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October 19, 2019 | Update

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Dante    1

-Buffed QBD set
-Changed Daily Reward 8 Streak
-Added More Tasks For Beginners
-Soul Fragments Have Been Added To The Summer Chest Rare Loot Table
-Added Scratchcard To Warriors Trial You Can Now Also Obtain Them From Damis
-Added Some Missing Items To Rare Loot Announcer
-Buffed Trial Sword Tier 7 Attack speed
-Made Trial Tier 7 Swords Untradable
-Reduced Rod Drop Rate To 50%
-Adjusted Drop Rate For Eye Of The Mage/Eye Of The Ranger/Eye Of The Warrior So they would level up progressively the higher the tier the better the dr
-Stoner Set Is Best In Slot Mage Now
-Add Ichigo teleport to the OP Chest/Dragonball Teleport
-Added Ichigo Pernament Teleport And Dragon Ball Pernament Teleport To The Op Chest
-Moved Nex Minions Closer
-Nex Minions Now Have Same Drop Table As Nex
-Some Bug Fixes

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