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June 30, 2020 | Update

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Dante    0

Small update before i get back on track, my top priority right now is to finish raid system,couple of interfaces,and a launcher. So u might see 2 of these done by the end of this week ❤️

-Fixed the bug where u couldn't press on tyrael pet on combiner
-Fixed bug Where u could safespot ultimatium
-Lowered price on legacy box on webstore
-Added new boots into the game called rainbowian boots, they give 15% drop rate increase, aimed to help out the newbie players can be obtained from event shop
-Implemented Custom Subies weapon
-Implemented Custom One Hit God Weapon
-Implemented Custom Pvm N Stake Weapon
-Implemented Custom Ad Infinitus Weapon
-Supreme Clues are now more common
-Buffed The Joker Drop Table
-Fixed Some Typo mistakes
-Added a system to check why npcs start despawning after some time
-Fixed Some bugerinos

-------Shop Revamp---------
Event shop:
-Add Boots similar to ham gloves but slightly higher DR 
-Add Universo Staff
-Reduce Collectors Necklace price
-Reduce Ring of Devotion's price
-Add High-End Tier Weapon Box
-Removed Devil Tail
-Add High-End Tier Armor Box
-Add Energy Fragments (10 ecto tokens for 1 frag)

Vote Shop:
-Reduced OP keys price
-Added Staff of Ra
-Added SSJ God Blue Hair
-Added Vote Boxes    

Donator Shop:
-Added skittles
-Added Lava Gun
-Buffed Zeus Off-Hand's custom shop price to 40k

Trivia Shop:
-Added Raid Boxes
-Added Cash Boxes
-Added Perfecto Mboxes
-Added High-End Tier Weapon Box
-Added High-End Tier Armor Box
-Added Pet Boxes

Afk Shop:
-Golden Spade Price is now 3m afk tokens instead of 2m

Ad Infinitus:
Death's Arbiter

Turbo Spool

One Hit God
God's Annihilator

Monster Rain
Rains Fury

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