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November 18, 2019 | Update

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Dante    1

-Added a brand new referal system which will allow me to check what brings the most traffic to the server. But not only that i have also added a voucher codes so now when ever a player joins if he enters the correct code he will get a small starting reward!
-Added a brand new system basicaly where the whole server can donate bags to summoner rovin. This npc will be spawning sick random event bosses for now only pinata is there, more to come!
-Fixed Lottery going into negative timer.
-Added a system where AOE weapons will only affect defined NPCS and everything else will not be affected by it
-Fixed Keyroom banking items bug
-Added Popup notification system!
-Vials Now Dissapear after you used up the last dose of potion
-Added Galaxy Box To The OP Chest
-Fixed Up Some Model Mix Ups
-Added Better Drops For Papa Bags
-Super Saiyan Mode Is Now Untradable
-Minor Bug Fixes
-Fixed Balance Pet Announcing As A Drop
-Increased The Amount Of People Who Receive Rewards From Pinata And It's HP Level
-Nerfed PC Portals Health Per Person Joined
-Added Best In Slot Madara Wand
-Added Madaras Wand Into Combiner
-Fixed Pinata announcer
-Added M416 Assimov/AK-47 Assimov
-Added Dragonrage Maul/Heroic Maul
-Added Brand new Chest Rewards System that u can now right click chests to see rewards
-Added A Brand new system that allows me to add keyshortcuts instantly.
-Brand New DPS system that can be toggled off if u don't want to see it by doing command ::toggledps
-Added CTRL+H for home
-Added CTRL+E for empty command
-Fixed a bug with custom ffa sometimes fucking up stats
-A new HP/PRAYER Bars for even sexier and unique look to our client!
-Increased requirement for OP Key as new chest is coming and it will require this key aswell
-Added broly transformation to the custom shop for 50k
-Added Small Money Bags To Slayer Tasks
-Added Small/Big Money Bags To Daily Task
-Removed Legendary/rare/uncommon/common packages from game
-Added New 1$ scrolls
-Decreased Size Of Broly
-Fixed arc armor showing up as shadow
-Added brand new royal amulet to PC which is basicaly gonna give 30 more points after each PC game u do while u have it equiped
-Added More Big Money Bags
-Made it so u cannot sell Seeds to gamble store.
-Fixed teleport when opening magebook teles, boss2 themo smoke devil tele goes straight to moneybag zone now it teleports home
-Added New AOE npcs, not released just yet
-Added New Queen Of Ants Model
-Added New AOE tokens which will be used for a final boss instance/upgrading aoe weaponary.
-Reworked Entire Stargaze warriors shop removed the unecessary interface and packed the shop with good items
-Fixed Trump Not Working With Collector Necklace
-Added New Omega Key
-Increased Loot Drop On Pinata from 10-15 players
-Increased pinata health
-Adjusted some drop rate for some players not working if it goes over 500%
-You can now combine 1k C keys into 100 red keys
-Now you will need 50 red keys to open OP Chest
-Buffed SSJ Blue Gloves
-Reworked Caskets Loot Table So They Are More Worth Picking Up
-Increased Chances Of Obtaining Rare From Theduo.

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