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November 19, 2019 | Update

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Dante    1

-Nerfed Pinata HP
-Added Supreme T-shirt exclusive to omega chest only
-Added whole drop table for OP Chest in the interface
-Increased Cost Of Making Red Keys
-Fixed Boss Point Shop Not Deducting Points after a purschase
-Changed Royal amulet to Glarial's amulet
-Added Omega Keys To Webstore
-Fixed Interface For Omega Chest, plus to hit the rare table on OMEGA Chest is 1:3 chance, and common loot table is till the more lit sword
-Nerfed Big Papa health
-Lowered The 350 killcount for money bags on ::Task to 150
-OP Key price is now 6$ from 8$
-Goku price is now 30$ from 60$
-Megazord price in webstore is now 60$ from 110$
-Nerfed Papa Bag Health By 2x

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