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December 19, 2019 | Update

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Dante    1

-You can now pickpocket santa when wearing full grinch, it was glitching out but now it works 100%
-Reworked the loot table santa can give when wearing full grinch and pickpocketing him
-Warmonger can no longer be multi spawned as it lags the server
-Added Teddybear(U) With Upgraded Stats/Drop Rate You can obtain it either by upgrader or sponsorzone shop
-Added Ctrl+T Combination for a quick access for the teleport manager
-Fixed despawning issue that was causing npcs to despawn in the server overtime
-Removed Control+E thats was added by an accident
-Added More AOE NPCS on sponsorzone and aoe zone
-Added A Brand New BIS Melee Mustang Sword Which Has 3 Hit Splats,Fast As Masamune,Amazing Stats,Effect of hitting 100k damage in 1/50 Chance
-Added Sally Off-Hand sword which can be made by Upgrader from Shadow-Off Hand Glaive, it will also have a divine effect
-Guides Button on stargaze options now redirect to the correct page
-Extended Aoe Range By 1 Tile for aoe melee weapons Dragonrage Now hits 3 tiles instead of 2 and Heroic Maul does 4 instead of 3
-Aoe Now Works On Cursebear Minnions
-System for 1/100 chance of hitting 100k now works properly
-Removed Cannonballs from clue scroll reward table
-Pet Grinch Can Now Attack Up to 2k
-Added Brand New Groudon Beast Pet, 20% drop rate 1.2k damage
-Added Groudon Beast pet on groudon beast drop table
-All of the pets are now sellable to the custom shop
-Santa Pieces can now be sold to the custom shop
-Reworked voting website rewards
-Reworked thieving to match the custom currency more, and made it so now the cash when selling would go to the pouch automatically and be converted into bags, made the merchant move around so no ghost mousing would accur.
-Added CTRL+I opens instance manager
-Added Attack Damage to multiple of pets
-Added brand new pet called super loyal star
-Added New Icon That Will Act As A Brand New BIS Amulet Called TDI aka top donator icon obtainable by combiner when u combine godly stone/dante's necklace/4m bags
-Infinite Prayer Symbol is now untradable, but you can sell it back to custom shop
-You Now Only Need 1 of each part of shield instead of 2 of each to make the new captain america shield
-Added BOSS Keys to nex minions
-Added some items to rare announcer
-Increased Grinch Respawn Rate As People Were Camping It And Not Doing The Ice Trolls No More
-Increased the chance of obtaining rare from OP Chest
-Pest Control Now Requires 2 players to start instead of 3
-Added a reward for grinch every time u kill it now it will drop 400 Bulging bags as extra reward
-Increased respawn rate for grinch as everyone were just afking him and not even bothering with the ice trolls
-Increased the requirement for the OP Key making because i've made the op chest rare loot table accesable easy
-Increased Drasticly the chance of obtaining universo gear pieces from boss chest
-Changed Daily Login 8 Streak Reward
-Fixed stat comparator fucking up summoning interfacee
-Added Donation deals to the stargaze options
-Added a brand new donation deal system basically the server is gonna be picking donation deals now for you guys! the values for items will be written on weekend as everythingrs website doesn't support my code for automatic price check so i will need to hardcode it
-Renamed Some Items
-Some minor bugs i forgot about
-Client 9.2 version

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