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  1. We have started working a little bit with a possible developer that's going to be lending me a helping hand, on stargaze upcoming updates, so except more and more content coming up! ❤️ -Admins can now demote and promote people to support rank -Fixed a dupe that couple of players found out and abused it. -Webstore prices reworked a lot of oudated items have been deleted -Optimized Client for smoother gameplay -Added Triple Drop Event that can be toggled by our community manager -Staff can now teleport to Instances -Added Runelite into the server client which will help with future updates, as we are gonna be implementing a crap ton of plugins to help our players with their journey on stargaze! 🙂 -You can now press CTRL button when hovering over the item to check the stats of it! -Added Icon of Goddess one of the last items that will be used purely for combining into end game gear, obtainable only by new goodiebag box -Added a brand new BIS Ring called Ring of divine, it has a 3x DDR effect 30% on kill, 2x ring of perfection stats, 180% DR Increase you can find it at ::combine -Added a brand new Goodiebag box(Icon of Goddess) -Added Thanos to Boss Points -Removed cash boxes rare spam -Updated Afk store shop with omega -Optimus prime mode being even better than scrooge mode plus u can transform into optimus prime! -Added Optimus Prime to ::bosstimers -Added Optimus Prime as a new Diety Mass Boss of the day -Buffed Custom Ordered Weapon -Redid how banning is handled -Fixed some visual texture bugs -Fixed some bugs that i forgot -CLIENT V14.1
  2. evamp update! And more! I've lost most of my list what i've done so you guys will have to find out what i've accomplished so far this is part 1 of 3 parts update, this one will focus more on mid tier people struggling in game. But yeah there is a lot of stuff that i've accomplished and you will see it in game, tomorrow i'm planning on a content update. Frieza 1st & 2nd forms- 1.5x drops Moneybags - 1.5x drops Papas - Super Scratch Card drop (1/2000) Blue Dragons: 6 Cash boxes Green Dragons: 12 Cash boxes + add Perfecto Box Red Dragons: 24 Cash Boxes + Add Fantasy Box -Added 3 New custom sets -Updated a lot of oudated code -Did some bug fixes -And a lot more content New client version and a lot more!
  3. Small QOL update to start of daily updates, as i'm gonna be hiring helping hands and even if i'm dealing with IRL shi* there will be still a person covering me up and working on them juicy juicy updaterinos ❤️ Next update will focus more on bug fixes and after that update we're gonna start focusing on getting new content into the game ❤️ So don't forget to post your -Added Bulging Bag to the afk store. 1 afk ticket=1 Bag -Updated Pinatas Loot Table -Added New Stone tablet which can be upgraded by using upgrader either into executive totem or godly stone -Made it so there is now a chance to obtain Supreme clue while openning regular caskets -Added more kid buus at diety zone -Red Wings are now sellable to the custom shop -Added More Jokers into the jokers area -325 Joker cloens will now have to be killed until The Joker shows up -Buffed Clue scroll rewards -Added Ultimatium to 10k NPC TASKS -Added Supreme clues to pyramid head -Packed vetions zone -Clipped An Area -Added Weapon guide command at ::weaponguide you can find all the latest news on your weapon upgrades etc. -Auras chests are now stackable -Updated Wildwyrm message so there wouldn't be rule breaking -Top100Arena link updated -Cerberus drop table interface updated -Diety Zone Fountain now increases stats to 500 for a small fee -OP Key can now be sold to custom shop for 30k -Legacy Mystery Box is now stackable -Fixed a bug where joker rpgs doubled with ddr as it is a mass boss -Increased chance of receiving joker rpg -Updated Broly as an officially supported AFK boss with included AFK ticket drops (1/5000 for 10k tickets | 1/4500 for 5k tickets | 1/1 for 1 ticket -Increased amount of Diamond chests in azzandra shop -Kid buu now attacks faster and has a bigger max hit -Buffed Pyramid Head Mode -Kid Buu Mode can now be sold for 4M bulging bags -Kid Buu pet can now be sold for 1M bulging bags -Ultimatium has been drastically buffed drop table wise -Magic stone is now 300 Commedations rather than 10k -Fixed some typo mistakes -Deleted some unecessary code that was using up resources -Updated client
  4. Dante

