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  1. Here we go another small updaterino coming to the StargazePS, introducing a brand new BEST HYBRID GEAR IN GAME Unique to only StargazePS as these models were baught for us, Tyrael's Set. Another update should be coming aswell as i'm gonna be working on more content this week aswell as start implementing new home Area which u can find at #polls-regarding-updates at Our discord! -Added Clue Scroll Rewards to the ::Rewardlist -Removed vorago from anoukes teleport -Removed a lot of rare drop spam, that wasn't really that of a rare drop -Added command ::updates to redirect you instantly to the updates page, where you can read the latest updates on stargaze! -Added Announcer when u hit rare on super scratch card -Fixed Some Typo Mistakes -Added 35% Dr Bonus To Loyal Star, Plus 10% Damage increase when the pet is out -Fixed AOE pet bonus there was a calculation error now it gives the extra drops -Buffed spender shield -Buffed Madaras Wand -Increased voragos damage radius so no safe spotting would happen -Fixed dante's necklace picking up bad drops -Fixed vorago bugging out and losing agro -Fixed Starter Tasks Descriptions -Nerfed Vorago Max Hit -Updated Boss Event Message from event boss to boss event -Added DR To Tyrael's set -Added Tyrael's Set to the combiner -Some minor bug i fixed forgot
  2. Here is a brand new update for stargaze! This update focuses on Content and QOL, but it's not over for this week as i'm now developing even more stuff such as brand new Home Area map with way more detailed stuff such as skilling area/afk area/training/event boss area and more it's going to be a really nice way to start off 2020 like that with a fresh look and revamp of old stuff -Added Brand New Ying&Yang Map -Clipped Ying&Yang Map -Fixed Mystery Box Pet effect now it has a chance of giving 1/400 kills a random reward for you -Added Brand New Super Scratch cards that contain the rarest and best weapons in the game, but not only that if you do not match 3 of them you still get a guaranteed Prize! -Added Vorago Models -Added Vorago Pet will have 1.5k damage boost plus 20% dr increase -Did a custom vorago Combat Script -Added Vorago In Mass Boss Teleports -Added Vorago to mass boss system with drops. Vorago won't have drop interface until next update as i'm redoing the drop system a bit but here what he will drop Red Keys Seasonal Keys Cash Boxes Scratchcards Legendary Mysteryboxes Pet vorago Op Keys Extreme Megazord Set Omega Key Boss Key -Added New GFXs -Added New Animations -Added New Images -Added Brand new reward list interface which will help to show what rewards u can obtain from various boxes/cards etc. -Fixed Some Corrupted Spawns -Added New Rainbow Minigun that has a chance of hitting 5k damage 1/100, it can be obtained either by using ::combine and combining dragon/frost/golden/minigun/toxic minigun or completing all ::startertasks -Cleaned Combiner from attack/healer/defender/collector icons, you can still upgrade them by using energy fragments on them -Added Scratch Cards/Cash Boxes on Boss King Loot Table -Captain america shield price has been decreased to 130k king tokens from 200k -Removed Savechristmas from the teleport manager -Removed Ice Troll From Instance Manager -Increased loot count on pinata from 15 players to 20 -Ak assimov sellable for 1mil to the custom shop now -Placed Gamble Shop in the kingzone -Added Some Messages To The Shops -Adjusted Some Stuff For 2X Donation System -Fixed Some Minor Bugs -Reworked Daily Login Rewards -Adjusted Donation Deal Interface, started coding in the prices, still needs work tho -Added Brand New TableCat icon which can be activated by doing ":c" in the chat! -Edited Rare Drop Message A Little Bit -Resized some npcs on interfaces to look cleaner -Added new referal code called "vihtic" -Adjusted some more outdated prices in the webstore -Christmas cracker has been removed from the webstore -Cursebearer now drops way more auras chest than before -Updated King Zone Shop With Juicy juicy items -Megazord Extreme Armor Set Has Been Added as BIS Range Armor obtainable by killing Vorago Boss plus this set is going to be a requirement for upcoming Tyrael's set, which will be an upgrade to QBD -Buffed jax lantern damage cap -Replaced The Yellow Star logo near the minimap with stargaze image -Added More Big Ass Papas Bags To The Kingzone -Revamped Pheonix Loot Table/Hp/Attack Damage/Defence As This Boss Could Be Used For Mid Tier Players To Enjoy Some Lotation -Added Pheonix Into teleport manager -Added some items to rare announcer -Added Super Loyal Pet To Loyalty Shop, A rework for the whole shop is coming aswell, but this pet is for the players that are super active and loyal to stargaze! -Added dick sword into the game LOL, the sword can be obtainable at OP Store the stats are slightly better than skittles -Added More Slayer Tasks -It's now easier to get trial swords, but in return it now consumes 2 tokens per kill rather than 1 -Increased upgrade chance for skittles for trial sword tier 7 -Stability Fixes removed unecessary Systemoutprints,messages fixed a memory leak -Client version 9.4 If you find any bugs or issues with the update please let me know asap so it could be patched!
