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  1. Dixiedewdrop

    staff application

    +1, active player, always helping people, loyal towards the server best interests As long as you can control yourself when you're being provoked you would be a good addition to the team
  2. Dixiedewdrop

    Korasii Staff Application

    +1 Very helpful to new players, welcomes all new players, respect of others, active player, and has a lot of good ideas floating around for improvement of the server
  3. Dixiedewdrop

    Staff Application Dixiedewdrop

    Thank you everyone for your support Thanks supreme I hope I can help the server thrive with this opportunity
  4. Dixiedewdrop

    Trivia Answers 📚

    Trivia Guide Mainly for new players who don't know how to answer or have any answers. To answer any form of trivia question use the following Command ::answer For example: Be aware, spaces ARE allowed in answers. Trivia Questions: Question: Answers: What rank has a silver crown on Runescape? Moderator What rank has a golden crown on Runescape? Administrator What is the max exp. in a skill? 1b How much exp. do you need for level 99? 13M How much exp. do you need for Dungeonering level 120 on Runescape? 104M What is the largest state in the U.S.A? Alaska What city is the most populated city on earth? Tokyo What is the biggest manmade structure on earth? The Great Wall What is the strongest prayer on Runescape? Turmoil What Herblore level is required to make overloads on Runescape? 96 What attack level is required to wear Chaotic Melee weapons? 80 How many bones are there in an adult human body? 206 What is the deadliest insect on the planet? Mosquito What is the square root of 12 to the power of 2? 12 What is the color of a 10M money stack? Green What combat level is the almighty Jad? 702 What is the best Dungeonering armour? Primal How many brothers are there originally in Runescape? 6 Varrock is the capital of which kingdom? Misthalin What has four legs but can't walk? A table Which NPC is wearing a 2H-Sword and a Dragon SQ Shield? Vannaka What is the baby spider called? Spiderling In what year did it snow in the Sahara Desert? 1979 The more you take, the more you leave, who am I? Footsteps What do you receive when a fire disappears? Ashes What is the name of the new firecape (RS3)? TokHaar-Kal What is the name of the new firecape (OSRS)? Infernal Cape Which NPC Wields a 2 Handed sword and a Dragon Square Shield in the other hand? Vannaka Which food gives this message: You eat the blank. Yuck! It heals some health anyway.? Cabbage How long does it take for an item to disappear if you drop it? (in seconds) 120 How much Constitution does a Pumpkin heal (RS3)? 140 How many Barrows Brothers are there? 6 What color of logs do you get if you use a blue firelighter on a log? Blue What ammo does the Crystal Bow use? None What level must you be to smith a Steel Scimitar? 35 Which area of the game is notorious for players dying within it, then complain about? Wilderness What level do you need to be to farm watermelon? 47 At what level can you purchase a skill cape at? 99 Of these, which requires the highest level to catch? Lobster, Herring, Salmon, Swordfish? Swordfish Who is the last boss in Recipe for Disaster? Culinaromancer Who is the owner of Staregaze PS? Dante Which skill does ranging go with most? Fletching How many bars do you need to make a platebody? 5 Trivia Anagrams Pls Say StargazePS: StargazePS Say Noob123: Noob123 Lod is Owenam: Wise old Man shan: Hans Bail Trims: Brimstail Arc O Line: Caroline A Zen She: Zenesha Ace Match Elm: Cam the camel I hope this guide has helped a few people out!
  5. Dixiedewdrop

