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    Combinable Items

    Lets start with the combinable items : ICONS with Energy fragments (The only useful one is Collector icon,Others are cosmetics) Doom Staff= 1K Bulging Bags+10K Fragments+Cat Staff Zeus Off-Hand= 7k Bulging Bags+Anouke Off-Hand+5 Ice Diamonds Godz Bow= Shadow Bow/Rainbow Bow+Amazo Bow+Devil Blood Bow+purple Dimension Bow/Limey Bow Ssj Body Combination= 100K Bulging Bags+Byakunal Body+Darth Vader Body+RoseBlood Gloves SSJ PlateLegs Combination= 100K Bulging Bags+Byakunal Legs+Darth Vader Legs+Luigi Helm SSJ Wings Combination= 55K Bulging bags+Shooter Cape+Berserker Cape+Magician Cape+Darth Vader Cape+Red Wings SSJ Gloves Combination= 15K Bulging Bags+Byakunal Gloves+Darth Vader Gloves SSJ Boots Combination= 15K Bulging Bags+Byakunal Boots+Darth Vader Boots Red Spirit Shield= All Corporeal Beast Spirit Shields+10K Bulging Bags Gold Spirit Shield= Red Spirit Shield+10K Energy Fragments+30K Ecto Tokens+2 Ice Diamonds Golden Mystic Staff= 350k Bulging Bags+Crystal Staff+Doom Staff+Universo+Red starlight Rick Pet= Vegeta jr+Goku jr+Infartico+Godzilla+Trump+Ichigo+Darklord+Abbado+Heron+Beaver+Rockgolem+Tangleroot+Squirrel Pets Eye Of The Ranger= 40K Bulging Bags+Ring Of Devotion+5 Blood Diamonds+5 Smoke Diamonds Eye Of The Mage= 50K Bulging Bags+Ring Of Devotion+7 Ice Diamonds Eye Of Warrior= 100K Bulging Bags+Ring Of Devotion+5 Ice Diamonds+3 Smoke Diamonds Divines Wrath (Upgraded Skittles)= Skittles+650K Bulging Bags+10 Ice Diamonds+20 Blood Diamonds+Heroes Sword+Balizard rapier Icy Glaive= 5 Ice Diamonds + 3k Bulging Bags + Anouke Glaive Big Fucking Gun 9000 (BFG)= Firegun + 15 Ice Diamonds + 20 Smoke Diamonds + Drakonium Minigun + Plazma Minigun + 600K Bulging Bags Hefty Bags to Bulging Bag= 10K Hefty Bags + 1 coin = 5K Bulging Bags Dante's Necklace= Ruby amulet+10 Blood Diamonds+10 Ice Diamonds+10 Smoke Diamonds+350k Bulging Bags Massamune = Divine's Wrath + 50 Ice Diamonds + 50 Blood Diamonds + 50 Smoke Diamonds + 3M Bulging Bags
  2. Welcome to the brand new Stargaze homepage! We've been very excited to finally overhaul the website and bring you the new homepage. Please let us know if you have any feedback as it will be much appreciated! The new homepage brings a breath of fresh air to our community, and the updates upcoming in October will bring a bunch of new content to the server, as well as implementing the valuable feedback and suggestions we receive in discord. Thank you for playing! Sincerely, Stargaze Staff ❤️
  3. -The pest control npc now tells how many points u have -Some small bug fixes -NPC Despawning fix not sure 100% tho, but this might do it, because i can't replicate this bug on my own -New Panda PET has been added it will have an ability to hit up to 4k, plus 40% drop rate increase, the only way to obtain it is by doing PC and getting scratchcards or webstore donation.
  4. This update is all about the perk system! -Perks will now change instantly after the timer runs out -Perk system no longer gives that glitchy chat bar at the side of the screen -Perks now work properly and give what it suppose to give -Made a message pop out to tell which perk is activated now -The timer is no longer stuck and will show how long it is left until the perk timer runs out
  5. Jewel

