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    Skilling Bosses

    I've been trying to think of a way to make skilling more important inside of Stargaze and I believe I came up with a way. If we introduce bosses that require 99 in a certain skill to fight, along with a certain way to fight them that would give xp, then people would have incentive to train these skills. Wondering what I mean? Let me give 2 examples. Thieving Boss Everytime this boss is pickpocketed it gives a hefty tax bag (1b), the boss has 1/100 chance to catch you in the act and become aggressive, starting a fight. This boss can give drops that may help with the boss, such as a set that puts down the chance of aggression or speeds up the thieving process. Herblore Boss You must kill 2 different minions, one drops a herb and one drops an ingredient in order to create a potion that makes the Herb Boss aggressive. This boss can have a chance at dropping more herbs and ingredients along with a weapon and/or an armor set of some sort. Thanks for your time! - Damez