    Item Upgrade Guide 💪

    Item Upgrade Guide Due to popular confusion I'm making a Item Upgrade Guide that should hopefully clear the air on how to upgrade items. There will be a list of items that can be upgraded at the bottom of the guide for you as well. First of all, you'll need to locate the Item Upgrader NPC @Home, head north and to the right of the POS NPC you'll find her. From here you need to make sure you have the item you want to upgrade in your inventory for the guides purpose I have a Frost Minigun in my inventory. With items in your inventory talk to the NPC and you'll be prompted with the following. This is your last chance to back out, because if the upgrade FAILS you will LOSE your items. If you wish to proceed simply type "yes". A message will show up in chat prompting you if you were Successful, or if the upgrade failed. I wish you all the best of luck in your upgrading adventures. Current Upgradeable items are as follows: Golden Minigun ---> Frost Minigun: 1/15 chance. Frost Minigun ---> Dragon Minigun: 1/20 chance. Godz Bow ---> Zeus Bow: 1/10 chance. Mystic Staff ---> Universo Staff: 1/15 chance. Ultra Donation Box ---> Dope Donation Box: 1/10 chance. Dope Donation Box ---> Perfecto Box: 1/5 chance. Ichigo Katana ---> Takeo Katana: 1/10 chance. Items you can combine (don't need the NPC & is 100%) All Icons (Healer, Collector etc.) + Energy Fragments = Higher Level icon. 10k Energy Fragments + 1k Bulging Tax Bags + Cat Staff = DOOM Staff. Anouke Glaive (MH) + 5 Ice Diamonds + 3k Bulging Tax Bags = Icy Glaive. Shadow Bow + Rainbow Bow+ Amazo Bow + Devil Blood Bow + Purple Dimension Bow + Limey Bow = Godz Bow.
  6. Dixiedewdrop

    Staff Application Dixiedewdrop

    Thank you both so much for your support Live Resin, and Jewel Means a lot to me
  7. Dixiedewdrop

    Staff Application Dixiedewdrop

    G'day everyone, Today, I'm applying for a staff position, understandably we have enough staff members ATM, however, in high hopes of the server growing I'm always interested in giving a helping hand where I can. My experience on the server is just shy of a 3 months, I've tried my best my applying my knowledge best I can, this is evident but helping new and old players when needed, as well as making guides for the forums to try and help players when I'm not active. Furthermore, I'm always putting in my input for new updates that players and myself would like, to hopefully better the server and playing experience A bit of background knowledge: Age: 21 Location: Australia (I believe this may be helpful as when I'm normally on there seems to be no staff active) Currently Studying and working Part-time Goals and Objectives: My goals for applying for a staff role is to try and help the community best I can and help this server grow in the best way possible, and keeping a fun safe place for everyone to play I hope my application is satisfactory for what this server needs.
  8. Dixiedewdrop

    Drop rate guide (in the works)

    Drop Rate Guide ~ The purpose of this guide is to help inform players on how they can boost their drop rate to get some juicy Lootations! ~ I'll arrange this thread from lowest to highest, with rank benefits at the bottom. Don't forget in-game command to see drop rate bonus from armor is "::checkdr" Ring of Wealth: 5% Obtained via: Vote store (40 points), Loyalty store (25,000 points), Crystal keys, Legendary packages. Ring of riches: 10% Obtained via: Kal'ger the Warmonger (::war, 0.1% drop chance). "photo waiting" Pets: Custom: 10%, Normal: 5% Custom pet examples: Squirtle, Pikachu, Homer, Ichigo, Trump..... the List goes on. "photo waiting" Normal pet examples: Stryke worm, Green Dragon, Rock crab..... The list goes on. "photo waiting" Paper Sack: 50% Obtained via: Donation store $50. (takes up helmet slot) Ruby Amulet: 50% Obtained via: Donation store $60. (takes up amulet slot) Additional stats: 200+ in everything. SSG Blue Hair: 60% Obtained via: Donation store $60. (takes up helmet slot) Roseblood gloves: 60% Obtained via: Donation store $60. (takes up glove slot) Red Wings: 70% Obtained via: Donation store $90. (takes up cape slot) Additional stats: 800 Strength, 5k Range, 15k Mage. Ring of Devotion (ROD): 100% Obtained via: Donation store $70. (takes up ring slot), Donation Store in-game. (500 points), Slayer Master. (7,500 points) Luigi Head: 100% Obtained via: Donation store $80 (takes up helmet slot). Perfect ring: 150% Obtained via: Donation store $1,000 (takes up ring slot). Additional stats: 15k Strength, 60k Range, 200k Mage.