  3. Small QOL Update for ye all! -Removed universo armor from taxi -Buffed LMS And other drops on taxi -Added Another row of taxi npcs -Auras from harlakk can now be sold to custom shop -Added More Sponsor tokens drops for donkey kong -Added captain america shield to the kingstore for 200k kingtokens -Removed junk drops from anoukes drop table -Heroic Maul is now sellable for 1m in custom shop -Removed from the donation shop fire gun -Buffed The chance to obtain loot from op asf chest -It's now harder to obtain aoe weapons from Mystery Box Of All Mysteries -Increased price on attack stones -Buff Tank Drops -Boss keys stackable -Made king tokens untradable -Ultra donation box stackable -High-end weapon tier boxes stackable -Updated vetions zone -Added brand new command ::Gear that will redirect to savages gear guide to help you learn about stargaze armor sets
  4. I'm back baby, not a big update. But i'm getting just started and back to the daily content grind boys and girls i've missed stargaze so much! I have a ton of new content that i have planned for implementation and make this server one of the best custom rsps experiences there is!!! So i hope all of you will ride a long with me on this journey by becoming #1 one day! First thing on my list is to rework all of the unused dead content and make it usable, next is brand new raids, New systems such as boss of the day,collections logs etc. Mount system, Skilling that would work with the customs, New unique skill, New unique to stargaze charm system and so much more!!! -Added New Animated Server Icon on discord -New system to protect us from packet abusing or account spam that could cause lag issues -Increased Client Performance -Added starterbook to the ironman starter package -Added New King Zone Map -Clipped King Zone -Added King Tokens Into The Game -Added Santa Npc For King Zone As Some People Have Full Grinch Sets, and i will still let them pickpocket santa for 1 month until i fully remove it! -Added King Store, this store is going to be empty until we collect enough feedback on what should be added in there, it will be completed on the next update -Added Brand New Taxi Npcs Which will be dropping King Tokens/Universo Set/Boss Key and more! -Added Money Bags Into King Zone So U Could Farm Em Without Paying For The Gates -Added Ultra Mystery Boxes To The King Zone for all the Aoe fanatics -Fixed The price for omega keys x10 on the webstore was 190$ now 160$ -Starterzone command now teleports you to the right location -Rock crabs have been added in starterzone for the slayer tasks -Buffed GWD Bosses and their rare loot table, removed pet and tokens from 1/1000 Chance so shield pieces would be more common to obtain -Increased attack speed for madaras wand -Fixed numbers showing up on starter tasks -Added KC Requirement For Taxies -Christmas event teleport has been removed i hope u enjoyed it! -Increase range shop stock also removed all the unecessary items in it so it would look more clean -Changed saturday daily reward from pet box to the High-end tier weapon box -Universo bow has been buffed -Buffed TDI -Added Some Missing items to the rare item announcer -Some minor bug fixes that i forgot about -Adjusted Descriptions on the webstore to match what the item is truly about -Removed some items from webstore and adjusted prices to outdated items -Client 9.3 Version comes with updated kingzone map
  5. -Fixed dante's necklace not picking up double key drops -Increased santa costume value to the bulging bag store -Adjusted donation double, to not give out doubles randomly -Daily login rewards have been changed a little bit -Fixed AOE Not working on sponsorzone -Added Ctrl+U keyshortcut for KING rank to open upgrader anywhere they want -Fixed a bug where the timer on donation deals went bonkers after some time -Made it so after the timer runs our the donation deal changes -Fixed a bug when u logged in and teleported your pet would dissapear -Added a brand new keyroom Skipper lvl 4 skipper tab -Added the brand new keyroom skipper tab to teemo shop -Added ::startertasks for the newbies -Coded all tasks for startertasks.
