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October 25, 2019 | Update

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Dante    1

-Added a brand new super saiyan mode, which when activated u will receive 20% damage boost increase and u will turn into moda fucking broly!
-Leaderboard showing killcount can be shown at home by pressing leaderboards
-Removed Keyroom Banking after ur inventory is full
-Changed King Yell Color To Orange
-Smooth colorchanging particles, also for items like hweens/phats etc. First item has been added with it which is executive cape
-Rank headicons for staff members and King Donator Rank and Ironman
-Osrs Broadcasting System whats the command again for it
-Custom Minigame basicaly a free for all minigame but with a twist, which is teams. You can't kill your team mates, and by the end of the minigame the winning team will receive the prize!
-Lottery System has been made so basicaly it works like that, everyone in the server can buy tickets. The pot will be showed every 15 mins, after 10 hours there will be a random winner picked, but know that the more tickets u buy the bigger chance to win you have! 🙂
-Elo System so basicaly the more active you're the more damage boost you will get it can CAP at 20%, the more inactive you're the lower is your elo.
-Check why npcs start despawning after a period of time command for respawning - resetnpcs
-Pin system where people who have different ips than your original one which u logged in with coudln't get to ur account ::setloginpin is the command, this will help us protect everyone from being hacked in game, so people now who will be hacked it will be at your own fault as you receive an option to put a protection on your account to dodge getting your bank cleaned
-Removed Water Textures/Walls
-Tier 7 sword with 10% chance can be upgraded to skittles
-::animatetextures now gives u an option to turn off texture animating for less lag.
-Zeus aura can now be used with guns, and it will have unlimited ammo
-Blades of destruction are now same as masamune
-Renamed Holy Symbol To Infinite Prayer Symbol
-Added Fantasy Box To OP STORE for 600k
-Added command ::teleport to open the teleportation interface as people were asking
-Added Universo Bow Into The Game
-Now when pressed on custom stuff in the old interface it no longers shows wildy teleports so no luring will happen
-Renamed Arc Warriors To Stargaze Warriors
-Added Universo Bow In Combiner
-Removed Donation Boxes from custom boss
-When u get a bandit task and u click teleport it now teleports you to the correct spot
-New Client Version No Need To Redownload Cache, All u need to do is get the new client

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