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December 6, 2019 | Update

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Dante    1

-Added Godly Stone To The Omega Chest
-Spender Shield Added It Has Sick Stats And 75% Drop Rate To Obtain It U Will Need To Captain America Shield/4M Bags/Godlystone
-Added Trump Mode To The Trumps Drop Table
-Added New Santas Costume/Candy Cane which will be a tribrid set, because we're afraid that if it's not with stats people won't bother
-Added New 2020 Santas Hat a limited edition santa hat that will be appearing on stargaze! Obtainable only with the christmas cracker
-Added New Christmas Cracker which will give loot to you and your friend!
-Added Pernament Bulging Bag Teleporter That Can Be Baught At OP Store
-Implemented 4 seperate shield parts which will be obtainable in Godwars dungeon to make a Captain America Shield you will need 8 parts in total so to be exact and 3.5mil bulging bags
-Added More Items To The Custom Sell Shop
-Added Custom godwars into the teleport interface
-Fixed some wrong dialogue
-Reworked Godwars npc stats/drop tables to be more suitable to us
-Reorganised Teleports
-Buffed Dragonrage Maul
-Added Cash Box On Donkey Kong Loot Table
-Added A Brand New Pet Mystery Box Of All Mysteries to the drop table
-Mystery box pet, has an effect of giving a random mystery box every time u kill an npc
-Raised Global Drop Counter from 10k to 20k and increased rewards
-Saradomin Brews Now Dissapear after last dose
-Buffed Daily Task Rewards
-Increased AOE Tokens given from the Ultra Boxes
-Buffed Clue Rewards Removed The Ammo And Other Unecessary stuff.
-Removed Trash Drops from Ichigo
-Added New Red Shadow Glaive
-Added Starter Tasks Interface
-Added Npctasks interface
-Added Client Updater Will Be Coming Out With V10 Client but basically it will be now called the jars just stargazeps
-Added Spender Shield into combiner ::combine
-Added brand new exclusive to us stargaze divine set!
-Added New Items into the cache
-Added Brand New Box Called High-End Tier Weapon Box
-Fixed High-End Armor Box Sayin Strange Box In Trade
-50% Of Christmas Event Is Done Will Be Released This Upcoming Week
-Added Godly Stone To Webstore
-Added Christmas Cracker To Webstore
-Fixed Some Bugs Forgot What Tho 😄
-New V9 Client Can Be Download Off Website Now

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