  6. -You can now pickpocket santa when wearing full grinch, it was glitching out but now it works 100% -Reworked the loot table santa can give when wearing full grinch and pickpocketing him -Warmonger can no longer be multi spawned as it lags the server -Added Teddybear(U) With Upgraded Stats/Drop Rate You can obtain it either by upgrader or sponsorzone shop -Added Ctrl+T Combination for a quick access for the teleport manager -Fixed despawning issue that was causing npcs to despawn in the server overtime -Removed Control+E thats was added by an accident -Added More AOE NPCS on sponsorzone and aoe zone -Added A Brand New BIS Melee Mustang Sword Which Has 3 Hit Splats,Fast As Masamune,Amazing Stats,Effect of hitting 100k damage in 1/50 Chance -Added Sally Off-Hand sword which can be made by Upgrader from Shadow-Off Hand Glaive, it will also have a divine effect -Guides Button on stargaze options now redirect to the correct page -Extended Aoe Range By 1 Tile for aoe melee weapons Dragonrage Now hits 3 tiles instead of 2 and Heroic Maul does 4 instead of 3 -Aoe Now Works On Cursebear Minnions -System for 1/100 chance of hitting 100k now works properly -Removed Cannonballs from clue scroll reward table -Pet Grinch Can Now Attack Up to 2k -Added Brand New Groudon Beast Pet, 20% drop rate 1.2k damage -Added Groudon Beast pet on groudon beast drop table -All of the pets are now sellable to the custom shop -Santa Pieces can now be sold to the custom shop -Reworked voting website rewards -Reworked thieving to match the custom currency more, and made it so now the cash when selling would go to the pouch automatically and be converted into bags, made the merchant move around so no ghost mousing would accur. -Added CTRL+I opens instance manager -Added Attack Damage to multiple of pets -Added brand new pet called super loyal star -Added New Icon That Will Act As A Brand New BIS Amulet Called TDI aka top donator icon obtainable by combiner when u combine godly stone/dante's necklace/4m bags -Infinite Prayer Symbol is now untradable, but you can sell it back to custom shop -You Now Only Need 1 of each part of shield instead of 2 of each to make the new captain america shield -Added BOSS Keys to nex minions -Added some items to rare announcer -Increased Grinch Respawn Rate As People Were Camping It And Not Doing The Ice Trolls No More -Increased the chance of obtaining rare from OP Chest -Pest Control Now Requires 2 players to start instead of 3 -Added a reward for grinch every time u kill it now it will drop 400 Bulging bags as extra reward -Increased respawn rate for grinch as everyone were just afking him and not even bothering with the ice trolls -Increased the requirement for the OP Key making because i've made the op chest rare loot table accesable easy -Increased Drasticly the chance of obtaining universo gear pieces from boss chest -Changed Daily Login 8 Streak Reward -Fixed stat comparator fucking up summoning interfacee -Added Donation deals to the stargaze options -Added a brand new donation deal system basically the server is gonna be picking donation deals now for you guys! the values for items will be written on weekend as everythingrs website doesn't support my code for automatic price check so i will need to hardcode it -Renamed Some Items -Some minor bugs i forgot about -Client 9.2 version
  7. -Added Ice Trolls To Instance Manager -Grinch Respawn Faster 2x -More Ice Trolls In The Christmas area -Increase the requirement for christmas presents from 1k to 5k -Added Boss Keys/Shield parts to rare loot table announcer -Grinch pieces can now be obtained easier as the rate was 1/500 now it's 1/200. From santa rare loot table! -Fixed Santa Not Giving Items Sometimes -Added 2k Christmas Box Reward as common -Adjusted Christmas Loot Giving from 5k to 2.5k -Removed The Message when you receive something it says u received medium drop on items that are not even worth anything -Added Teleport Command ::lumbridge -Fixed some dialogue errors -Buffed Grinch Loot Table By A Lot so it would compensate on killing him rather than ice trolls! -Added teleport commands for ::kree ::commanderzilanya ::graador ::kril to teleport close to their gates so you wouldn't get lost -Fixed daily task squirtles teleporting to the wrong area