    July 30, 2020 | Update

    Quick adjustments -Fixed some issues with buu pet -Adjusted some custom items -Added Buu to boss points -Added Super Buu to 10k Npc task kills -Added Buu to daily boss -Added Kid Buu to slayer tasks. -Uncut Onyx can now be sold to custom shop from AFK STONE -Fixed a memory leak that was eating up memory over time -Removed ::dbz from diety rank -Added Kid Buu's to diety zone -Added Millionaire boxes to count towards the donation deal tab when claimed -Fixed some bugs
  5. Dante

    July 15, 2020 | Update

    After this update is out, i'm gonna be pushing updates every 3-4 days boys, to keep everything fresh and nice, sorry for the lack of the updates the past couple of weeks, was busy as hell with irl life and wanted to get back into the grind as i had some emotional problems because i suffered from a broken hearth syndrome lol as retarded as that sound but i know a lot of you suffered this once in your life and yeah basically i didn't really wanted to anything, just sit around and be a depressed piece of shit... But that is over i'm 10x better now than i was like a month ago, i got my motivation back and i want to reach that 200 Online mark so badly, as i've seen startgaze growth is fucking insane!!!!!!! Yeah yeah and most of you can judge me that i can't write normal message to ye all, but this is me expressing my feeling and what i've been through so yeah expect me being online daily communicating with the community etc ❤️ -Fixed a custom item -Fixed some memory leaks inside of the server -Updated voting database -Buffed Godly Flail -Fixed Executive Icon not adding up DPS to the mage -Buffed Pyramid Head Mode to 13% -Buffed Scrooge Mode to 20% as how rare it is -Redid some of the NPCTASKS loot table -Now you will need 50k to open instance manager -Fixed Ruby amulet tripling drops with DDR -Fixed Cerberus safespot -Adjusted Trivia Shop prices -Supreme Clues/Supreme clue caskets now stack -Chronozon now gives Boss points on death -Vorago is no longer agressive -Doubled Everything on golden cerberus loot table -Buffed Broly loot table and increased hp amount -Added some custom stuff on custom orders -Reworote interface handling entirely -Fixed some pathing issues -Fixed some grammar mistakes on dialogues -Rewrote a lot of oudated stuff on the game engine -Fixed some minor bugs
  6. Dante

    July 3, 2020 | Update

    Another small update for stargazeps, i'm getting ready for a big boy content update like couple of weeks ago, which will include new Raids/Survival Minigame! -Brand New Launcher For stargazePS, i will need u guys to test it tho and give me feedback on how it works ❤️ -Adjusted Custom ordered weapons -Decreased prices on webstore on some of the oudated items -Fixed some typo mistakes -Wozo minigun price adjusted -Fixed some of the staff members not being able to acess the diety zone -Started adding unique benefits to diety rank, first is free godly aoe boxes -Added Jokers to 10k ::npctasks -Fixed couple of bugs https://gyazo.com/c4cba735f545cead34709153c28e25b4 https://gyazo.com/4cc3f3733dafc22a6e6f2233e62adba5
  7. Dante

