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  1. +1 bro ❤️ love the hype you bring in to the server i think you will blend in just fine ❤️ welcome abord
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    genie's staff application

    x:) +<3
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    Korasii Staff Application

    -1 almost never on and you need to stop fauksely accusing people of bug abuse!
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    staff application

    1. Desired staff position: Server Support 2. Your name (first name would suffice): elias-(royal habib) 3. Your age: 24 4. Your location: Australia EST+9:30 5. Average amount of gameplay hours per day: 10-15 Hours interchanging 6. Why you should receive the position: · I have experience over 3-5 years of being in multiple Staff Teams ranging through all ranks up to Co-owner/community manager and dealing with a variety of situations and circumstances · Through the time I have been community manager on a range of servers I have taken it upon myself to interact with the community and ensure that they feel the sense of welcome and warmth you would when meeting a friend’s family, ensuring they are not left out and left waiting for hours and interacting with them as if I was just a normal player · I believe that the current staff team is lacking in some aspects and staff in certain time-zones and we are in need of some new help · After seeing and dealing with this community for quite a while now, I can see what needs to be dealt with as well as the type of players we experience through day to day interactions and chats. I also believe i can benefit the community by ensuring all players are able to play at any time of the day or helping them fix their client to ensure they can play as soon as possible · I would encourage all players to keep the help chat for civic chats and of course 'help' for new and current players instead of the chat being filled with spam, and unneeded arguments. · Ensure that in yell and friends chat the language is kept to English so everyone can join in the conversation if they have an input. · Due to the experience and knowledge I possess I believe I can make a great addition to the staff team and community through present and future · I am always active on forums through my phone, laptop or any other device I have on me or available to help if someone in need of help 7. What would you do if you became a part of the Staff Team: · Through my experience I have seen a lot of servers go down, and majority of them I tried extremely hard to keep them running and the cause of that was staff activity and interactions with the community were lacking and even if all players were interactive with each other when a problem occurred no help was to be seen. · If I became a part of the Staff Team I would encourage events such as raid events Q&A events, skilling events,bosss events and host giveaways and goodiebags. · I would encourage everyone who rarely use forums only registered to play in-game to keep up to date with forums for events, giveaways and updates 8. Extra Information: · Although I can be professional when needed to be I am quite immature when it comes to general things · I like to play basketball a lot · If I'm mean to you or you feel I am being a bit mean, feel free to tell me but my intentions are always for the best I don't mean to harm anyone ~ Thank you for taking your time to read my Staff Application