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    I have returned peeps! Message me in-game 😄
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    How currency in StargazePS works

    Some of our new players are currently confused on how the currency system works here in StargazePS. I would like to help you guys figure it out in pretty simple terms. So there are 2 tax bags that you can receive in game. One is Hefty tax bag which is worth 1b cash. The other is Bulging tax bag which is worth 2b cash. When you are buying or selling items in the player owned shops, the price you are buying for is in "bags".... this is where it can get confusing.... So lets say a price in someones player owned shop says the item is 12k bags, that means the item is 24t When you are putting an item in the shop to sell, it asks how many bags for this item?; This is asking you how many Bulging tax bags you would like for this item. [ex: selling a flamethrower in your player owned shop, and you want 15t for it, then you would put in 7.5k bags.] Now when you are trading with a player, you do want to make sure the bags they are trading you are bulging tax bags, as they do look pretty similar. So if you are reading the price guide, and it says the item is (amount)b or (amount)t, you will take that number and divide it by 2, and that's how many bulging tax bags that item is worth. If you have any further questions, please message any of the staff in-game (or myself), or leave a comment here and we will reply! Click here for price guide!
  3. -reserved for future suggestions-
  4. Quality of Life suggestions: -Make it where chest in ::keyroom can be clicked to use keys, so we dont have to use the key on the chest please -Add potion time to show on screen -Fix Darklord and make it a command ::darklord it's really ridiculous to have to teleport home and then click on the stairs and have it glitch 3 times in a row b4 you can even fight it and its way too time consuming -Make AK shoot faster as the Frost MG is stronger overall currently, but the AK is more expensive -Add Dragon Minigun to a Boss Drop Table 1/1000 or make a new Boss possibly and make it 1/1000 but make a nice high health boss -Make caskets useful so it's not ONLY skilling items; Maybe make them useful by adding ckeys,red keys,mboxes and maybe a small chance for donor box by opening them -More Lit Sword should increase defence too -Introduce Drop rate and EXP potions -Decrease spawn time on mass bosses like abb, balance, arena, etc -Need more npcs at uber zone, as well as player instances for Uzone/Anouke/Ichigo. -Maybe a chest guide for keyroom floors so whe know what whe can get. -Remove some of the troll drops from donor zones mobs? -Add configure to collect drops to bank rather than inventory for collectors necklace. -Add pets that are untradeable that drop from donor zones (each zone could have a different pet) -Add ::mourners1/::mourners2/::mourners3 (as we are growing its getting cramped) -Add ::boxzone1/::boxzone2/::boxzone3 (as we are growing its getting cramped) -Add more snakes to ::snakes -Increase the number of NPC's in keyroom -Dont let ::america atk you when you tele there its hard with one of them cant take 3 of them at one time. -Have a kill counter similar to the bosspoint counter, after a kill it say's like you have slain "xx" terror dogs. -Redo boss points shop, loyalty shop, trivia shop, holy water shop to add more useful items. -boss point shop maybe do mid tier drops from bosses in that shop. -loyalty shop add pets, mbox/ckeys/red keys, leave donor box/ultra box, keep scrolls in there -trivia add a couple custom armour sets in there for melee/mage as there isnt much mid tier gear. -holy water shop add $5 / $25 / $50 scroll, and possibly add some items from donator store (high amounts of holy water to get) -Add more npc's to ::glod and ::necrolord as they are becoming popular. -Beatz by dre, all pets, max cape (possibly completionist cape), donor ranks (staff ranks if they provide dr), corrpution dont show to ::checkdr -Collectors neck/amulet of ruby (B)is still picking up junk loot from anouke/ichigo -Make it where we can reply to private messages, without having to add players? that way our friends list doesnt get full. -Add defense stats to tekton, as they are currently underwehlming: **Defence bonuses: stab: 1776 slash: 2186 crush: 2150 magic: 0 range: 2168** -Make Tekton Set Bonus Add The Bonus Without Wearing The Sword, also increase the speed of the tekton sword to be equal to icy glaive/icy katana. -Ok big suggestion in terms of work required, a new POS system needs to be put into place, when searching for items it would be awesome to see a list of them come up in terms of price not players, so for instance i search "starter whip" and 4 people have it at prices, 100, 102, 99, and 56 the shops that come up should be in order of 56, 99, 100 and 102 -Change the pos to sort items as a list, prices high to low. -Add Divine Spirit Shield Effect to gold Spirit Shield that is in Donator Shop 3 & all other shields otherwise they are pretty useless -Add Shift+Click to Drop Any Item for Fast Inventory Emptying -Add effects to wearing the complete armour sets of the following: __**Melee**__ -American Destroyer -Kabuto -Dragonrage -Byakunal __**Range**__ -Darklord -Anouke -Iron Man __**Magic**__ -Arc -Lava Virtus -Would be cool if u could combine the bers, shooter, magic cape and max cape (would give a rainbow texture/tribrid effect/and drop rate bonus) -Buff godz bow as it could be better. -Have donor rank show beside staff rank. -Make Universo Staff faster and buff it a little its a little weak. -Make