    June 30, 2020 | Update

    Small update before i get back on track, my top priority right now is to finish raid system,couple of interfaces,and a launcher. So u might see 2 of these done by the end of this week ❤️ -Fixed the bug where u couldn't press on tyrael pet on combiner -Fixed bug Where u could safespot ultimatium -Lowered price on legacy box on webstore -Added new boots into the game called rainbowian boots, they give 15% drop rate increase, aimed to help out the newbie players can be obtained from event shop -Implemented Custom Subies weapon -Implemented Custom One Hit God Weapon -Implemented Custom Pvm N Stake Weapon -Implemented Custom Ad Infinitus Weapon -Supreme Clues are now more common -Buffed The Joker Drop Table -Fixed Some Typo mistakes -Added a system to check why npcs start despawning after some time -Fixed Some bugerinos -------Shop Revamp--------- Event shop: -Add Boots similar to ham gloves but slightly higher DR -Add Universo Staff -Reduce Collectors Necklace price -Reduce Ring of Devotion's price -Add High-End Tier Weapon Box -Removed Devil Tail -Add High-End Tier Armor Box -Add Energy Fragments (10 ecto tokens for 1 frag) Vote Shop: -Reduced OP keys price -Added Staff of Ra -Added SSJ God Blue Hair -Added Vote Boxes Donator Shop: -Added skittles -Added Lava Gun -Buffed Zeus Off-Hand's custom shop price to 40k Trivia Shop: -Added Raid Boxes -Added Cash Boxes -Added Perfecto Mboxes -Added High-End Tier Weapon Box -Added High-End Tier Armor Box -Added Pet Boxes Afk Shop: -Golden Spade Price is now 3m afk tokens instead of 2m Ad Infinitus: Death's Arbiter https://gyazo.com/6fdfd81e99c3a338b2bd5ce581da9272 Subie: Turbo Spool https://gyazo.com/73c2e0ef58240830104dcd3660c0d3e9 One Hit God God's Annihilator https://gyazo.com/1f6a468657874d85e8acc492e90890f4 Monster Rain Rains Fury https://gyazo.com/bdb460eba7510a6c14ff04df1089c8e4
  8. Dante

    June 20 2020 | Update

    -Godly Flail has been buffed to balance out with other BIS weapons -Fixed a problem where Vannaka spot was teleporting to the old location -Diety Boosted to 120% DR Instead of 90% -Fixed the bug where u can't attack joker -Pyramid head now drops cash 1/1 rather than 1/2 kills -Updated donation ToS -OP AS HELLL Goodiebag Box now stacks -Buffed The Joker Drop Table -Increased The Chance to obtain Legacy Box from infinity Box -Made Golden Cerberus mass boss -Added Brand new Rainbow Diamond being of the hardest diamonds to obtain -Replaced Golden cerberus tele to mass tele -New amulet that is BIS, Executive Icon -Nerfed Golden Spade Price -Pyramid Head/Golden Cerberus now drops Rainbow Diamonds -Fixed Some bugs https://gyazo.com/882435656e26d6088eb1ab2301a445a7 https://gyazo.com/175257db026d4b2a4b624658deb2db88
  9. Dante

