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November 6, 2019 | Update

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Dante    1

-Fully Fixed Jail So People No Longer Have Ability To Teleport From It What So Ever.
-Made It So Rank King Could Only Use Mithrill Seeds And Dice Bag For Upcoming Gambling Update
-Made It So Now When U Open Mboxes Everything Opens Instantly!
-Made It So Now When U Join ::gamble you will also join cc gamble automaticaly and when you leave it, you get back to the cc help
-Increased chance of hitting the rare table with scratch cards
-Added A Pinata! It's basicaly an event that either i will host once in a while or donators will be buying them in the donator store or afk tree store. Also pinata has a twist you can only hit it when you have no equipment on you!
-Increased the Common loot table prizes for cash box
-Scratchcards no longer give Donation boxes now they will give a replacement scratch card
-Added More Medium/Big Bags Into Bag Zone
-Removed Scratches off Money bags
-Added Cash Box/Super Saiyan Mode and other missing stuff To Rare Announcer
-Adjustments to Kofitas set
-Big Bags Now Give Boss Points
-Reduced Chance Of Upgrading MLS
-Made a teleport for pinatas, which can be located at ::pinata
-Rayban Stats Increased
-Added Super Saiyan mode to broly drop table this item will not only transform you to broly, but also will give u a slight 5% damage boost while you're in it
-Increased RAM Size For The VPS
-Decreased The Price Of Op Key In The Webstore
-Added Papa bag drop table!
-Added Evil Tree Kindling Shop A.k.a afk tree, for now there is barely any items but they are juicy ones! Check it out at home area!
-Donation Box Now Stacks
-Leaderboard now works in home area
-Added NPC Total Killcount for the leaderboard
-Pet rick now has ability of hitting up to 1.5k damage
-Increased chance of obtaining Rare item from galaxy box was 1/5 now 1/4 chance!
-Added A new pet bag, his features are 1k damage and 25% drop rate increase!
-Added More Items To Custom Sell Shop
-Minor Bug Fixes

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