  8. -New Loading Screen -Setloginpin all bypasses have been patched -Item stats comparator interface has been added -Now the client automaticaly saves password on log out -Added CTRL+P for player owned shop if ur deluxe rank -Brand new money pouch system which can now hold bags and calculate up to quadrillions -Added Brand new tab to navigate around interfaces easier, if i should add something more in there let me know -Adjusted Ice Trolls HP Level/Attack Bonus/Def Bonus/Added Drop Table They will be suited a lot towards newbie players aswell so everyone could enjoy this event -Added Grinch Mass Boss To Christmas Zone, Made it so it gives loot to anyone who participate in damaging her she will be giving Christmas Presents In Bulk -Added Christmas event on the teleport manager near the minimap the the yellow star with purple background -Added A System that doesn't let you play with outdated clients anymore. -You can now sell Santa Hat 2020 To Custom Shop, but be aware this is going to be limited edition item. -Added Grinch set/Santa set to Christmas event. Grinch set pieces will be very hard to obtain and i mean very hard! -Added Grinch pet, obtainable from santa -Fixed staff members not getting dr from donator ranks. -Moved Starter zone, added more squirtles -Renamed Sabeil To Starter Store -Added Grinch To Spawn Announcer -Added New Daily Task -Buffed King Boss Drop Table -Increased chances of obtaining caskets on moneybags -Removed candy cane from the shops it was in -Adjusted sergeant headspike health as it was lacking a lot of it -Added Checkrewards to the boss chest option -Added Boss chest at chest area/it's loot table -Added Boss Key to various bosses around stargaze, the hard ones not easy ones -Added Boss Points To Godwars bosses -Added Brand New BIS Mage gear called Universo -Added An Effect Basically you will get an option to pickpocket santa when you collect the full set of grinch -New Client Version 9.1 -Bug Fixes
  9. -Added Godly Stone To The Omega Chest -Spender Shield Added It Has Sick Stats And 75% Drop Rate To Obtain It U Will Need To Captain America Shield/4M Bags/Godlystone -Added Trump Mode To The Trumps Drop Table -Added New Santas Costume/Candy Cane which will be a tribrid set, because we're afraid that if it's not with stats people won't bother -Added New 2020 Santas Hat a limited edition santa hat that will be appearing on stargaze! Obtainable only with the christmas cracker -Added New Christmas Cracker which will give loot to you and your friend! -Added Pernament Bulging Bag Teleporter That Can Be Baught At OP Store -Implemented 4 seperate shield parts which will be obtainable in Godwars dungeon to make a Captain America Shield you will need 8 parts in total so to be exact and 3.5mil bulging bags -Added More Items To The Custom Sell Shop -Added Custom godwars into the teleport interface -Fixed some wrong dialogue -Reworked Godwars npc stats/drop tables to be more suitable to us -Reorganised Teleports -Buffed Dragonrage Maul -Added Cash Box On Donkey Kong Loot Table -Added A Brand New Pet Mystery Box Of All Mysteries to the drop table -Mystery box pet, has an effect of giving a random mystery box every time u kill an npc -Raised Global Drop Counter from 10k to 20k and increased rewards -Saradomin Brews Now Dissapear after last dose -Buffed Daily Task Rewards -Increased AOE Tokens given from the Ultra Boxes -Buffed Clue Rewards Removed The Ammo And Other Unecessary stuff. -Removed Trash Drops from Ichigo -Added New Red Shadow Glaive -Added Starter Tasks Interface -Added Npctasks interface -Added Client Updater Will Be Coming Out With V10 Client but basically it will be now called the jars just stargazeps -Added Spender Shield into combiner ::combine -Added brand new exclusive to us stargaze divine set! -Added New Items into the cache -Added Brand New Box Called High-End Tier Weapon Box -Fixed High-End Armor Box Sayin Strange Box In Trade -50% Of Christmas Event Is Done Will Be Released This Upcoming Week -Added Godly Stone To Webstore -Added Christmas Cracker To Webstore -Fixed Some Bugs Forgot What Tho -New V9 Client Can Be Download Off Website Now
  10. -Added Papa Bag To The Instancemanager -Fixed A Bug With Instancemanager giving incorrect npc health -Ctrl+E has been removed as community has spoken about it! -Some Minor Bug fixes
  11. -Combine now only requires 1 golden maul for aoe weapon -Aoe Tokens are now untradable -Increased Tier 5 Key Bulging Bag Rewards from 1 to 5 -Replaced Ultra Donation Box On Scratch Cards To Cash Box -Blood Reavers No Longer Walk Into The Water On Event2 -Added More Npcs To Event2 -Adjusted Mysterie Of All Mysteries Drop Table To Be Very Very Sexehhh -New Trump Mode Installed Will Be Giving 1% Damage Overall Increase, because of how easy it is to obtain items from trump -Bug Fixes
