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  1. Ryan

    Im Bored

    Recently i have been very bored and had no motivation for this game. I want to try get motivated but i want you guys to help me, if you could list me some things to do, such as 1k kill loots or something you would be curious to see then let me know in comments of this post :D.
  2. Ryan

    The Rebuild #1

    The Rebuild So i decided to swap near enough all my bank for the Skittle, I am going to be rebuilding from scratch, the only exception is that i have my armour and Skittle. Current Bank: Current Gear: Will try to post every day or so so you cna see my progresses! Ryan
  3. Ryan

    Loot from 1500 ::Keyroom 4 Keys

    Loot from 1500 ::Keyroom 4 Keys I would say i got pretty lucky, In my opinion the summer keys need a buff but it is what it is ? Loot: Not bad loot, i would only suggest doing keyroom if you do have high tier gear because this place does get very boring especially if you dont have good gear to kill quickly with! Thanks Ryan
  4. Ryan

    Loot From 300 Crystal Keys!

    Loot From 300 Crystal Keys! The Loots Invent 1: Invent 2: Invent 3: Invent 4: The crystal key loot is not really that great, all the items are starter gear, the one thing to watch out for are the Red keys that you can use on the burnt chest located at ::altars. If you're curious to see what i got from the 4 Red keys here it is: In 4 keys that is absolutely ridiculous luck, $10 scroll and a Amazo Bow which is worth 10t! Thanks Ryan
  5. Ryan

    Loot From 10,000 Mystery Boxes!

    Loot From 10,000 Mystery Boxes! Items: 808x Ecto-Tokens 246x Crystal Key 1641 Bulging Taxbag 6602 Coins 36x $5 Scrolls (5x36=$180! This is a great way to obtain $$$ scrolls to get your donour status up fast! For people thta do not know Ecto-Tokens are used to spend in the shop at ::event where you can buy some nice items! If you're a new player and want to get up your donour status then i would suggest heading over to ::Boxzone where you can kill Wolves for the Mystery Boxes! If the wolves are to hard for you, killing pretty much anything in the game rewards you with mystery boxes anyways! Good Luck! Ryan
  6. Ryan

    Loot From 500 Red Keys!

    Loot From 500 Red Keys! Items 1398 Mystery Boxes 2145 Bulging Taxbags Frozen Whip 2x $25 Donator scrolls 2x Amazo Bow Dragonunov (s) AK-47 (g) Deathly Spirit Shield 2x Arc Helm Arc Platebody Gravite Maul Animal Legs Animal Body 2x Animal Bow 43x Anouke Teleports Rough Estimated Value = 55t+ Good Luck! Ryan