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  1. salt

    StargazePS Starterguide V3

    Welcome to StargazePS! I am assuming you are new and want to know where to begin? Firstly Vote Starting on Stargaze will be a lot easier if you take a couple of minutes to do ::vote into your chatbox and vote for us. It helps the community to grow immensely and it will help you get a decent amount of cash stack. I'll suggest on picking either cash boxes or raid boxes. What's next? Get your combat levels up! Now that you have voted for the cash boxes/raid boxes you have some cash. Use the command ::shops and get some food from "Consumables Healer". Next head to ::train command to teleport to "Starterzone" or Kill "Squirtles" to start. You will notice that the other monsters are unattackable if you don't have the required pre-requisite monsters killed. Do remember to pick the starter tokens up as there is a exchange shop for it where you can get bones etc. If you have yet to get 95 prayer, go to ::dzone and kill otherworldy being they drop noted dragon/frost bones. Gearing up! Now that you've gotten decent amount of cash from the boxes. Head to Player Owned Shop (POS). It's north of home NPC called "Player Owned Shop Manager". There are some gear guides you wanna check it out. Weapons Progression Guide and the Gear Progression Guide and you can decide what items you can afford in POS. For new players, it's advisable to get "Mystic Staff" (2-3k Bulging bags) from POS. In Stargaze our currency are bags, there are 2 different type of bags One is Hefty Bags (1b) other one is Bulging Bags (2b) mainly used in the server. Next, you wanna get an Arc armour it has decent magic bonuses. Stargaze Warriors! Head over to Stargaze warriors by doing ::moneyzone. Each warrior killed will get you 5 points. They also drop caskets, crystal keys and clues. You can open up your caskets to obtain Red Keys, where you can sell it to "Custom Item Buyer" shop at ::shops for 100 bulging bags each. You can also open them at ::chests. Once you got a good amount of points you can spend it on "Stargaze Point Shop". I'll suggest getting UNIVERSO a magic weapon (4k points) which is better than mystic staff. Clues Clues are a good way to make money as they are stackable, but you might want to save at least 100 clues before starting. Grab a spade from ::shops "Explorer Jack" and head to ::cg or Clue Scroll Guide. Slayer Slayer is a decent way to make money thanks to the recent update. You are able to obtain Super Slayer Box at 1:200 rate. Keyroom The Keyroom (::keyroom) is a good place to make money too. I'll advise you getting deluxe rank (1k donated, ::benefits) first so you will be able to ::bank or ctrl+B. Its good for getting gold for the early stages you will start making money at floor 3 and 4. Keyroom Loot Guide, you'll want to look out for Diamonds as end game players will need them for combining of items. At every floor there is a portal for you to click to see how much kills you need before the next floor or do ::keykills. DO TAKE NOTE! If you die, logout or teleport out of the keyroom you will be starting from floor 1 again. I'll advise you to get a collector necklace from players, ::event shop (400k tokens) or slayer shop (2k points). As it will help with picking up your keys. Useful Ingame Commands ::pc (Opens pricecheck guide) ::vote (Opens voting screen) ::empty (emptys your inventory) :starterzone/::train (brings you to starterzone) ::shops (takes you to shops) ::dropsimulator ( Opens up the drop simulator screen where you can see what you can get from the selected npcs) Useful End-Game Items Dante's Necklace/Top Donor Icon (TDI): Picks up everything including caskets and clues. Infinite Prayer Symbol: Prayer will never drain when it's in the inventory cost 2M bulging bags from Azzanadra at ::shops Buggatti Pet: Has Soulsplit effect Trump/Broly Mode: 1%/5% increase in damage. More Lit Sword (Melee) (2.5mil holy water) /Dominion Crossbow ( 400k ecto tokens) (Range) / Rubber duckie (1Mil Dungeoneering Points) (Magic) boost stats to 300. ::combine Combine command will open up an interface where you can craft the best weapons and gears ingame. Daily Login Reward Simply log in daily to get your reward. These rewards resets every 24 hours, if you don't see it click on the bottom right-hand corner and shift it to Daily Login Reward. Item Upgrader The item upgrader north of ::home, beside POS. It's worth a try to upgrade items but do take note if the item fails it DESTROYS. Stat Comparator You'll use them to compare the different stats of items that you wanna know stats of before buying them. It's found at the mystery box tab and shift it to the stats comparator icon. Credits : @April & @salt.
  2. salt

    StargazePS Price List

    Looking good, thank you for making the effort to redo the price guide <3