    June 16, 2020 | Update

    -Fixed the Boss point chat spam happening, when ever u killed a BOSS Npc -Moved Gambling to Diety rank, as we noticed how many players quit as it was quite easy to achieve emperors rank if you're rushing it so now it's going to be a real grind for ye all. -Added Brand New Rank Called Diety which can be obtained by obtaining total of 1M with in game $ Scrolls -Replaced Chaeldar with Vannaka as starting people get confused and take Elite tasks from chaeldar Diety Rank Benefits: 90% Dr Loyalty Points x10 Boss Points 12 for each boss kill Better rewards on thieving More PC Points And a lot more coming Soon! -::gear Gear guide link has been updated to the latest one -::pc Price guide link has been updated to the latest one -::starterguide Starterguide link has been updated to the latest one -Buffed Keyblade -Removed some unecessary stuff from starter package and buffed it overall -Disabled 5$ Spam -Added New Golden spade which will dig 5x amount of rewards -Added Golden Spade to afk store -Added Brand New Plazma Shots that will work with new High-End weapons Such as Portal Gun -Plazma shots can be obtained at range shop -Added Brand New BIS Range Weapon Portal Gun -Added Portal gun to ::combine -Buffed Ring Of Perfection -Godz bow/more lit sword/dominion crossbow/Ultimatium pieces/Infinity gauntlet can now be sold to custom shop -Minimized the size of cache by deleting unecessary stuff -Increased the performance of server -Minimized the requirement of The joker, now you will only need to kill 125 Jokers for it to spawn -Increased Drastically the chance on upgrader to upgrade from super slayer cape to spender cape was 15% now 45% but increased the fee to pay -Added Galaxy Box to the cell -Added Brand New OP AS HELL Goodiebag in game. -Added OP AS HELL Goodiebag to webstore -Adjusted Donation Deal Tab with new rewards -Added Brand NEW Goodiebag Box to Donation deal tab -Added Joker zone to teleport manager -Cleaned up some outdated code -Clipped New Maps -Drastically Improved groudon loot table -Groudon beast now spawns 2x faster -Fixed a bug where it still required 100 votes for the buff instead of 30 -Added New Textures -Added Brand New Voting Box Loot: Rare loots table 1/10 Chance 1x Omega key 1x Diamond Chest 1x Galaxy box 1x Fantasy Box 5x Op keys 5x Super Slayer boxes 2x Super Card 1x Supreme Casket ------------------ Common loots table 1x Op key 1x High-End Weapon box 1x High-End Armor box 1-3x perfectos 15 Cash boxes -Added Voting box on ::rewardlist -Added so now when server reaches 50 votes in total not only u get a stats boost, but also a voting box -Added Diety Zone Map -Added New Aoe Zone Map -Now when an area is crowded there should be less lag -Made Super Aoe Zone to handle multi -Added Super Aoe Zone to the Teleport Manager -Added Pyramid Head NPC -Added Pyramid Head custom combat script -Added Pyramid Head Pet, the hardest hitting PET in game, has no DR bonus tho. -Added Pyramid Head Mode being same as scrooge mode, but easier to obtain -Increased NPC List -Added Option for $ Scrolls to be claimed 100x at once so less clicking would be required -Added a ton more of AOE BOXES at emp zone -Replaced Cerberus with Golden cerberus so it would look unique and custom -Added golden cerberus to Teleport manager -Added aoe npcs and drop tables -Added new AOE Weapons that will only work on SUPER AOE ZONE such as Joker RPG,Portal Gun -Change Enchanted goodiebag name to Enchanted star as it was suppose to be -Reworked Elo system so now basically it truly shows the more online u stay the more damage points u will accumulate -Fixed a potential dupe -Fixed Community Manager benefits -Made Super Aoe Zone, basically if you log out in there you get moved home. -Added New items to rare drop announcer -You need to pay 50k AOE Tokens for Super Aoe entrance -Super Aoe tokens are untradable -Added Golden Cerberus Charm it being twice as good as skull charm -Added Skull charm into upgrader to golden cerberus for 15% chance -Added KC requirement for new super aoe zone -Added Golden cerberus pet, with a unique effect when this pet is out it increases the chance of you obtaining super slayer boxes, plus has 35% DR bonus -Added Golden Cerberus to the slayer tasks -Nerfed Zeus off-hand/drakonium prices on custom shop -Some small bugs that i've forgot -Stargaze v12 Client https://gyazo.com/8049480d26a97f354501eef57e78dc1e https://gyazo.com/ca6b5f4d65ce4180539fcd348d52f8a4 https://gyazo.com/7e47bdeeb1d0405fafc1a9f877c694c1 https://gyazo.com/bdf950f419adcbbc08f052d6055aba9f https://gyazo.com/37e7831256bbdb51f87e283fb51f5b2c https://gyazo.com/7c5e01d130516d02a31505fcf2e8aea8 https://gyazo.com/d0811d4fd778b818c4edd99c819f0071 https://gyazo.com/2e43d892b7c6b07551516fa4e3413380 https://gyazo.com/f138062f784e0f28bd0ea82a4c2cde40 https://i.gyazo.com/thumb/1200/484735419009bcad03a73ae28b7b2ece-png.jpg https://gyazo.com/2bd2695ac81c3a1308a556291c259263 https://gyazo.com/5e11333087773afc26cbd7c6c3a984d5 https://gyazo.com/c5f5cdf036df327cda13490f6984fe15
  10. Dante

    June 4, 2020 | Update

    Another small updaterino with suggestions, gonna be starting to work on new content tomorrow 😛 -Fixed aoe on the keyblade -Enchanted executive cape bonus now works with tyrael set -Fixed bug showing friezas second form drop table as none -First form friezas now give boss points -Buffed Companions stats wise, as i'm not gonna give it DR bonus, because we already have enough DR items. -Buffed Keyblade a little bit -You can now make 5$ from 1$ scrolls on combine -You can now obtain cash boxes from ::moneyzone shop -You can now sell all AFK Pets for 3k each -Fixed Some typo mistakes -Added command ::hidekc to turn off Killcount messages -Diamond chests are now stackable -Fixed when activating ::pray it no longer shows 3 messages -Added ::freecash command for emperors every 5 hours u can use this command to grab a random amount of cash from 1k to 50k -Fixed some minor bugerinos
  11. Dante

