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June 20 2020 | Update

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Dante    0

-Godly Flail has been buffed to balance out with other BIS weapons
-Fixed a problem where Vannaka spot was teleporting to the old location
-Diety Boosted to 120% DR Instead of 90%
-Fixed the bug where u can't attack joker
-Pyramid head now drops cash 1/1 rather than 1/2 kills
-Updated donation ToS
-OP AS HELLL Goodiebag Box now stacks
-Buffed The Joker Drop Table
-Increased The Chance to obtain Legacy Box from infinity Box
-Made Golden Cerberus mass boss
-Added Brand new Rainbow Diamond being of the hardest diamonds to obtain
-Replaced Golden cerberus tele to mass tele
-New amulet that is BIS, Executive Icon
-Nerfed Golden Spade Price
-Pyramid Head/Golden Cerberus now drops Rainbow Diamonds
-Fixed Some bugs

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