More lit sword special increase defense as well. -Make a command/option for staff to turn on x2 drops for an hour or something . -Add ava's accumulator effect to Completionist cape and Max cape, if not already added. -Make red wings have ava's accumulator effect. -Make cannon hold 90 balls, and show counter on the screen to see how many are left. -Add AOE Weapons -Make pets right click to pickup! -2 options to do this- -Make examine the top option, then pickup right-click only -Make top option talk to, then pickup be right-click only -Take damage cap off Magic, that way it is on par with melee/range -Make a necklace for keyroom that only works in keyroom, so it would pickup the keys ONLY*. -Would be a ultra rare chance (more rare than ice diamonds) from floor 4 chest -THIS NECKLACE WOULD BE UNTRADEABLE -Increase room at Mourners/Boxzone Like Requested and NPC Count ++ -Decrease Amount Cost for Boss Point Shop / Trivia Shop / Donator Shop Some Are RIDICULOUSLY high and have 0 value and Terrible Stats I can also make a List of which Items need a deflation in price if needed -Have clue scrolls request you to tp a certain place, open there, and you have a chance for ckey/mbox/red key -Add it so you can Open Shop Interface by typing ::mypos from ANYWHERE without having to go Home -Make Magician cape chance to x2 max hit, Shooter cape picks up ammo (as it already hits fast and hard) & then Berserker Cape would have 1/1000 chance to 1 hit -Add quick-claim on Legendary packages. -Make an INSTANCE Machine for EACH Boss and make it so you have to pay an Amount of Bulging Bags for your own PERSONAL Instance for say 1 kill / 30 minutes / or 1 hour -Fix defense bonus on armours to make them increase, instead of decrease with higher tiers -Make Pets Left Click To Talk so when you click you don't CONSTANTLY pick up your pet; VERY VERY ANNOYING. I think everyone can agree on that -Fix portals in chaos tunnels for slayer tasks -Make ::customboss for Deluxe spawn every 4 hours based on Server time. So would spawn at 00:00 - 04:00 - 08:00 - 12:00 - 16:00 - 20:00 (if it hasn't been killed by the next 4 hours it would just skip that spawn.) -New item combination suggestion- make magician boots , shooter boots and berserker boots & 10k bags combindable for a rainbow lava texture boots thats has tribrid affect -New Item combination Suggestion , make red ss , deathly ss , arc ss & frost ss and divine ss . combindable to a gold spirit shield that doesnt only absorb your hits but it also heals on hit & has the stats of all those spirit shields combined so it has tribrid affect -Make a system that allows you to combine a helmet/gloves with Luigi helm/Roseblood Gloves **This would need Luigi helm/Roseblood gloves + Helm/gloves of choice + 5-8k bags(can be adjusted later)** *Now lets say, you combine a low tier helm in the Luigi helm/Roseblood gloves earlier, but now you have tekton helm/gloves and you want to infuse it... Okay so, you lose the old helmet/gloves, you will use the new tekton helm/gloves on the Luigi helm/Roseblood gloves, which would be gone, and then it requests another 5-8k bags to make the new stat Luigi helmet/Roseblood gloves.* **This way, it doesn't make the helm slot useless, you still get your drop rate increase, and it takes items that were combined into the Luigi helm/Roseblood gloves would be gone forever, as well as the cash would be out of the game as well.** -Take what is in the STORE and add it into the game, as a "Donator Store" and then have it where everything is like x1.5 - x2 the price via $ scrolls so we can use scrolls to buy stuff from donor store. This would make Scrolls more useful as the current donor shops are trash, and would bring in items from Donator Store, with currency from in-game. Or have it where the scrolls used in-game give in store credit when donating. So like items that are like $40 irl, would be $60 via scrolls (or even $80 via scrolls) This would be nice for some players, as not everyone can donate IRL cash, but would like to have items that are only available via the store Donator benefits suggestions: Donor: -slow prayer drain by 10% -gain 2% of health based on hit (example) -increase potion times by 10% -increased slayer points on task [1.25x] Super donor: -slow prayer drain by 20% -gain 4% of health based on hit (example) -increase potion times by 15% -further increased slayer points on task [1.5x] extreme donor: -slow prayer drain by 30% -gain 6% of health based on hit (example) -increase potion times by 20% -further increased slayer points on task [2x] -chance for double loot from reg mbox/ckeys legendary donor: -slow prayer drain by 40% -gain 6% of health based on hit (example) -increase potion times by 25% -further increased slayer points on task [2.5x] -chance for double loot from reg mbox/ckeys -3% chance to double announced drop -1/2000 chance to 1 hit npc uber donor: -slow prayer drain by 50% -gain 8% of health based on hit (example) -increase potion times by 30% -further increased slayer points on task [3x] -chance for double loot from reg mbox/ckeys -5% chance to double announced drop -1/1000 chance to 1 hit npc deluxe donor: -slow prayer drain by 60% -gain 10% of health based on hit (example) -increase potion times by 35% -further increased slayer points on task [4x] -chance for triple loot from reg mbox/ckeys -10% chance to double announced drop -1/500 chance to 1 hit npc sponsor donor: -unlimiter prayer -gain 15% of health based on hit (example) -always overloaded -further increased slayer points on task [5x] -chance for quad loot reg from mbox/ckeys -15% chance to double announced drop -1/250 chance to 1 hit npc