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November 20, 2019 | Update

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Dante    1

-Increased attack speed for madara fan
-Fixed an error with summoner rovin, where even tho u didn't have bulging bags it would still say that u added them.
-Added Effect for future weapons where u will have 1/100 hits to 1 shot the npc
-Added A Donation Doubler System Where Now I Will No Longer Need To Double The Donations On Stuff This System Will Start Working From Next Week.
-Added A Donation Announcer To Show The Player Who Support The Server!
-Elo Should Now Work Properly, Let Me Know If It Doesn't Work.
-Fixed So Mage Couldn't Be Used On Pinata
-Made Dantes Necklace Auto Pickup Caskets
-Fixed CTRL+B Not Working For Donators
-Fixed trump giving way to many lmboxes
-Fixed Marios Head Not Giving The Right DR.
-Removed DDR Ring From The Omega Chest As I've said to the past donators that will be not be available in game only webstore.
-Added More Papa Bags
-Big Money Bags Now Respawn Faster
-Fixed Log On Messages
-Adjusted Money Bag Task As It Should Have Been
-Removed The Packages From Infartico
-Changed Dailylogin rewards

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