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November 25, 2019 | Update

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Dante    1

-Made a system where the AOE weapon could not only be used at AOE, but also as a regular weapon
-NPCS For Aoe Are Done.
-Gloves Of Death/Blessed Gloves Have Been Buffed
-Devil Tail Has Been Buffed
-Tiger Katana Has Been Removed From Event Shop
-Tekton Set Received A Massive Boost As Well As Having A Set Bonus The price has been increase on event store aswell
-Revamped Event Store.
-Added Missing Beowolf legs to stargaze shop
-Added Divine Effect And Did A Slight Str Buff To Blades Of Destruction
-Ring of chaos and ring of death moved to the starterstore and added 10% drop rate bonus
-Buffed Hp Event/event2
-Added Better Common Loot To Omega Chest plus a little bit of rare
-Fixed omega keys so they wouldn't require 10 keys anymore
-Added Magic Stone To Custom Boss/Event Store They Will Be Used For Getting The Aoe Weapons
-Added QBD A 10% Damage Bonus when u get the whole set on you
-Fixed marios head on checkdr
-Added some stats to mario's head
-Removed Town Carrier from edge for now
-Added LMBS To goku/vegeta drop tables
-Lefosh/Arcspider/Bork Restrictions on combat styles
-Warriors Trial Swords attack speed is now adjusted so it's way more enjoyable to kill npcs
-Nerfed Item amount given from caskets
-Revamped Donator Store
-Made a system to handle now casket drops/clue drops way better than it was before
-Revamped Boss Point Store

-Fixed Construction Store Being Covered By Afk Store
-Added Makarov Main Hand Into The Game U Can Now Obtain It At Boss Store
-Added Assimov/Dragonrage maul into combiner they are the new beggining AOE weapons!
-Adjusted prices in gambling
-Added Dice into gamble store
-Added Magic stone to Pest Control
-Buffed Madaras Wand
-Fixed Some minor bugs

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