    June 2, 2020 | Update

    Hitting with another small update before i start working on big content updates once again! -Added New Magic combat style to keyblade -Made keyblade AOE -Keyblade added to ::combine -Added Cash Box to the AFK STORE -Added Infinity Box to upgrader Tier 5 to have a chance at Legacy Box -Infinity gauntlet now announces when dropped -Added Monkey Companion to legacy box Common Loot Table -Fixed a bug where ultimatium set bonus was not working properly -Added Monkey to ::rewardlist -Poseidon Aura lvl 5 now acts as Zeus aura giving infinite ammo -Added More Daily Tasks -Daily task interface now closes when pressed X -Diamond Chest price increased at OP Store -Added Boss Points to joker -Decreased some prices on starter items as they made no sense -Fixed bug where it was not giving stats to new companions -Fixed some small bugs -Vote store small revamp at webpage Changes: -Removed High-End boxes from vote store -Added Fantasy Box for 15 points -Added Omega Key for 65 points -Added Op Key for 10 points -Added Diamond chest for 55 points
  12. Dante

    May 26, 2020 | Update

    Small Update for ye all -Revamped prices and deleted unecessary items from starters store aswell as added Mystic staff to it -Reduced the requirements for ::startertasks by 50% -Ultimatium Ticket now teleports you to Ultimatium Arena which is instanced -Decreased Bork Respawn Rate -Added Combat Script For Ultimatium, he will have the ability to turn of your prayers such as protection prayer,soulsplit,piety etc -Added Ultimatium Drop Table -Fixed a Memory Leak -Rare announcer added for ultimatium parts -Added Ultimatium To Rare Combiner -Added Damage Bonus to ultimatium of obtaining whole set -Joker set now has stats -Added joker set to sell for custom shop whole set price 400k -Added Beginner Drop Rate gloves called H.a.m gloves, 5% drop rate can be obtained in the starter store -Added new items to Donation Deals -Nerfed ALL NPCS Except Event bosses, with LMB Drops as how easy it has became to obtain ranks, i want it to be more challenging -Goodieboxes are now stackable -Reuploaded new cache, no need to do anything -Added boss pointss to AOE BOSS and Ultimatium -Extended Joker Loot to 10 players -Added KC Requirement of 1k to attack The Joker so less leeching would accur from newbies -Fixed a bug combiner not requiring tyrael cape into the combination -Added Some Aoe NPCS At Emperorzone -Added A Warning to the Pinata -Added Ultimatium Ticket to the voting shop for 500 Votes And Webstore -Fixed a bug where some items were not counting towards donation deal tab -Fixed some small bugs https://gyazo.com/3e25f222d6c69c7ee0bcad3d2ace9be0 https://gyazo.com/e660ca6f13286897ddf220021be7d230
  13. Dante

