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November 28, 2019 | Update

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Dante    1

-Added New Npcs To Instance Manager
-Abbadon Removed Legendary Package
-Upgraded Medium Bags Loot Table
-Buffed QBD Gloves Drop Rate By 10%
-Papa Bags Now Give Boss Points
-Added AK-47 Assimov/Heroic Maul As Tier 2 Weapons For Aoe Zone!
-Added Aoe Zone To The Teleport Interface
-Made Pinata Immune To Magic
-Made it so u couldn't abuse Pinata With Autoretaliate and a weapon
-Clues Are Now Stackable
-Blacklist system is now in place basicaly u can do a command ::blacklistme which will give you an option to be forever banned from gambling or not.(I will not remove you from the List EVER!)
-Fixed Staff Commands For King/Sponsor
-Fixed A Bug Where If You Exit The Clan chat your account will no longer be able to teleport anywhere
-King Rank can now buy from Gambling Shop
-Made it so people who are not king rank, could not enter the gambling store.
-The Double Donation System now supports multiple items.
-Added A Boss Called Mystery Box Of All Mystery
-ESC Button for closing interfaces will is available, u can just download new client if u wish this feature to be active no need for cache download
-Have 5000 Aoe tokens teleport you to an instance to kill mystery box boss, he can be killed only once he won't respawn.
-1$ Scrolls are now live and installed in AOE npcs drop table.
-Installed Killcounts on AOE Npcs
-Added Assimov Ak-47/Heroic maul into combiner
-Added Attack stone into the game
-Added Mystery of all mysteries drop table
-Aoe Tokens are untradable
-ELO now finnaly works correctly did wrong calculations on game tics, now u get 1 point per minute u can get up to 30% damage increase the more active you are!
-Added new boss key
-Adjusted some model zooming
-Fixed some models textures shining through gear

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