    Server Buffs

    This guide will help you determine what server buff is currently active. 10% Strength 10% Magic Damage 10$ Pet Damage 10% Attack Speed 10% Range Damage 5% Drop Rate 5% Life Steal
  6. -Added new daily task for scratch card ? -Moved around the common and always loot table on scratch cards -More Donkey kongs in sponsorzone -Fixed pest control points for staff members -Poseidon aura fixed -Zeus lvl 5 aura 600k Bags/100k Energy Fragments/3 lvl 5 auras which includes ares/poseidon/hades -Added 30% Drop rate to zeus -Add donkey pet to sell all shop -Removed normal donation box from scratch card -Energy Fragments for broly have been added
  7. -Increased the chance of obtaining a rare from scratch cards by a little bit -Fixed rare item giving from scratch cards -Lowered the bulging bags on completion, added a system that u have to do 1k damage to receive the reward from pest control -Perk System has been fixed -Added a System where i will be able to adjust pet maxhits depending on their rarity -Adjusted Points for pest control Donator 5 Points Super_Donator 9 Points Extreme_Donator 12 Points Uber_Donator 20 Points Deluxe_Donator 25 Points Sponsor 30 Points King 40 Points -Vote Scroll now gives 200 bulging bags rather than 50 -Changed Spawn timer for terror dogs -Added more npcs in the keyrooms -Changed Requirements for the keyroom -Increased the chance of obtaining a rare reward from scratch card by 10% -Added Announcer when someone reaches Sponsor Or King -Added a chance to save a red key when openning burnt chest for sponsor and king -You can't open scratchcards anymore while you're in combat -Added White Wolves drops to the donkey kongs -Mursha is now sellable to custom shop -Support rank can now host free for all event -Removed staff of ra from donator shop and added to op keys -Buffed jax lantern even further -To make jax lantern u will need 650k instead of 450k now -Luigi pet dr lowered to 10% -Custom Boss now spawns every 4 hours instead of 8 -Usumidori scytche is now 1 handed -Daily reward 7 streak changed -Cursebearer minions scatered around him as suggested -Now by accesing the old interface and clicking on custom stuff it will no longer show pvp teleports.
  8. Jewel

    Donator Benefits

    DONATOR BENEFITS Regular Donator ($5) 1% drop rate Access to ::yell Access to ::dzone (All members start at this rank) Super Donator ($25) 1% drop rate Yell cooldown shortened Increased loyalty points gain Increased experience points gain All Previous Benefits $50: Extreme Donator 2.5% drop rate Access to ::ezone Yell cooldown shortened further Increased loyalty points gain Increased experience points gain All Previous Benefits $125: Legendary Donator 3% drop rate Access to ::lzone Access to ::tortoise Access to ::title Access to ::holywater Yell cooldown shortened further Increased loyalty points gain Increased experience points gain All Previous Benefits $200: Uber Donator 5% drop rate Access to ::uzone Yell cooldown removed Increased loyalty points gain Increased experience points gain All Previous Benefits $1,000: Deluxe Donator 10% drop rate Access to ::customboss (Spawns every 2 hours) Access to ::hp (Restores HP to full, 5 minute cooldown) Access to ::pray (Restores Prayer to full, 5 minute cooldown) Access to ::reloadshops (Restocks all shops, 1 hour cooldown) Access to ::bank Increased loyalty points gain Increased experience points gain Increased boss points per kill All Previous Benefits $5,000: Sponsor 15% drop rate Access to ::sponsorzone Increased loyalty points gain Increased experience points gain Increased boss points per kill All Previous Benefits $30,000: King 30% drop rate Increased boss points per kill ::kingboss All Previous Benefits $150,000: Emperor Emperor has 60%dr increase Emperor only now can ::gamble fp/dd/55x2/hot,cold Emperor has higher chance to save red keys upon opening Emperor players can get 3x rewards from barrows Emperor players get more commendation points from PC minigame Emperor can tab reply to players now Emperor and kings now get extra bulging bags from thieving Emperor has higher chance to save red keys upon open Emperor players can get x3 rewards from barrows ::empzone All Previous Benefits
  9. -Buffed Jax Lantern attack speed by 1 tic -Blades of destruction have been added it will be another pair of swords that will rival Divine's Wrath, they can only be obtained from brand new scratch cards. Also they will have divine effect when worn. -Scratchcards are now stackable -Scratchcards loot table is now done -Pest control is now adjusted -Added Pest Control to minigame teleport -Increased drop rate for crimson from turtles -Added pest control into the minigame interface -Added system on pest control ship the bigger lvl you're the more bulging bags you get on completing the game -New Webstore, Donation store items -Added 60% Dr to the KING Rank -Added More Boss Points to the KING Rank
  10. -Moved afk zone to the edgeville you can now either get there by doing command ::edge or checking teleport interface and clicking on afkzone. The reason that i did this was to reduce lag at home as a lot of people accumulate there. -Zeus aura has been added to the game, lvl 5 will have close to spender cape stats! -Improved some inventory models -Scratchcards are done you will be able to obtain from them various loot from common stuff to ultra rare stuff like BFG/DIVINE WRATH/Jax lantern etc. -Boss points are now for actuall bosses and not for npcs -Golems have been dissabled for now -Fixed Pest Control it doesn't have anymore fucke* up camera as their was some npcs that were nulled and caused that -Added a brand new helmet into the game called Mario Head -Buffed Masamune sword -Added Brand New Swords Of Destruction -Added Brand New Dante's Inferno Set -Fixed Black Coloring Issue on some of the items -Cursebearer loot table redone -Raids now give 2 raid boxes for completion and more bulging bags on completion! -Increased drop rate for crimson from turtles -Added Begginer Box Model Into The Game -Fixed some model duplications -Infartico drops are now being picked up by the collector necklace -A brand new 30k rank is now out called King Donator -Updateed Aura Box Openning a little bit -Now u can upgrade all lvl 3 auras to lvl 4 with energy fragments for 30k energy fragments, to reach lvl 5 tho u will still need to use the upgrader
  11. -Price check command has been updated to the latest updated price check guide -Keyroom LVL 4 garbage loot table has been removed such as icy torva, now you can obtain shadow diamonds in keyroom. -Fixed couple of bugs -Increased stability regarding server -Jax staff has been buffed
  12. -Added 1 more task to daily tasks -New Jax Lantern added -Jax lantern now has unique attack -You can make jax lantern by Combining GMS/Staff of Ra/450k Bulging Bags/10 Shadow Diamonds/10 Ice Diamonds/10 Blood Diamonds All god Aura's can now be upgraded. To upgrade Aura's from Level 1-3 you must use Energy Fragments 1-2 = 2k Fragments 2-3 = 4k Fragments -All Level 3 Aura's can then by upgraded upto Level 5 using the item upgrader. -Donkey Kong give more items -Sponsors now get more boss points on kill -Increased Price of corruption -Fix the equipment slots for auras and adjusted their stats -Donation Box can now be upgraded to ultra donation box in upgrader -You can now sell all the miniguns and cryptic pieces to the custom store
  13. Jewel

