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November 3, 2019 | Update

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Dante    1

-Roseblood gloves have been removed from the webstore, now they are only obtainable through OP KEYS
-Fixed Inifnite Scroll Having Bad Text On The Name
-Added A Small Fee in Uber Zone of 25k to access the moneyzone
-Moved bank command from uber to deluxe knowing how easy it is now to get uber.
-King Boss Drops now OP KEY instead of SoulFragment
-Cash Box Has Been Added it has a Common Loot Table which u can get from 1k Bulging Bags To 10k And A rare loot table which can give you from 50k to 125k
-Money Zone has been added which will have 3 New Bulging Bag npcs and 4th one is a Big Papa Bag, which will get updated in his loot later this week
-Executive Totem Combination Now Only Needs 5 totems of each boss to make the totem rather than 15.
-Buffed Universo Bow Speed
-Shadow diamonds implemented into masamune and Universo combine table
-Killcount has been added on the moneybags
To kill Medium bags u will need to kill 500 Small Bags
To kill Big bags u will need to kill 1500 Medium Bags
To Kill Big Papa bag u need all of the bags killed 3k times.
-Replaced Fantasy Box To Cash Box for the daily login
-Changed Dialogue on login message
-Lit Sword Can Now Be Used In Upgrader To Make More Lit Sword
-Added Missing Stats to Pydar Gloves.
-Removed Soul Fragments of masses
-You can now combine Red/Crystal/Seasonal Keys into op key via ::combine
-Summer keys/Chest was renamed to seasonal
-Added a bunch of items to sell custom shop
-Rubber Duckie Removed from lefosh
-Added Valkyrian Set
-Added Petter Griffin Head
-Added Infernus King Set
-Added Brand New BIS Range set which can be only obtained from Keyroom lvl 5.
-Fixed The Amount Of Pc Points Given In Special Days
-Now 2X Pc points will happen from Friday Till Sunday
-Fixed Lottery Man Giving Incorrect Rewards Sometimes
-Added a Drop Simulator Which Can Be Used By Doing ::dropsimulator command in game
-Added Diamond Box Which Will give 10 of each diamond, and will have 20% of giving 20 of each diamonds instead of 10
-Added 2x Drop Ring Which will work on regular NPCS/BOSSES(NOT MASSES THO) it can also be combined with Perfect Ring To Make Perfectionist Ring
-Iron Man No Longer See Everyone as ironman on their headicons
-Fully Fixed ::resetnpcs so staff members could reset the npcs if there is an issue with despawning
-Luigis Head have been removed from the webstore, now they are only obtainable through OP KEYS
-Added Pet Bag
-Added Mario's Head to webstore
-Added Pinata that will soon become a cool event! 🙂
-Added New Rainbow Smoother Texture
-Added Ring Of Perfection which is a combination of Perfect Ring And Double Drop Ring.
-Added Galaxy Box, which will contain the new valkyrian Set/Sephiroth Set and more OP As hell items, It will have 2 drop tables tho either u get cash boxes or 1/5 Chance of obtaining a rare piece
-Updated ::commands
-New Umbralo sword added
-Added Diamond Chest To OP Store
-Fixed some sets shining through stuff
-Added New Items to the webstore
-Lowered some prices on webstore
-Removed red keys from rare announcer
-Added moneybags zone to the teleport manager
-New Client Version StargazeV7

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