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  1. 101 Items Every StarGaze Player Needs This guide is going to focus on items that every player needs to have on their Christmas list when it comes to items that are extremely useful in StarGaze. This list will be done in what I perceive as important. With each item, I will tell you why it is on this list and how you can obtain it. Number #1, Infinite Prayer Symbol What does it do: When in inventory this item will allow grant you Infinite prayer, however; if you use a divine spirit shield, Blades of Wrath or any other prayer draining item. Your prayer will drop. Where to obtain: Infinite Prayer Symbol can be obtained only from the OP STORE at ::shops (Azzanadra) for 2 million bags. Number #2, Stat Boosting Item (Rubber Duckie, Dom C-Bow, MLS) What does it do: These items when spec'd with grant the player an insane boost in combat levels. Each respective attack style has a Stat boosting item. For range use the Dominion Crossbow. For melee use the More Lit Sword, and for Magic use the Rubber Duckie. These items will increase your damage 3 fold. I cannot suggest these items any more than what I have. Where to obtain: The More Lit Sword can be obtained from upgrading a lit sword which you can get from ::moneyzone. You can get a More Lit Sword also from the Holy Waters shop for 2.5 million holy water. for ease, I suggest just buying it off another player. The Dominion Crossbow can be obtained from ::event or purchased off Player Owned Shop. As for the Rubber Duckie, this item can also be bouggt off POS or you can do some Dungeinering for it! Number #3, Pet Bugatti or Pet Loyal Star What does it do: The Pet Bugatti has a passive Soulsplit effect which is super useful for doing Vorago and other high DPS bosses. The Super Loyal Pet Star, on the other hand, increases your damage output by a whopping %5. Where to obtain: The Pet Bugatti is obtained from Super Pet Mystery boxes or bought from another player on POS. The Super Loyal Pet Star, on the other hand, can be bought from POS (which I do not suggest) or purchased with 2 million loyalty points which you get from just being active on StarGaze. Number #4, Damage Boosting Mode (Broly, Trump, Frieza..) What does it do: These mods all increase damage output. America Fuck Yea,1%. Broly mode, 5%, Frieza First Form Mode, 4%, Frieza Second Form Mode, 6%. Where to obtain: Out of all the Modes listed above Broly Mode is the only untradable one which is obtained from killing ::Broly. Frieza modes along with America Fuck yea can be obtained from POS. Donald Trump drops America Fuck yea Mode, Frieza modes are dropped by Frieza Number #5, Dantes Necklace What does it do: This Necklace is best in slot necklace currently, it can be 'upgraded' with dragon scales to boost a specific attack style. This necklace also picks up items on the floor and increases Drop rate %. Where to obtain: You can make one from ::combine, or you can get lucky with OP Keys or you can purchase one on the POS, this item is tradable. Number #6, Good Drop Rate Boosting Gear What does it do: It boosts that drop rate of goodies silly Where to obtain: You can make one from ::combine and a lot of drop rate boosting gear is tradable. If you are curious what boosts drop-rate check out the Drop-rate boosting guide on the Forums. It should be noted that some bosses like Vorago are not affected by an increase in drop rate. Some/most pets also boost drop-rates. DISCLAIMER: THIS GUIDE WILL ALWAYS BE GETTING UPDATED AS MORE IMPORTANT ITEMS ARE INTRODUCED INTO THE GAME, I KNOW I LEFT A FEW THINGS OUT DDR RING END GAME ARMOUR AND WEAPONS.
  2. April

    The Ultimate Money Making Guide

    The Ultimate Money Making Guide DISCLAIMER: This guide is meant to help new and veteran players find new ways of making money, I will try my best to keep it updated as the server grows. Please keep in mind that these are some of the methods I have used and these are not the only ways of making money. This guide will focus on consistent ways of bringing in money. I WILL NOT BE COVERING ::MONEYZONE, ::MONEYBAGS, DRAGONS or AOE ZONE. As these methods are common sense by now if anyone has read the starterguide or spent a few minutes in the server. Low Requirement Options Option #1 (Voting) Voting is one thing everyone regardless of level should be doing on a daily basis if he or she wishes to help the server grow and make an easy ~50k in a few minutes. When claiming vote rewards I suggest claiming Cash Box x3 (::reward 2). This might seem like a no brainer but you would be surprised how many players don't vote just because they see it as a waste of time. Option #2 (Solving Clue Scrolls) Solving clues scrolls are a great way to make some starting out cash if you do not mind a Lil click intensive work. Keep in mind the more money you are able to spend on clues and the less amount you spend per clue will decide how much you will be making. I suggest buying clues for 100bags AT THE MOST or less each. A good thing to do is to check the POS (player owned shop) find someone who has a bunch of clues and PM them asking if they would be willing to go a little lower than the listed price. 