    September 6, 2019

    -Fixed some incorrect dialogue that was missleading -SSJ Wings now also pick up ammo -Added some missing items to checkdr -Sephiroth set has healing factor bonus has been fixed -Caskets of clues are now stackable -Changed daily Login reward for 8 day streak -Morty pet added to checkdr -Installed new system to prevent any file loss for the future such as POS/Character files -Drasticly increased chance of receiving a rare Item from Slayer Box -Slayer Box rare loot table revamped that includes OP Keys in it -Slayer Box common loot table is now highly increased -Usumidori scytche bug has been fixed -More items can be sold to sell to all shop -Shadow off-hand now has divine effect -More people will now be receiving loot from penguin or custom boss -Added Makarov OH to the boss point store -Added Some NPCS to sponsor zone -Fixed cursebearer not spawning his minions after first kill
  14. -Cursebear, when u leave the cave u can't get back as it says that i already have an instance going -Fixed bug where cursebearer wouldn't respawn -BFG OH is now lower percent to obtain -Added tanks to boss points -Added Unholy to boss points -Lock/Unlock xp Updated on quest tab it was glitching out -Adjusted so usumidori scytche needs scytches so now combo is everything as was before but 2 takeo katanas removed and added Anger/Shadow/Green/Lava scytches into the MIX -Updated pets now some of them attack -Fountain of youth now restores your stats and has an option of boosting ur stats to 250 for 10k Bulging Bag Payment -Reduced pos timer for new players from 5 hours to 2
  15. Jewel

    August 31, 2019 Update

    -New randomizer system has been added -Buffed all eye rings 2x -Donkey kong now gives dr and has been added in ::checkdr -Add anouke,Ichigo,Goku into teleport interface -New and last diamond that will ever be added in game called Shadow diamond you can obtain it by killing new Unholy Cursebearer/Doing barrows/Doing dungeonering/Daily Tasks/OP ASF CHEST! -Blood money removed from Pking so it wouldn't be abused with the new upcoming store -Decreased some of the prices in the dungeonering shop -Extended time intervals in FREE FOR ALL LOBBIES so people could join, from 50 to 100 secs -After you win in FFA you will receive blood money now which will be used in an upcoming blood money shop! The amount you can get is from 300-600 For winning a game! -Gave Ruby B/Collector Aura the ability to ignore junk drops. -Slayer box giving all slayer items with a rare chance -New Shadow OFF-HAND glaive is in upgrader for now it can be upgraded from Zeus-Off hand for 50k Bulg Bags and 35% Chance -Brand new boss Cursebearer wrote him unique attack patterns and unique combat script overall so basicaly he will be doing area affects, u will see white circles if you stand in that circle you will receive 3x the damage, plus he will spawn minions which are easy to kill but they will be absorbing all of the damage not allowing to attack him you can find the npc at teleport manager in BOSSES section or ::curse command -Made a new instance for a new boss -New auras chest for brand new GODLY AURAS which will be going into arrow slot until i've decide what i can do with it, the Auras chest will be obtainable only by the unholy curse bearer -Fixed some of the Pets not attacking stuff -Buffed skittles a little bit -Buffed event boss drop table a little bit -You can now get Usumidori Scythe by combining 5 Ice Diamonds/5 Blood Diamonds/10 Shadow Diamonds/1 Icy Glaive/2 Takeo Katanas/300k Bulging Bags -Now when you kill someone in FFA your inventory will get replenished with supplies! -Added some new items into rare drop announcer
  16. Jewel

    August 29, 2019 Update

    -FFA Pure has been added -Added announcer to when someone claims a vote reward to motivate other for voting! -Changed some dialogue on some of the npcs -Added rewards for global npc kills such as OP KEY/SUMMER KEY/PERFECTO BOX/RED KEY -Adjusted rewards in daily tasks -Adjusted tasks added more tasks in daily task -Added more slayer tasks into custom slayer master -You can now upgrade your seismic staffs to mystic staffs at 5% chance and 100 Bulging bags per upgrade -Added afk zone to minigame teleport in the interface -Tortoise now available to regular players -Added toirtoise to zone teleport in the interface
  17. Jewel

