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  1. as do i !!!! +1 from me aswell. hope to see you apart of the team soon ! ? ❤️
  2. Supreme

    Rank Request Formatt

    When requesting your forum status, you MUST use the following format: Username: Rank In-game: Proof (screenshot): Here's an example of a correct request: Username: Feeds Rank In-game: Super Donator Proof (screenshot): Provide a full client screenshot Screenshots MUST include the full client. If you do not follow this format, your report will be automatically DECLINED Make your rank Requests in general discussion topic
  3. Supreme

    genie's staff application

    First off guys. @Korasii @Apex using the same formatt as someone is NOT ageanst the rules, cause there actually is no premade staff application formats that we have made. but i defenetly think you do need some more time played and help people more before you become staff if you were to. not gunna put any input on if i think you should be staff or not cause i don't really know you & this is just my opinion. @genie
  4. Supreme

    Staff Application Dixiedewdrop

    Just wanted to say congrats on your SS rank :)
  5. Supreme

    Korasii Staff Application

    Mature and respectable Haven't seen you be rude or negative to anyone + you are quite active & helpful towards the community. +1
  6. Supreme

    staff application

    +1 cause you have been very helpful & you are very active.hope you get promoted!
  7. Supreme

    Avenger instroduction

    Ofcoarse ! glad to see new people joining! hope you enjoy your stay with us :)