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October 13, 2019 | Update

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Dante    1

-Added Mario Helmet into the webstore
-Deleted Frost Minigun from webstore
-Dragon Minigun price decreased from 15$ to 10$
-Drazulian Firemachine prices decreased from 35$ to 25$
-Roseblood Gloves Removed From Webstore Shop
-Added Brand New Pydar Gloves To The Webstore 60$ 60% drop rate and stats.
-Fixed a bug where Executive cape would turn into trial sword t7 if banked
-Removed extra hit on T7 sword
-Cursebearer now drops 5 Auras Chests Instead of 1
-Buffed Abbadon Health
-Added a brand new batman mask
-Added Killcount system so basicaly, this upcoming week we're gonna be implementing killcount system where u will need to kill a certain amount of npcs before u can actually advance to another npc

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