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November 9, 2019 | Update

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Dante    1

-Made it so pinata could be only attacked with 99 stats and not boosted
-Fixed Player Owned Shop basicaly when u open a shop the whole server starts lagging, if u spam POS shops the server dcs
-Fixed Kick Command it only like kicks the player and makes him relog instantly
-Added Timer for Lottery when To Know When The Winner Will Be Picked
-Added a system where it now gonna track ur killcount on everynpc, u can toggle it off/on if you wish by doing command ::kcmessage
-Fixed Dantes necklace not picking up clues
-Fixed an error with MLS freezing ur account when ur doing special with it. Now basicaly it also adds a hit so to use mls spec all u need to do is hit an npc 🙂
-Increased price for scratch card
-Adjusted prices for afk tree
-Fixed Doom Staff Giving 300 Magic Lvl instead of 150.
-Fixed Pet Luigi Giving To Much DR.
-Removed Donation Box From Rare Announcer
-Fixed Double Drop Ring Appearing As Ring Of Stone In Trades
-Buffed Universo Bow
-Fixed Ring Of Perfection stats

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