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  1. name Elvis years 20 ingame elle discord elle timezone (GMT+1) Living in Denmark i paly like 7-9 hours everyday in weekend i play more hello my name is elle i have been aiming to become a helper or server suporter i has now played 5-7 months on the server and i has helped many players and now i fell it was good time i apply for a rank now in my time i has played rsps for over 10 year and i have been staff on many different server also i self own some server in my life many have asked med why i not have not applied for helper for they say i am a fantastic helper and i am server personality i hope your guys wil take me in the staff time its big dream to become staff team on STARGAZEPS!!! if you want to hear more i would be happy if you wrote to me aigen keep the good work guys i love u all
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