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  1. Savage123

    Updated Item Dr List

    Ring of wealth (5% dr) Crystal keys, Slayer shop, Vote shop, Loyalty shop (equips in ring slot) Red donator cape (3% dr) From Uber zone (::uzone) (equips in back slot) Ring of riches (10% dr) Kal'Ger the Warmonger (::War) (equips in ring slot) Beatz by Dre (15% dr) From Ichigo (need Ichigo teleport ticket) [limited amount on ::donate) (equips in head slot) Collector Aura Lvl 5 (10% dr) Level 1 (2%) level 2 (4%) Level 3 (6%) Level 4 (8%) Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter (::harlakk) Drops as Collector Aura Lv 1 (upgraded using energy fragments from ::snakes or runecrafting) (equips in amulet slot) Ring of devotion (100% dr) ::Donate, Donator shop 3, op keys, slayer shop (equips in ring slot) Paper sack (50% dr) ::donate, op keys (equips in head slot) SSG Blue hair (60% dr) ::donate, op keys (equips in head slot) Amulet of ruby (b) (50% dr) ::donate, op keys (equips in necklace slot) Roseblood gloves (60% dr) ::donate, op keys (equips in gloves slot) Corruption Wings (25% dr) ::donate, op keys, slayer shop (equips in back slot) Red Wings (70% dr) ::donate, op keys (equips in back slot) Luigi helm (100% dr) ::donate, op keys (equips in head slot) Teddy Bear (65% dr) ::gajira, ::donate, op keys (equipped in shield slot) Fighter boots (70% dr) ::donate, op keys Dante's Amulet (75% dr) ::donate, op keys Spenders cape (100% dr) ::donate, op keys Perfect Ring (200% dr) ::donate Normal pets (5% dr) Tormented demons, Slash bash, KBD, Jad, GWD pets, Corp puppy, Frost Dragon, Chaos ele, etc. (rs boss that can drop pets) (Summoning familiar) Custom pets (10% dr) Sonic, Homer, Mr Krabs, Squirtle, Lucario, etc. (Summoning familiar) Newer Custom pets (15% dr) Mayonaise, Morty ,Chilli, Rick, Stoner, Arc Pet (Summoning familiar) Newest Custom pets (20% dr) Spyro, Donkey kong jr, bugatti etc. Rick Pet (30% Dr, 2% double drop) obtained from pet combination Max Cape (5% dr) Achieve 99 in ALL skills, then talk to Veteran at home (equips in back slot) Completionist Cape (30% dr) Achieve 99 in all skills and do all achievements. (equips in back slot) Donator (2.5% dr) Donate $10 (everyone starts here) Can be checked under Quest tab > General information > Donated: (amount) Super Donator (2.5% dr) Donate $25 Can be checked under Quest tab > General information > Donated: (amount) Extreme Donator (5% dr) Donate $50 Can be checked under Quest tab > General information > Donated: (amount) Legendary Donator (7.5% dr) Donate $125 Can be checked under Quest tab > General information > Donated: (amount) Uber Donator (10% dr) Donate $200 Can be checked under Quest tab > General information > Donated: (amount) Deluxe Donator (20% dr) Donate $1,000 Can be checked under Quest tab > General information > Donated: (amount) Sponsor Donator (30% dr) Donate $5,000 Can be checked under Quest tab > General information > Donated: (amount) King Donator (60% dr) Donate $30,000 Can be checked under Quest tab > General information > Donated: (amount) Donator ranks are upgraded in-game with $5/$10/$25/$50/$100 scrolls. Items (besides $100 scroll) from ::donate do not increase total donated.
  2. Savage123

    Keyroom Loot Guide (Updated)

    Floor 1: No Key Drops Floor 2: Legendary package Ragefire boots Glaiven boots Steadfast boots Toxic blowpipe Bulging taxbag Siesmic staff Floor 3: Legendary package Ragefire boots Glaiven boots Steadfast boots Toxic blowpipe 5x Bulging tax bag 5x Siesmic staff Dual rapiers Golden minigun Ultra donation box $25 scroll Rainbow bow Ultra Donation Boxes (Chance at Collector's Necklace) Floor 4: Sky torva platelegs Sky torva platebody Sky torva full helm Sky boots Sky Wings Toxic minigun 10x Legendary package 5x Legendary package 22x Mystery box 55x Mystery box 100x Mystery box 10x Red key 5x Bulging taxbag 7x Bulging taxbag 6x Bulging taxbags 10x Bulging taxbag 22x Bulging Taxbags Amazo bow $5 scroll $10 scroll Summer Key Mystic staff Blood Diamond Ice diamond Floor 5: Paladin Pieces Ice Diamond Blood Diamond
  3. Savage123

