixed Ruby amulet tripling drops with DDR
-Fixed Cerberus safespot
-Adjusted Trivia Shop prices
-Supreme Clues/Supreme clue caskets now stack
-Chronozon now gives Boss points on death
-Vorago is no longer agressive
-Doubled Everything on golden cerberus loot table
-Buffed Broly loot table and increased hp amount
-Added some custom stuff on custom orders
-Reworote interface handling entirely
-Fixed some pathing issues
-Fixed some grammar mistakes on dialogues
-Rewrote a lot of oudated stuff on the game engine
-Fixed some minor bugs


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