    StargazePS Price List

    ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Armour █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁ Blood Necklace: 25 Bags (Mage) American Pernix Set: Legs 50 Bags | Body 50 Bags | Helm 50 Bags = 150 Bags (Range) American Torva Set: Legs 50 Bags | Body 50 Bags | Helm 50 Bags = 150 Bags (Melee) American Pernix (Elite) Set: Legs 125 Bags | Body 125 Bags | Helm 125 Bags = 375 Bags (Range) Bling Chain: 400 Bags (Melee) Demon Wings: 500 Bags (Hybrid) Sky Torva Set: Legs 150 Bags | Body 150 Bags | Helm 150 Bags | Boots 150 Bags = 600 bags (Melee) Animal Set: Legs 250 Bags | Body 250 Bags | Helm 250 Bags = 750 Bags (Range) Lava Necklace: 800 Bags (Range) Sliske Set: Legs 300 Bags | Body 300 Bags | Helm 300 Bags = 900 Bags (Range) Superman Set: Boots 300 Bags | Legs 300 Bags | Body 300 Bags | Cape 300 Bags = 1.2K Bags (Melee) Crimson Pernix Set: Legs 500 Bags | Chest 500 Bags | Helm 500 Bags = 1.5K Bags (Range) Drygore Set: Boots 500 Bags | Legs 500 Bags | Body 500 Bags | Helm 500 Bags = 2K Bags (Melee) Tectonic Set: Legs 750 Bags | Body 750 Bags | Helm 750 Bags = 2.25K Bags (Mage) Blessed Gloves: 3.5K Bags (Range) Gloves of Death: 3.5K Bags (Melee) Ice Gloves: 3.5K Bags (Mage) Oblivion Set: Legs 1K Bags | Body 1K Bags | Helm 1K Bags | Wings 1K Bags = 4K Bags (Melee) Arc Set: Legs 1K Bags | Body 1K Bags | Helm 1K Bags| Cape 1K Bags = 4K Bags (Mage) Death Set: Legs 1.5K Bags | Body 1.5K Bags | Helm 1.5K Bags | Cape 1.5K Bags = 6K Bags (Tribrid) Darklord Set: Boots 1K Bags | Legs 1K Bags | Body 1K Bags | Helm 1K Bags | Gloves 1K Bags | Cape 1K Bags = 6K Bags (Range) Beatz By Dre: 10K Bags (Hybrid)(Ichigo Teleport) Magician cape: 8K Bags (Mage)(Combination) Berserker cape: 8K Bags (Melee)(Combination) Shooter cape: 8K Bags (Range)(Combination) Darth Maul Set: Boots 2K Bags | Legs 2K Bags | Body 2K Bags | Helm 2K Bags | Gloves 2K Bags = 8K Bags (Melee) Kabuto Set: Legs 3K Bags | Body 3K Bags | Helm 3K Bags | = 9K Bags (Melee) Anouke Set: Boots 2.5K Bags | Legs 2.5K Bags | Body 2.5K Bags | Helm 2.5K Bags | Gloves 2.5K Bags = 12.5K Bags (Range) (Anouke teleport/::delzone) American Destroyer Set: Boots 2.5K Bags | Legs 2.5K Bags | Body 2.5K Bags | Helm 2.5K Bags | Gloves 2.5K Bags = 12.5K Bags(Melee) Dragonrage Set: Legs 5K Bags | Body 5K Bags | Helm 5K Bags | Wings 5K bags = 20K Bags (Melee) Collector necklace: 30-40K Bags (Picks up loot) Berserker Boots: 15-20K Bags (Melee) Shooter Boots: 15-20kK Bags (Range) Magician Boots: 15-20K Bags (Mage) Lava Virtus Set: Legs 10K Bags | Body 10K Bags | Helm 10K Bags = 30K Bags (Mage) Iron Man Set: Legs 12K Bags| Body 12K Bags | Helm 12K Bags = 36K Bags (Range) Darth Vader Set: Helm 10K Bags | Body 10K Bags | Legs 10K Bags | Gloves 10K Bags | Boots 10K Bags | Cape 10K Bags = 60K Bags Cryptic Set: Helm 10K Bags | Body 10K Bags | Legs 10K Bags | Wings 10K Bags =40K Bags (Tribrid) Drazul Set: Helm 30K Bags | Body 30K Bags | Legs 30K Bags | wings 30K Bags = 120K Bags (Range)(Raids) Byakunal Set: Boots 25K Bags | Legs 25K bags | Body 25K Bags | Helm 25K Bags | Gloves 25K Bags = 125K Bags (Melee) Stoner Set: Helm 25K Bags | Body 25K Bags | Legs 25K Bags | Boots 40K Bags | Amulet 25K Bags = 140K Bags (Mage)(Raids) Mursha Set: Helm 15K Bags | Body 30K Bags | Legs 30K Bags = 75K Bags (Mage) Beowulf Set: Boots 15-20K Bags | Gloves 15-20K Bags | Legs 15-20K Bags | Body 15-20K Bags | Cape 15-20K Bags | Helm 10K Bags = 85-110K Bags (Melee)(Summer Keys) Eye Of The Ranger: 500K Bags (Range) Vegeta Set: Helm 20K Bags | Body 35K Bags | Legs 35K Bags | Gloves 30K Bags | Boots 30K Bags =150K Bags (Range) Goku Set: Helm 20K Bags | Body 35K Bags | Legs 35K Bags | Gloves 30K Bags | Boots 30K Bags = 150K Bags (Melee)(Dbz Teleport required) Justice Set: Helm 100K Bags | Body 100K Bags | Legs 100K Bags = 300K Bags Eye Of The Mage: 275K Bags (Mage) Eye Of The Warrior: 700K Bags (Melee) SSJ Set: Legs 900K Bags | Body 900K Bags | Wings 900K Bags | Gloves 50K Bags | Boots 50K Bags = 2.8M Bags Perfect Ring | 10M Bags (Tribrid) ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Weapons █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁ Shadow Bow: 20 Bags (Range)(Combination) Rainbow Bow: 50 Bags (Range)(Combination) Ghostly Swords: 100 Bags (Melee) Golden Claws: 100 Bags (Melee) Golden Minigun: 150 Bags (Range)(Upgradeable) Purple Dimension Bow: 200 Bags (Range) (Combination) Akimbo Daggers: 250 Bags (Melee) Tiger Katana: 300 Bags (melee) Animal Bow: 300 Bags (Range) Icy Katana: 500 Bags (Melee) Deagle: 500 Bags (Range) Darth Maul Whip: 500 Bags (Melee) Dual Rapiers: 600 Bags (Melee) Rainbow Ghostly Swords: 750 Bags (Melee) Frost Minigun: 750 Bags (Range)(Upgradeable) Flaming Whip: 800 Bags (Melee) Razor Whip: 800 Bags (Melee) Uzi: 1K Bags (Range) AK47: 1.5K Bags (Range) Lava Godsword: 1K Bags (Melee) Amazo Bow: 1K Bags (Range)(Combination) Toxic Minigun: 2K Bags (Range) Limey Bow: 2K Bags (Range)(Combination) Dragon Blowpipe: 2.5K Bags (Range) Dragon Minigun: 