    May 20, 2020 | Update

    Here you go boys an update to stargaze, Ultimatium will be coming out later this week as i still need to polish it out a little bit, but i hope you all enjoy as i litsened to ur feedback on suggestions 🙂 -Vote message bug has been fixed. -The Drop rate gap has been fixed on drop table where it was 850 and 900 that didn't really made any sense so now it's set to different ones -Fixed a bug where the 1/2000 and above drop tables were not giving drops -Added New Equipment Slot -Made New Slot to show the item you're wearing on the player. -Added Brand New Goodiebag box(Enchanted Star) which will have the best reward being enchanted star that will be used in ::combine -Added Brand new Enchancted executive cape, the only way to obtain it is using ::combine -Added some missing items to rare drop announcer -Added alert system on wildwyrm now it will pop out same as pinata -Buffed Infinity Gauntlet Special -Added Brand New Nitro Booster Box Special item for players that Nitro Boost our discord server -Fixed Some Ulgy Inventory models such as starter armor -Afk Zone now gives Afk tickets, as we're combining the stores -Fixed Referal Code system -Increased referal code rewards -Added missing stats to kbd set -Adjusted Webstore descriptions -Adjusted Webstore prices -Added Masamune/Madaras fan/Universo bow/Tyraels pet/Goodiebag box(Enchanted Cape)/Legacy Mystery Box into webstore -Removed Some items from webstore that have been outdated -Fixed a bug where the 2x system on donation was not working properly -Fixed a bug divine potion of luck turning into durability potion when it's put into the bank -Revamped a crap ton of custom store prices so it's easier for newer players now to get into the game -Added Nitro Booster Box to ::Rewardlist -Zeus requires KC as it was indeed to be -Added Zeus/Cell to NPC task -Rewrote Slayer Dialogue so it's easier to decide which task to pick -Added wiki on top of client rather than forum -Added Brand New BIS Ultimatium Set -Revamped Afk Store -Removed Stardust,Kindlings shops and just combined it into 1 shop -Added New System basically on some particular NPCS now when u kill a required amount they will spawn their OP Mass boss version -Added Mass Boss Version of Joker, kill the clones to summon the bad boy, after 500 kills it will announce on chat that he has spawned -Pets are no longer bugging out and now attack with the summoner -You will no longer lose items on death when in wildy and killed by other player so luring is gone pretty much -Fixed an issue with Custom Equipment slots consuming the other item when trying to equip it -Mods can now use Emperor Commands -Community manager can now force spawn wildwyrm -Increased Vetion respawn rate -Added More Blue dragons -Slightly buffed Cash Boxes -Increased the amount of Seasonal keys received on 20k Kill Event -Increased chance of obtaining new supreme clues at emperor zone -Rock crabs removed from slayer tasks -Removed Divine effect from tyrael pet -Increased rewards on AOE/Tyrael pets when killing monsters -::drop no longer opens the old interface -Added Ultimatium Ticket, this will teleport you to a private instance where u can kill the ultimatium warrior -Added Joker full set that will be used for range -Added Mass Drops to The Joker up to 5 players -Added Custom Combat Script to the joker -Added KC Requirement For Joker clones, u must kill 7k Papa bags before getting ur hands on this bad boy -Cleaned up Combiner on some items that do not get fused anymore and are simply just obtainable in game -Added Legacy Mystery Box contains the new companion pets for new slot 1/5 chance to obtain rare -Added Legacy M Box to ::rewardlist -Added AFK Fishing spots they will be the fastest way to obtain afk tickets, but u can only fish there if u have golden fishing net -Added Golden Fishing Net -Nerfed Thanos -Removed useless stuff from cache=faster loading speed -Fixed Play Now Link on forums -Fixed Some bugs that i already forgot Revamped Prices: American torva set 3k Purgatory set 400 Bags Dragonrage set 12k (Now sellable) Sparta set 2k Kabuto set 9k Darklord set 10k Illumination set 4.5k Sliske set 6k Colorful set 9k(Now sellable) Superman set 7k All different brutal whips 2-6k(Now sellable) -Darth maul torva set 10k -Genesis Set 3.5m American pernix set 4.5k American pernix elite set 7.5k Tier 1 miniguns 2-7k (gold, toxic, ice,dragon) Megazord extreme set 1.4m Perfect cell set 500k Dragonrage maul 500k(Now sellable) Heroic Maul 1m Berserker/shooter/magician boots 5k ea Kbd shield/helmet/crossbow 120k Teddybear 50k Teddybear(u) 200k(Now sellable) Darth Vader set 50k Shooter/berserker/magician capes 5k ea Uzi/desert eagle/dragonuv/ak47 5k ea Ichigo Katana 10k Beatz by dre 10k Rainbow bow 5k Animal bow 6k Bling Chain 5k Mystic staff 3.5k Animal set 6k Ancient sword 13k Crimson pernix set 15k Ghostly swords 4k Golden Claws 3k Big fucking gun 9000 1m(Now sellable) Jax lantern 1m Universo bow 3m M4A1 assimov 300k Usumidori scytche 150k(Now sellable) Zeus offhand longsword 70k https://gyazo.com/dc7fb474f6499a0760400b6ed53db9ed https://gyazo.com/cdab9225b626b5bfd0425aa8a94e0eda https://gyazo.com/3fe62f55d03fc4cd3793533e92cff008 https://gyazo.com/78c1509c7364380e32cfd340c3ac68a1 https://gyazo.com/1c97e0b41cc4022beff0e484a1cfdd62 https://gyazo.com/09ee508f53be6561e26e9e04fa535db4 https://gyazo.com/49a87d05884ebaf419ebca689352f830 https://gyazo.com/6585d977043b74f4a9f7efc38c6261b4
  14. Dante

