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  1. vinny

    Gear Progression Guide!

    very nice guide, good job man!
  2. vinny

    Loot from 1380 red keys.

    Very nice, although with the junk you get as well that contributes a fair bit to the over all price, regardless its good to show that red keys are more beneficial to open than to sell to custom shop :P.
  3. vinny

    StargazePS Price List

    Brilliant, I also like the layout. Very professional and easy to read! Good job guys
  4. Name: Ryan, (Vinny is my nickname / discord name) In-Game Username: Darkassassin Age: 19 Country & Timezone (Include GMT): UK GMT Average Time played per day: 12 hours a day Rank applying for: Server Support What is your previous experience with being a staff member in an online community? - I have been a staff member of various ranks on countless amounts of servers, I have no end of experience dealing with all kinds of queries, some being challenging, others being straight-forward. As a staff member it is a duty to respond to a players issue as quick as possible and I feel like I have / can do that well. I have also been staff on forums, managing peoples behavior, adding content, and helping with any other forum based issue. What are the top 5 qualities that you think a staff member should have? - For me personally this is an extremely hard decision to narrow it down to five different quality's as to be a staff member you would need a lot more, however with that said my personal five qualities are; COMMUNICATION, FRIENDLY-NATURE, APPROACHABLE, FAIR (someone who listens to both sides of the story before coming to a conclusion), FUN/HAPPY (The most important one! you need Happy staff to spread happiness all around Stargaze-PS). If you received this rank, would you devote hours of free time to play? - My hours of play at the moment are around 12 hours a day, realistically I don't believe I could manage anymore than that, however whether I am active In-game or not I am always active on discord. Tell us about yourself (hobbies, occupation etc): - In my spare time I have a lot of different hobbies I do daily. Currently I am studying a full stack website developer (MERN) course which I am really enjoying, learning how to model items for RSPS, coming to the end of my java course and I know a tiny bit of ruby. Why I think I should become a staff member on Stargaze-PS: - I believe that I am a good candidate for this role due to; being incredibly active In-game, my ability to create custom models for the server as well as custom maps, I'm a nice guy and very easy to get on with (IMO), I can code in different languages and have some pre-coded content which could prove helpful in the long run and lastly I have a lot of experience in being a staff member which I can use to enhance into a server. Thank you very much for reading my staff application. -Vinny (AKA DarkAssassin)