9 times out of 10 players have no problem cutting you a deal <3. As you can see below this player has a lot of clues which is the perfect kind of person we are looking to purchase our clues off. Option #3 (Looking for low priced items on POS to sell to Custom) Do not get this and flipping mixed up. Where flipping is based on following Market trends. This way of making money is based purely on finding mispriced items and selling them to the 'Sell Your Customs Here' NPC found at ::shops. BE ADVISED: This method is in no way shape or form a good idea unless you know the worth of items in the 'Sell Your Customs Here' NPC. If you do not then do not attempted to do this. You can and will lose money. I still do this from time to time, if you are unsure of the instant worth of an item ask someone do not be irrational. Good items to focus on are mid-low level gear such as Arc Armour, Goku pieces, Fire Guns and other items you know the worth of. Option #4 (Leeching) Is it frowned upon by some members of the community? yep. Does that mean we shouldn't do it? nope. Leeching is the act of leeching or piggybacking off higher level players at various mass bosses like ::Vorago in hopes of getting a drop. As of the last update, the top 9 players who deal the most damage will get a drop. So if only 8 people are killing Vorago all you have to do is deal 1hp of damage to him and you will get a drop! Vorago is great money he will always drop Legendary Mystery boxes (LMS for Short) which can net 25 bags each on the POS or can be sold instantly to the 'Sell Your Customs Here' NPC at ::shops. This method is not constant money. You will not make any money if you are not getting drops. Don't waste your time doing this unless you are getting drops! I leeched rather hard starting out and I cannot blame anyone else for doing the same thing. If it's good money and players are allowed to do it then I suggest you take advantage of that Right while it lasts. Option #5 (Evil Tree) The Evil tree can be found East of ::home. I suggest using this method only when you cannot do any of the others or you are unable to give StarGaze any attention. This is a decent way of making a lil money with no effort. Cutting down the Evil Tree will grant you Kindling which you can trade-in for a Pinata. You can sell Pinatas on the POS for a decent profit. Medium Requirement Options Option #1 (::Keyroom level 4) Is Keyroom grindy? yep! is it worth it? Yep. When it comes to making some decent mid level money killing Flesh Crawlers on Keyroom level 4 is a great way to get some cash by opening Level 4 keys in hopes of getting various Diamonds. Sadly currently the worst part about ::keyroom is how every chest has to be opened one at a time. On the good side of that, you are allowed to use an auto clicker! SUGGESTED GEAR AND ABILITIES: Deluxe + Donator status so you can use ::bank function, 99 prayer so we can use Soulsplit, Dantes Necklace or at the very least a collector Necklace to pick up our keys, and finally a good range or mage weapon like a Fire Gun or Jax Lantern with its respective stat-boosting counterpart (Dominion crossbow for range, Rubby Ducky for Mage). You can use a melee weapon but your profit per hour will suffer due to having to get so close to the Flesh Crawlers. WARNING: IF YOU LEAVE THE KEY ROOM FLOOR YOUR KILL COUNT WILL RESET AND YOU WILL HAVE TO GRIND ALL THE WAY BACK UP. I ALSO SUGGEST YOU HAVE AN ALT AND A SECOND MONITOR OR LAPTOP SO YOU CAN SETUP AN AUTO CLICKER TO OPEN ALL YOUR CHESTS WITHOUT WASTING A LOT OF IN-GAME TIME DOING IT. Option #2 (::Keyroom level 5) The same premise will follow when it comes to Level 5 farming. The only difference will be the suggested gear. Instead of farming for Diamonds. We are farming Paladin range armor which goes for around 200k-300k per piece. SUGGESTED GEAR AND ABILITIES: Deluxe + Donator status so you can use ::bank function, 99 prayer so we can use Soulsplit, Dantes Necklace, FAST HARD HITTING RANGE OR MAGIC WEAPON. DO NOT use a MELEE weapon UNLESS you can ONE HIT, You also need to invest in an Infinity prayer symbol. WARNING: PALADIN ARMOUR CAN TAKE SOME TIME TO SELL IF YOU ARE GOING TO TRY TO MAX YOUR PROFIT, THE MORE PATIENCE YOU HAVE THE MORE MONEY YOU WILL MAKE. Option #3 (Killing Vorago) Killing Vorago is a great money maker. Be advised you will not be able to SOLO this boss unless your rich and have an Infinity staff. If you are in the mood to kill Vorago but you see no one at ::vorago just ::yell in chat and ask if anyone wants to join nine times out of ten another few players would love to help which will make it a lot easier. SUGGESTED GEAR AND ABILITIES: Infinity Prayer symbol, Bugatti pet, decent weapon Range or Magic weapon and damage boosting gear. DO NOT WEAR GEAR THAT INCREASES LUCK. LUCK FACTOR HAS NO USE WHEN KILLING VORAGO HIGHER DPS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO BE AIMING FOR. I also suggest some sort of Mode (Donlad Trump, Broly ect.) and you should look into purchasing a stat boosting item for range or mage. DO NOT use melee. Option #4 (Flipping items on POS) Flipping is a great way to make some cash with minimal effort if you know the prices and market trends in StarGaze. A lot of players are willing to drop prices to the extreme in the name of making cash and not ending up trading items for items. My favorite is Dante Necklace flips. I've picked up around 10x Dante Necklaces for 1.4-1.6m and it doesn't take more than 48 hours to turn around and sell them for 1.8m. ultimately the best item to flip is the one you find yourself for obvious reasons. Option #5 (Slayer) Since slayer is constantly getting buffs and re-works this skill that I would once consider a trash-can rolling down a hill while ablaze has actually turned into a great way to make some money. That being said the best tasks are any tasks that you get from Cheldar because only her tasks will have a chance at rewarding you with the new Slayer Box which is how we are going to be making our money. SUGGESTED GEAR AND ABILITIES: Your best in slot armor and weapon High Requirement Options Option #1 (New Content) If you have high-end gear you need to be abusing new content while prices are unstable. I cannot stress this enough. Currently, the new Frieza boss is the newest content which means its drops are unstable and some players are willing to pay a pretty penny to be 'the first' one to use an item. Currently, there isn't much end-game content that is good money that is currently restricted to high-level players. Most of the 'end game' content in StarGaze currently isn't really that good. Some of the BEST money-making methods are the mid-level ones that High-level players are allowed to accomplish at a way quicker pace due to their OP AF Gear. Make no mistake I will add in High Requirement Options into this guide when I see fit.