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November 21, 2019 | Update

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Dante    1

-Omega Keys Are Now Stackable.
-Omega Chest Loot Table Has Been Adjusted
-Omega Keys Are Now 25$ Each In Store Instead Of 50$
-Omega Keys Now Require Only 5 OP Keys Instead Of 10
-Added Ava's Accumulator effect to paladins cape.
-Added More Ichigo's/Anoukes at sponsor zone
-Removed OP Potion From Raid Box as it needs more polishing before being released again to work with ss and stuff.
-Revamped Raid Boxes To Be Way More Profitable
-Increased The Raid Box Amount U get From 2 To 6 On Raids
-Buffed HP On Raid Monsters
-Revamped Slayer Store Because Prices Were Outdated As Fuck, added some new items in there
-Fixed CTRL+B For Staff Members
-Updated The Claim Messages For Donators

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