3K Bags (Range) Green Scythe: 10K Bags (Melee) Dragunov: 2.5K Bags (Range) Skairu Staff: 3K Bags (Mage) Lava Scythe: 10K Bags (Melee) Flamethrower: 7.5K Bags (Range) Mystic Staff: 6K Bags (Mage)(Upgradeable) Anouke Off-Hand Glaive: 10K Bags (Melee)(Upgradeable)(Anouke Teleport/::delzone) Doom Staff: 10K Bags (Mage) (Spec)(Combination) Ichigo Katana: 10K Bags (Melee)(Upgradeable)(Ichigo Teleport Required) Anouke Glaive Mainhand: 15K Bags (Melee) (Combination)(Anouke Teleport/::delzone) Lit Sword: 15K Bags (Melee) (Spec) Devil's Blood Bow: 17.5K Bags (Range) (Spec) (Combination) Godz Bow: 22.5K Bags (Range)(Upgradeable) Takeo katana: 25K Bags (Melee) Universo Staff: 30K Bags (Mage) (Combination) Starlight Staff: 60K Bags (Mage) (Combination) Prizm Minigun: 40K Bags (Range)(Raids) Anger Scythe: 50K Bags (melee) (raids) Drakonium Minigun: 50K Bags (Range)(Raids) Shadow Scythe: 60K Bags (Melee)(Raids) Drazulian Warmachine: 60K Bags (Range)(Summer Key) Darkside Lightsaber: 40K Bags (Melee) (Upgradeable) Stoner Gun: 60K Bags (Range)(Raids) Plazma Minigun: 100K Bags (Range)(Raids) Heroes Sword: 100K Bags (Melee) (Combination) Balizard Rapier: 150K Bags (Melee) (Combination) Crystal Staff: 60K Bags (Mage) (Combination) Zues bow: 70K Bags (Range) Icy Glaive: 170K Bags (Melee) Dominion Crossbow: 140K Bags (Range) (Spec) Double Sided Saber: 200k Bags (Melee) More Lit Sword: 350K Bags (Melee) (Spec) Gold mystic staff: 500K Bags (Mage) Staff Of Ra: 1.0M+ Bags (Mage) Usumidori Scythe: 1.2M Bags (Melee) Skittle: 2.2M Bags (Melee)(Combination) Fire gun: 2M Bags (Range) Jax Lantern 3M+ Bags (Mage) Divine’s Wrath: 4M Bags (Melee) Big Fucking Gun (BFG): 4M Bags (Range) Masamune: 12M Bags (Melee) ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Shields █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁ Frost Spirit Shield: 1K Bags (Range) Arc's Spirit Shield: 1K Bags (Magic) Deathly Spirit Shield: 1.5K Bags (Melee) Purple Spirit Shield: 1.5K Bags (Combination) Mystical Spirit Shield: 1.5K Bags (Combination) Pink Spirit Shield: 1.5K Bags (Combination) Red Spirit Shield: 16K Bags (Tribrid)(Combination) Infernal Spirit Shield: 40K Bags Gold Spirit Shield: 60K Bags (Has Divine effect) (Tribrid) Zeus Offhand: 150K Bags (Melee) Shadow Offhand Glaive: 600K Bags (Melee) ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Drop-Rate Items █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁ Ring of Wealth: 50 Bags (5% DR Very common) (upgradeable) Normal Pets: 500 Bags (5% DR) Red Donator Cape: 1K Bags (3% DR) Custom Pets: 1K Bags (10% DR) Ring of riches: 1K Bags (10% DR) Collector Aura lvl 1: 4.5K Bags (2% DR)(upgradeable) Collector Aura lvl 2: 8.5K Bags (4% DR)(upgradeable) Collector Aura lvl 3: 17.5K Bags (6% DR)(upgradeable) Collector Aura lvl 4: 35K Bags (8% DR)(upgradeable) Collector Aura lvl 5: 70K Bags (10% DR) (Picks up loot) Custom Pets: 2.5K-10K Bags (15% DR) Ring of Devotion: 60K Bags(100% DR) (Combination) Custom pets: 20K Bags (20% Dr) Custom Pets: 800K Bags (30% DR) (Rick) Teddy Bear: 100-150K Bags (65% DR) Corruption Wings: 80K Bags (25% DR) Paper Sack: 200-250K Bags (50% DR) SSG Blue hair: 450-550K Bags (60% DR) Roseblood Gloves: 800-1M Bags (60% DR)(Item Combination) Red Wings: 800-1M Bags (70% Dr)(Item Combination) Amulet of Ruby (b): 800-1M Bags (50% DR) Luigi Helm: 900-1M Bags (100% DR)(Item Combination) Fighter Boots: 1.1M Bags (70% Dr) Dante's Amulet: 2M Bags (75% Dr) Spenders Cape: 4M Bags (100% Dr) ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Scrolls █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁ Voting Scroll: 2.5-3k Bags 5$ Scroll: 800-1k Bags 10$ Scroll: 1600-2k Bags Scroll of Praise: 2K Bags 25$ Scroll: 4-5K Bags 50$ Scroll: 8-10K Bags ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Boxes █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁ Mystery Mbox: 3-4 Bag Legendary Mystery Box: 40-50 Bags Donation Box: 800 Bags Ultra Box: 1-2K Bags(Upgradeable) Pet Box: 2-3K Bags Raid Box: 6K Bags Super Pet Boxes: 80K-100K Bags Dope Donation Box: 7K Bags(Upgradeable) High End Armour Box: 40K Bags Perfecto Box: 40K Bags Fantasy Box: 200K Bags ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Miscellaneous █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁ Crystal Key: 2 Bags Red Key: 250 Bags Summer Key: 4K Bags OP Key: 75K Bags XP Lamps: 5k Bags Scratch Card: 15K Bags Ecto Tokens: 200 Bags / 1K(item Combination)(::event Store) Energy Fragments: 1000 Bags / 1K (Item Combination)(UpgradeAuras) Holy Water: 12K Bags / 100K Blood Diamond: 30k Bags (item Combination) Smoke Diamond: 30K Bags (item Combination) Shadow Diamond: 20K Bags (item Combination) Ice Diamond: 25K bags (item Combination) Individual Dragonballs: 40-50K Bags (item Combination) Anouke Teleport: 5K Bags Ichigo Teleport: 150K Bags Perm DBZ teleport: 500K Bags Yellow Saiyan Aura: 40K Bags Black Saiyan Aura: 100K Bags Red Saiyan Aura: 200K Bags Blue Saiyan Aura: 500K Bags ~Official price Guide of StarGazePS~
  18. Jewel