    May 8, 2020 | Update

    Update time! 🙂 I hope u enjoy this one we're almost also done with RAIDS 2 a way more advanced version than what we had. -Added Wildwyrm event Mass Boss, he will spawn in random locations -Made a new system that will work with the Wildwyrm, basically the more players there are online the bigger the chance there is for him to spawn -Added More Form 2 Friezas as requested -Added New Dig Spot For Supreme Clue -Fixed A Small bug with clue scrolls -Added Supreme Caskets -Added Divine Potions into the supreme caskets chance to obtain 1/5 casket. Effects: Divine Potion of Wrath=10% Damage Bonus for 1 hour Divine Potion of Fortune=50% Chance of receiving a double drop for 20 mins stacks with DDR Divine Potion of Skill=2x Slayer,2x Pc Points for 1 hour, note that it does not stack with day bonus Divine Potion of Durability=Immune to any damage for 30 minutes Divine Potion of Luck=100% Dr Increase for 1 hour -Added Supreme Casket To ::Rewardlist -Added More Zeuses into emp zone -Added new Peter Grifin's head, which has 100% DR BONUS a super rare head only obtainable by wildwyrm -Added New Choronozon Demons who their main drop will be the brand new supreme clues 😛 -Adjusted Rewards for donation deals tier 3 -Added cell to boss of the day -Added zeus to boss of the day -Fixed some items not appearing when being searched on POS -TDI Has been buffed -TDI Now counts to the Magic Max Hit -Emperor Zone store has been released -Added some items to the rare announcer -Cursebearer rewrote cursebearer combat script it no longer has the shity zombies that accompany him -Godzilla added to instance manager -Reduced Super slayer cape price on the slayer store -Added New Sprites for the new upcoming 1m $$$ Rank -Added Stats to Perfect Cell Pieces -Added Stats to Unholy Set Plus Mage booster when wearing full set -Added Some Items to sell for custom shop -Added Dr To Zeus pet of 25% -Changed ::emperorzone to ::empzone -Fixed Minor Bugs https://gyazo.com/4a84121a48292f32d62059f151dbcc6c https://gyazo.com/6ae42ae9d12ede5e65395bc2242b8c8c https://gyazo.com/15940e946598e24b6a6b2e14edd1dd4e https://gyazo.com/9c42dd317ddbd678241bb5545cf2b137 https://gyazo.com/f3142635b9d998211adca01fc6c63431
  15. Doing a quick update, we're not done with updates still this week so keep ur eyes openned for more upcoming sneak peaks and don't forget to add ur suggestions! 🙂 Plus emperor zone is not done, i still have a lot of stuff planned for it so it's not the end boys, still gonna include the new divine pots,New supreme clues,new shop and so on! 🙂 -Infinity Boxes now stack -Cell now gives boss points -Zeus now gives boss points -Added Zeus NPCS for exclusive emperor zone -Now only 30 Vote rewards need to be claimed for bonus to activate -Added Zeus Jr Pet -Decreased some respawn rates -Added Perfect Cell To Instance Manager -Added Some items to rare announcer -Increased Chance of obtaining cell gear plus the pet -Fixed Timers on the Scrooge Boss -Added brand new BIS Melee Weapon Godly Flail basically 2x the melee DPS from mustang -Added Godly Flail To ::Combine -Adjusted voting system giving wrong rewards -Some minor bug fixes that i forgot about Godly Flail Stats https://gyazo.com/5192bcd28177e6b5221631a3bae8f51c Zeus Zone https://gyazo.com/f7a3a7d4967545fd1bda50a425dcb4a1