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October 17, 2019 | Update

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Dante    1

-Added Infinite Prayer Scroll into the game, now when u have this scroll in your inventory your prayer will not be absorbed anymore.
-Dante's Necklace Now Picks up clues/Double keys from keyroom
-Fixed A Game Breaking Item Being Involved In Game
-Made So Combiner Now Says Which Items Ur Missing
-Made Combiner List Refresh Way Faster
-Removed Not needed system out prints
-Fixed Combiner Bug
-Removed the message from FFA to contact staff for rewards so people wouldn't be so confused
-Made it so instance manager can now hold 500 NPCS
-Made it so instance manager can now support more npcs post in suggestions if you would like to see ur particular npc
-Fixed Admin Commands
-Killcount system is now in place you will see the requirements for some of the zones

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