    August 23, 2019 Update

    -KBD Shield now only requires 5 charges to shot! -More Pet Boxes in boss point shop has been added -Megazord wings now collect ammo as ava's accumulator -Buffed clue rewards -Anvil clue is now fixed as it was not registering the dig spot -Jail location changed -Jail now can hold up to 20 prisoners! -Ring of riches added into upgrader -Fixed shining through Items sometimes u could see items just shining within ur body that is now fixed. -Fixed daily reward when going above 7 streak it would glitch out -Raids now start after 1 minute when u complete it -Daily task system rewards are done aswell as tasks -Daily rewards 8 streak reward has been changed -Added a brand new pet system which will allow you to LVL up your current pets and not only that they will be also fighting along side of you! All you need to do is access the Summoning Tab and call your familiar. Plus don't freak out when u press now on a pet scroll and it dissapears all of your pets will be listed, we're also gonna be working in the future so that you could withdraw the pets u lvl up and sell them! And some of them will even have special abilities!!! -Gajira now respawns faster -Kofita's custom set has been added -Sponsor can now TAB on messasges the bug has been fixed -Client version V4 -New Perk system is now live having perks such as Range damage,Mage Damage,Melee Damage,Attack Speed Increase,Drop Rate Increase,Lifesteal and so on! New pet system to lvl them up all you need to do is kill NPCS Server perks that will happen every 1 hour Daily tasks tomorrow will be finished completely with juicy rewards and nice tasks!
  19. Jewel