  12. -Added New Npcs To Instance Manager -Abbadon Removed Legendary Package -Upgraded Medium Bags Loot Table -Buffed QBD Gloves Drop Rate By 10% -Papa Bags Now Give Boss Points -Added AK-47 Assimov/Heroic Maul As Tier 2 Weapons For Aoe Zone! -Added Aoe Zone To The Teleport Interface -Made Pinata Immune To Magic -Made it so u couldn't abuse Pinata With Autoretaliate and a weapon -Clues Are Now Stackable -Blacklist system is now in place basicaly u can do a command ::blacklistme which will give you an option to be forever banned from gambling or not.(I will not remove you from the List EVER!) -Fixed Staff Commands For King/Sponsor -Fixed A Bug Where If You Exit The Clan chat your account will no longer be able to teleport anywhere -King Rank can now buy from Gambling Shop -Made it so people who are not king rank, could not enter the gambling store. -The Double Donation System now supports multiple items. -Added A Boss Called Mystery Box Of All Mystery -ESC Button for closing interfaces will is available, u can just download new client if u wish this feature to be active no need for cache download -Have 5000 Aoe tokens teleport you to an instance to kill mystery box boss, he can be killed only once he won't respawn. -1$ Scrolls are now live and installed in AOE npcs drop table. -Installed Killcounts on AOE Npcs -Added Assimov Ak-47/Heroic maul into combiner -Added Attack stone into the game -Added Mystery of all mysteries drop table -Aoe Tokens are untradable -ELO now finnaly works correctly did wrong calculations on game tics, now u get 1 point per minute u can get up to 30% damage increase the more active you are! -Added new boss key -Adjusted some model zooming -Fixed some models textures shining through gear
  13. -Made a system where the AOE weapon could not only be used at AOE, but also as a regular weapon -NPCS For Aoe Are Done. -Gloves Of Death/Blessed Gloves Have Been Buffed -Devil Tail Has Been Buffed -Tiger Katana Has Been Removed From Event Shop -Tekton Set Received A Massive Boost As Well As Having A Set Bonus The price has been increase on event store aswell -Revamped Event Store. -Added Missing Beowolf legs to stargaze shop -Added Divine Effect And Did A Slight Str Buff To Blades Of Destruction -Ring of chaos and ring of death moved to the starterstore and added 10% drop rate bonus -Buffed Hp Event/event2 -Added Better Common Loot To Omega Chest plus a little bit of rare -Fixed omega keys so they wouldn't require 10 keys anymore -Added Magic Stone To Custom Boss/Event Store They Will Be Used For Getting The Aoe Weapons -Added QBD A 10% Damage Bonus when u get the whole set on you -Fixed marios head on checkdr -Added some stats to mario's head -Removed Town Carrier from edge for now -Added LMBS To goku/vegeta drop tables -Lefosh/Arcspider/Bork Restrictions on combat styles -Warriors Trial Swords attack speed is now adjusted so it's way more enjoyable to kill npcs -Nerfed Item amount given from caskets -Revamped Donator Store -Made a system to handle now casket drops/clue drops way better than it was before -Revamped Boss Point Store -Fixed Construction Store Being Covered By Afk Store -Added Makarov Main Hand Into The Game U Can Now Obtain It At Boss Store -Added Assimov/Dragonrage maul into combiner they are the new beggining AOE weapons! -Adjusted prices in gambling -Added Dice into gamble store -Added Magic stone to Pest Control -Buffed Madaras Wand -Fixed Some minor bugs
  14. -Omega Keys Are Now Stackable. -Omega Chest Loot Table Has Been Adjusted -Omega Keys Are Now 25$ Each In Store Instead Of 50$ -Omega Keys Now Require Only 5 OP Keys Instead Of 10 -Added Ava's Accumulator effect to paladins cape. -Added More Ichigo's/Anoukes at sponsor zone -Removed OP Potion From Raid Box as it needs more polishing before being released again to work with ss and stuff. -Revamped Raid Boxes To Be Way More Profitable -Increased The Raid Box Amount U get From 2 To 6 On Raids -Buffed HP On Raid Monsters -Revamped Slayer Store Because Prices Were Outdated As Fuck, added some new items in there -Fixed CTRL+B For Staff Members -Updated The Claim Messages For Donators
  15. -Increased attack speed for madara fan -Fixed an error with summoner rovin, where even tho u didn't have bulging bags it would still say that u added them. -Added Effect for future weapons where u will have 1/100 hits to 1 shot the npc -Added A Donation Doubler System Where Now I Will No Longer Need To Double The Donations On Stuff This System Will Start Working From Next Week. -Added A Donation Announcer To Show The Player Who Support The Server! -Elo Should Now Work Properly, Let Me Know If It Doesn't Work. -Fixed So Mage Couldn't Be Used On Pinata -Made Dantes Necklace Auto Pickup Caskets -Fixed CTRL+B Not Working For Donators -Fixed trump giving way to many lmboxes -Fixed Marios Head Not Giving The Right DR. -Removed DDR Ring From The Omega Chest As I've said to the past donators that will be not be available in game only webstore. -Added More Papa Bags -Big Money Bags Now Respawn Faster -Fixed Log On Messages -Adjusted Money Bag Task As It Should Have Been -Removed The Packages From Infartico -Changed Dailylogin rewards