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  1. Swipe

    The New Clue Scroll Guide

    Hello.. Here Is The New Clue Scroll Guide : *do note that YOU NEED 2 of the same clues to dig* (You get 2 clue caskets too) So Lets Start! : A Minigame , A Guy With A Staff And A ship: Open Minigames Tele Then Pest Control Chicken Pens , Thats pretty obvious Open Monsters Tele , Then Chicken Pens Dig Where You Start And Cows Await You Tele To ::Starterzone , Then Run North A piano And A Red Chair ::oldhome , run north A tree with sparkles? A penguin??? Hmm Fire whats in the middle of all ::lzone This pking started in this town damn so many memories ::edge , run north UUU Lava And A Demon That Is Hot You Gotta Get Me Out at ::abb Im missing the "You Obtain This Energy To Combine It With Something"(forgot the name of the clue) Skilling tab then click on Runecrafting icon Maybe anvil? but where at ##@!. ::oldhome Made by : swipe , and some players in game helped me making it
  2. Swipe

    Summer Chest Guide

    Welcome To the Summer Chest Guide... First of All From Where Can You Get Summer Keys? : You Can Get Summer Keys From : Donating , Keyroom Floor 4 , Holy Water Shop Npc's : Trump , Goku , Vegeta , Gajira , Abbadon , Wrencher , Arc Spider , Infartico , Cabal You Can Open The Key At ::Home , Then Run North Now, What Can You Get From The Keys : The common items you can get : Bulging Taxbags Mystery Boxes The Rare items you can get (Which will pop up in Yell) : Sets : Darklord Set Darth Maul Set Beowolf Set ----------------------------------------------------- Weapons : Drazulian Firemachine Golden Mystic Staff Crystal Staff Heroes Sword Balizard Rapier Starlight Staff ------------------------------------------------------ Shields : Lava Spirit Shield Nature Spirit Shield Infernal Spirit Shield ------------------------------------------------------ Other Items : 25$ Scroll All Dragon Balls From 1-7 ------------------------------------------------------ Thanks For Reading And If There Are Any Mistakes Or If I'm Missing Something Please Comment It Down Below Made By : Swipe