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  1. 1. Desired staff position: Server Support 2. Your name (first name would suffice): Im So G2, also known as Karmo 3. Your age: 19 4. Your timezone: UTC +3 EEST 5. Average amount of gameplay hours per day: Usually 4+ hours, 6. Time played: 51 hours as of posting this post 7. Why you should receive the position: For the past few days that i've played Stargaze i've learned alot. I dont wanna call out any names but the current staff team lacks commutication, i've had to ask other players when i had questions because staff didnt answer, and thats not just me that have had this problem. So i wanna give out my support to new players and current players. Not sure what others think about me but i think ive been a cool dude to talk to and always have helped when someone has asked me. Also other few people that are always helpfull always u ask them help are Golden Chode and So inventive! Yeah, so thats all from me have a good day and thanks for reading this!