    Pet Drop Rates

    2.5% DR Chaos Elemental (pet box) King Black Dragon (from boss) General Graardor (from boss) Tztok Jad (pet box) Corporeal Beast (from boss) Kree'ara (pet box) Kril'Tsutsaroth (from boss) Commander Zilyana (from boss) Dagannoth Supreme (from boss) Dagannoth Prime (from boss) Dagannoth Rex (from boss) Frost Dragon (from boss) Tormented Demon (from boss) Kalphite Queen (from boss) Slash Bash (from boss) Phoenix (from boss) Bandos Avatar (from boss) Nex (from boss) Jungle Strykewyrm(pet box) Desert Srykewyrm(pet box) Ice Strykewyrm(pet box) Green Dragon (::dragon or pet box) Baby Blue Dragon (pet box) Blue Dragon (::dragon or pet box) Black Dragon (pet box) Rift Guardian (pet box) 5% DR Abyzou Heartwrencher (::wrencher boss or pet box) Abbadon (::abb boss or pet box) Lord (Darklord boss or pet box) Lucario(pet box) Luigi(pet box) Mr Krabs(pet box) Sonic(pet box) Homer(pet box) Pikachu(pet box) Squirtle (pet box) 7.5% DR Godzilla (super pet box) Trump (super pet box) Ichigo (super pet box) Stoner (super pet box) Nutella (pet box) Morty (pet box) Mayo (pet box) Tank (Tank zone pet box) Chilli (pet box) Infartico (from ::inf boss or super pet box) Goku Jr (from goku or super pet box) Vegeta Jr (from vegeta or super pet box) 10% DR Donkey Kong (Sponsorzone npc) Broly (Broly boss) Groudon Pet (;;bossevent) 12.5% DR Bugatti (Super pet box) Spyro (Super pet box) 15% DR Rick (::combine) Frieza Final Form pet (::frieza) Vorago Pet (Vorago boss) 17% DR Loyalty Star Pet (Loyalty shop for 2m points) 45% DR Tyrael Pet (::combine)
  20. Jewel

    August 15, 2019 Update

    Worked on dungeonering reward shop pricing Added donkey kong pet which can be obtained by killing him New items in webstore Fixed a bug when opening perfecto u will also get super pet mystery box reward Lowered Nex Hp By Half Added daily task system just gonna beta test it a little bit longer maybe even add more features and release it to the public it will be done by this week 100% Added the sephiroth set in checkdr Added new rewards for daily login Fixed all the bugs with daily login system which were found Moved broly teleport Fixed client big ass npcs on interfaces(Will appear on new client version) Added 40% Drop rate to ssg blue saiyan aura Added the sephiroth set in checkdr KBD Shield should now be hitting correct amount Increased chance of obtaining auras but with that increase the prices Increased the chance of obtaining perfecto box from upgrader Increased the chance of obtaining universo staff upgrader Increased the chance of obtaining Dope Box from upgrader Added some new items in the rare drop announcer that i missed out on Megazord set now goes to the right armour slot and is BIS for range the only way to obtain pieces now is to open Fantasy Box, will be added new ways soon Fantasy box added which will contain loot from Perfecto Box/Super Pet Mystery Box/High End Armor Box/Fantasy Box so you will be getting 4 items out of this mystery box! Fixed prices on sponsor shop Removed Mage bonus from sephiroth set as it shouldn't be there Added pet box in the boss point shop for 600 Points Added a brand new Cloud strife set Added a brand new Megazord set Added a brand new Buster sword to match cloud strife! ? Added BFG Off-Hand upgrade option in the upgrader npc as well as working on a brand new Multi effect when they are worn together Mid tier bosses now spawn faster as suggested
  21. This is a very well thought-out and professional application. I feel that you would make an awesome addition to the Stargaze staff team, and would be a great asset to the success of the server. +1
  22. Jewel

