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    -New Loading Screen -Setloginpin all bypasses have been patched -Item stats comparator interface has been added -Now the client automaticaly saves password on log out -Added CTRL+P for player owned shop if ur deluxe rank -Brand new money pouch system which can now hold bags and calculate up to quadrillions -Added Brand new tab to navigate around interfaces easier, if i should add something more in there let me know -Adjusted Ice Trolls HP Level/Attack Bonus/Def Bonus/Added Drop Table They will be suited a lot towards newbie players aswell so everyone could enjoy this event -Added Grinch Mass Boss To Christmas Zone, Made it so it gives loot to anyone who participate in damaging her she will be giving Christmas Presents In Bulk -Added Christmas event on the teleport manager near the minimap the the yellow star with purple background -Added A System that doesn't let you play with outdated clients anymore. -You can now sell Santa Hat 2020 To Custom Shop, but be aware this is going to be limited edition item. -Added Grinch set/Santa set to Christmas event. Grinch set pieces will be very hard to obtain and i mean very hard! -Added Grinch pet, obtainable from santa -Fixed staff members not getting dr from donator ranks. -Moved Starter zone, added more squirtles -Renamed Sabeil To Starter Store -Added Grinch To Spawn Announcer -Added New Daily Task -Buffed King Boss Drop Table -Increased chances of obtaining caskets on moneybags -Removed candy cane from the shops it was in -Adjusted sergeant headspike health as it was lacking a lot of it -Added Checkrewards to the boss chest option -Added Boss chest at chest area/it's loot table -Added Boss Key to various bosses around stargaze, the hard ones not easy ones -Added Boss Points To Godwars bosses -Added Brand New BIS Mage gear called Universo -Added An Effect Basically you will get an option to pickpocket santa when you collect the full set of grinch -New Client Version 9.1 -Bug Fixes