    Staff Application

    What is your name? Savvas Age? 18 IGN? Savage123 Position wanted? Server Support Why do you want this position? I want this position because this is the first time in a while that I have thoroughly enjoyed the community is always fun to be in and everyone puts a smile on my face ( i know its cheesy). I have learned a lot in my month of being here with a decent chunk of playtime. The server is growing faster than ever and I always see new people come in for help and trying to start off but end up getting frustrated. I constantly yell that if anyone has any questions at all that they should feel free to pm me since there is most of the time not a staff member online. Although no one does and I believe its because they don't see that badge next to my name and think that I can't help them with what they need. I love helping the community hence why I've made 2 guides and am planning on finishing another 2 guides (weapon/armor stats guides) which are unfortunately lengthy. Especially with my amount of play time daily I can make sure that there is always at least a staff member on at any part of the day. Such as an incident today where we had a new player come in and start flaming the chat and advertising, but there was no staff online to handle the situation although supreme handled it later on it should never have to get to that point and be carried out to that extent only because there is a lack of staff online at the time ruining the experience for everyone else trying to enjoy their time. Yes, this time zones is definitely a conflicting matter with what's going on, but its always good to have members in different zones to ensure someone for most of the day. I hope to be able to fix that with of course a proper and just system and handle every situation in the best possible manner.. (sorry for the length) Playtime per day? 8-12 hours daily more on weekends. Total play time? Previous positions? I was server support on a server, a game moderator on another, and my most recent position was a developer helping make new features and mobs, etc in the server, Strengths? I believe that I work very well with others as well as being a good problem server and completing the task at hand given to me. I am well coordinated and well organized also having the ability to take a leadership position if necessary or given to me, I can adapt to situations very quickly and get quick solutions. Weaknesses? I do admit that I do sometimes get a bit of a temper I have yet to have a lash out on a member of the game and can promise that I will not regardless of my temper I will always choose to be the better person and attempt to de-escalate or walk away from the situation to defuse it. What will you do if you get the position? If I do receive this position I will spend a majority of my free time helping out members in need and answering questions either through dms or the cc itself. Talk to players see what they like what they don't like and help voice their opinions to make it a better experience for everyone. As for punishments, I will always do what seems to be fit regardless of the situation meaning I will not exempt or favor certain people in situations where they are breaking the rules simply because I know them or they have played for a long time. This way I can be fair to both sides and to everyone. Yes, I did reapply this time since admittedly I did copy the format of someone else's application as I believed it was a template, so I want to do this properly this time. Also, the fact that my first application didn't exactly go very well so hopefully this time is different. Sorry for the essay. but thank you for reading. Sorry for the essay. but thank you for reading.
  4. Savage123

    Collector Aura Progressions

    Thank you! ?
  5. Savage123

    Collector Aura Progressions

    Basic Info on the collector aura: The Aura starts at a base of 2% drop rate increase this number goes up by 2% per level that is upgraded meaning level 2 is 4% level 3 is 6% and so on. Current price is at 2T and doubles per level meaning a level 5 is roughly 32T based off guide prices, With level 5 have the collector's amulet ability added to it! Collector Aura Lvl 1: Base level (2% dr, 2T) Collector Aura Lvl 2: 500 Energy fragments (4% dr, 4T) Collector Aura Lvl 3: 2000 Energy fragments (6% dr, 8T) Collector Aura Lvl 4: 5000 Energy fragments (8% dr, 16T) Collector Aura Lvl 5: 30000 Energy fragments (10% dr, 32T) (Adds Collector Necklace Effect!) Credit to Alyss and Hazr for helping me get these numbers ?
  6. Savage123

    Staff Application

    Name: Savvas In-Game Username: Savage123 Age: 18 Country & Timezone (Include GMT): USA EST - UTC - 05:00 Total time played? 195 hours Average time played per day? 10+ hours What days of the week are you available to play? Monday-Sunday 2pm - 1 am more on weekends What is your previous experience with being a staff member in an online community? Server support on another server, as well as a developed on another server adding new mobs and features to the server What are the top 5 qualities that you think a staff member should have? Honesty, patience, respectable, dedicated, Kindness If you received this rank, would you devote hours of free time to play? Already do and will continue to do so Tell us about yourself (hobbies, occupation etc): Currently, go to school and work a part-time job, I like to buy and sell clothing and accessories with name brands for money as well, a coding hobby during some of my free-time