    August 6, 2019 Update

    KBD Shield hitting from 400k-500k With The Special Attack Added pets and ranks in the ::checkdr Made Broly Zone Look Nicer! Broly zone is now multi Broly Combat Script Written Fixed a clan chat corrupted files so now it doesn't corrupt anything more Made it so when you login now u get the daily interface pop out! Trumps respawn faster Fixed Permissions for staff members so they could use the teleport for sponsorzone Added Broly in the teleport interface Added Super Pet Mystery Box to obtain these you will need to use upgrader Tier 4 and upgrade ur regular Pet Mystery Box Bugatti Pet added it will have 25% Drop rate increase and SOULSPLIT effect when its summoned you can obtain this pet in Super pet mystery box Spyro Pet added it will have 25% drop rate increase and Divine effect when its summoned you can obtain this pet in Super pet mystery box Sayian Auras is now added and you can obtain them from broly Fixed Sayian auras going to the wrong equipment sloot Added missing Slash/Crush bonus to spender cape Sayian auras now have the correct bonuses Added sayian auras God and Blue God to upgrader Broly and Donkey Kongs added to boss points Added broly pet into the game it will give 20% drop rate increasement Removed more unecessary items from the rare loot table announcer Added a brand new universo set There is another client version with some stability bugs fixed,animations fixed, typo fixes it's your choice if you want to download it or not it will just improve ur experience overall it also includes some size fixes on npcs
  23. Jewel

    Rules of Stargaze

    Rule 1: Trust, Honor, Respect Trust: To be honest with your fellow members. Never deceiving and always believing a Stargaze member above all others. We are not just a server, we are a family. Honor: To always harbor good feelings and uplifting behavior towards each other. We are here to bring you up, not take you down. Respect: To accept your fellow members for who they are and abide by their personal rules. If someone doesn't want to be treated a certain way, then respect them and don't do it. Examples: Flaming, Scamming Failing to adhere to these rules may result in being muted. Rule 2: No Discrimination Race, creed, religious believes, gender, sexual orientation, etc shall not be the topic of jokes, cruel remarks or insults. Disrespect of any kind in this matter is an immediate mute, repeat offences could lead to a possible ban. Rule 3: Lying & Cheating Honesty is pretty self explanatory. Don't do or say anything that even comes close to being considered as lying or cheating in game, or in the forums. Rule 4: No Disrespect Towards Staff This is a major NO NO. If you disrespect any appointed high ranking officer of Stargaze, you will be dealt with in a manner more severe than rule breaking. This could lead to possible muting/banning. Rule 5: Promoting Servers Do not promote any other server here in Stargaze. Doing so will lead to an immediate mute or ban of the account. Rule 6: CC Chat Respect should be shown to all members of the help CC. Fights, arguments and flaming are not permitted in the help CC. If you have issues with another player, bring it to the attention of staff, or put the player on your ignore list to prevent conflict. Failure to follow this rule may lead to a kick from the CC or a possible mute. Rule 7: Links Sending or linking any harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers or harm-ware will result in an immediate and permanent ban. Rule 8: Posting Only appropriate information shall be posted online. Revealing information such as account login details may lead to a mute or ban of the account. Rule 9: Lending Items to Players When you lend an item to a player, take a screenshot or video for proof of the lend. If you have been scammed of a lent item, send your proof to the staff team. If you scam a player of a lent item, you may be jailed or banned. Return what isn't yours. Rule 10: Scamming Successful and attempted scams will lead to an immediate ban from the server. If you are ever scammed, you will only receive a refund if you have media proof of the scam such as a screenshot or a video. Rule 11: Autoing, Macros & Bots Any form of autoing will have consequences for your account. Botting, Macroing, Autoclicking are all prohibited and will get you banned. The only exception to this rule is that an auto clicker may be used for opening boxes and chests. Rule 12: Alts Alts are permitted, although they are not allowed to kill the same NPC, nor participate at the same AFK zone at the same time. Rule 13: RWT (Real World Trading) Stargaze items shall not be traded for any items outside of Stargaze. Some examples would include trading items for real world currencies, or trading items on this server for another server. Asking to RWT will result in a mute or ban | Conducting RWT will result in an immediate ban. Rule 14: Giveaways Only staff and Youtubers are permitted to conduct giveaways. If you wish to conduct a giveaway, contact the staff team prior or you may be jailed or banned. Rule 15: Safespotting Safespotting is not permitted. If you are found to be safespotting you may be jailed. Rule 16: PKing There is no PKing with custom items. If you are found using custom items, you may be jailed. Rule 17: Begging Do not beg other players for items. This is prohibited in the CC, public chat, yell and private message. If you are found to be begging, you may be muted. Just don't do it, it's annoying. Rule 18: Luring Tricking someone into the wilderness and having them killed for their items will result in an immediate and permanent ban. Rule 19: Evading Punishment Dodging your punishments such as mutes, jails or bans will result in your punishment being doubled as a minimum. Continuing to evade your punishment may escalate it to a more severe penalty. Using another account will be considered evasion. Rule 20: Giving Away Accounts Absolutely no giving away or selling of accounts. This falls under rules 13 and 14. Any account that is found to be given away may be banned. Rule 21: Gambling Stargaze is currently a gamble free server. Since gambling is not officially supported, we ask you to not find ways to gamble other players. If you are found to be gambling, you may be jailed or banned. If you are found to be asking for gambling, you may be muted.
  24. Jewel

    2jz staff application :D

    A great looking staff application ?
  25. Jewel

    Support Staff App

    I disagree with this support application following events posted on discord today. Supports should show a respect to all players in our community and derogatory and racial slurs won't be tolerated.