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October 12, 2019 | Update

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Dante    1

-Added Executive Cape to Checkdr
-Added ::cg/::clueguide a shortcut to be redirected to clue guide
-Buffed Super saiyan Blue God Aura also increased the drop rate from 40% to 60%
-Added more npcs to instance
-Fixed server giving tier 4 keys out of blue
-Skotizo Boss is now a boss for kings, it would be a waste to have this boss useless in our server so i'm gonna be using it to be as A king boss! ::kingboss
-Added Ava's accumulator effect to executive cape
-Did some definitions for upcoming items
-Increased Tier 7 Sword Attack Speed By 1 tick
-Added Soul fragments for op key combination
-Added Soul fragment to upgrader
-Added Soul fragment to Broly/Abbadon/Wrencher
-Added panda in ::checkdr
-Moved afk tree more into the middle
-Added items to the dropparty command
-Added dropparty area command ::dropparty
-Fixed panda Not attacking

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