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    How to Use and Abuse the P.O.S

    Overview of Guide: This Guide will be covering almost every aspect of how to use abuse the P.O.S (Player Owned Stores) to extreme extents. We will be coving the following topics: Market Trends, Alternative Currencies and more. WARNING: This guide is for those who want to learn more about how to profit off the POS. In no way, shape, or form is this required to enjoy StarGaze to its fullest extent. What Do do I Need? 1m+ Starting Cash bags (The more the better) A30 Minutes of playtime to access POS How do I Get Started? If you don't understand how to merch or even what that word even means then sit tight for a crash coruse. Merching is the act of us (you and me) buying items for lower than average worth and then reselling them for a profit at a higher price than what we originally paid for said item. Basic Example: You see a player is selling a Rune Longsword for 15k. You buy this Rune Longsword and resell it for 20k at your shop. Once the item is sold you have profited 5k from this transaction. Your profit found per item when sold can be derived from subtracting the cost of the item from the price you sold it. Basic Example: 20k - 15k = 5k, This 5k is our profit. How do I Find an Item to Merch? Finding an item to merch on StarGaze isn't as easy as it is in OSRS or RS3. That being said, you need to be looking for items that somewhat commonly used. A list of a few great items will be found below along with a list of items you should avoid. KEEP IN MIND that an item that was once deemed useless could have a use implemented in the future. The inverse could happen also as described above. Good Items to Merch Commonly used mid-tier weapons and armour (BFGs, Uni bows, Divine Wraths, Masa, Jax Lantern, Mada Fan) Commonly traded craftable supplies (Blood, Smoke, Ice, and Shadow) Donation scrolls ($5+) Useful Pets (Bugatti, Nothing else at this moment) Donation 'only' items (Omega Keys, OP Keys, Goodie bags ect) Terrible Items to Merch (currently 3/29/2020) Endgame Weapons (Mustang, Inf staff, Hellfire Crossbow, Inf Gauntlet) Low-level gear (base weapons and armors) Useless pets (anything not a Bugatti) Newly released content Why these items are Good Items to Merch All of the listed items I suggest you to merch have a very flat price floor which means a rise in the market of these items will be undoubtedly easier to spot than the rising market of any item that is rarer in terms of usefulness and market availability. Donation Scrolls and Omega keys are a blast to flip. They have margins that are amazing and usually don't differ in price all that too much. Why these Items are Terrible to Merch (currently 3/29/2020) Starting with Endgame Weapons. These weapons are somewhat 'new '. That being said these weapons have failed to solidify a spot in the market. This also means that the more of these items brought into the market, the lower the price will fall until it hits its resting point. StarGaze is still experimenting with a lot of concepts and doesn't have a stable enough economy to freely dump 40-60m into one certain item. You need to keep in mind that this is a RSPS, not OSRS. This means that the supply and demand aren't all too high for these items currently. This will 100% change in the near future. Low-level gear is just that, low level. That being said its time of usefulness to the average player is rather small. No one with anything over 20k bag is going to be combing through the POS looking for that one basic AK-47 or American Whip. Don't waste your money or your time dealing with low level items. Useless pets, they are useless need an I say more. Sure your one buddy, whose sister had a cousin, who ran into a man on the street, who told his brother that this one dude was buying Tank Pets for 200k for his pet collection might exist, but then again it just probably doesn't. Newly released content is the content everyone's mind goes to when they hear flipping. In all actuality, in an RSPS you should be avoiding your attempts to merch off Newly Released Content at ALL costs. The reason for this is due to how unstable it is. Sure you can fight that off by saying "But bro, like no one knows the price so like bro, if I buy this first in-game item bro, then I can mark it up and some moron will by it dude!" Yes, that does happen SOMETIMES, but on an RSPS the player base isn't made up of too many morons. So most players will wait a day or two before they can see if the price of an item is rising or falling and then purchase that sought after item. Merching is about making money, not losing it. The fewer gambles you do, the better. I Got Some Items I got Cheap, What Should I Sell Them For? First off great job! Nothing is more rewarding than scoring an item for the cheap that you know is worth some real $$$. I can't think of another joy than buying Megazord Extreme Pants off that one dude leeching Vorago with you for 800k and then turning around selling them for 4m. In all seriousness, you need to sell the merch'd item for its max value. That max value isn't decided by a price guide. You need to use that brain and think. Example: Let's say I just bought a BFG 9000 for 1.2m. I know that the average traded price is around 1.5-2m, but when I go to the POS I Don't see any sellers besides me. So what I should do is raise that max up a bit Instead of selling it for 2m, let's try 2.3m for a night and see where that gets us. We can always go lower in the price. As long as we make 1.2m+ we will be netting a profit. I Can't Seem to sell this Item to Save My Life! First off you need to have patience. I give my flips about a week before I even think of lowering prices. If you are really that inpatient then maybe the cost isn't the problem, it is your choice of currency. YES, Bulging Money Bags are the OFFICAL Currency but 99% of players in StarGaze would gladly buy that item if you would other forms of payment besides cash. DO NOT FORGET SOME OF THE BEST MERCHES ARE ITEM FOR ITEM TRADES. I have lost count of how many times I have bought other items for on the POS by finding the seller, adding them, and PM'ing them asking if they would take donation scrolls, Legendary Mystery boxes or Diamonds as payment in equal amount. StarGaze is FILLED with cash sinks, and to be fair cash isn't always that common. I Still Have This Item, Screw you April, You Tard! Alrighty well then maybe instead of taking a passive POS approach we hit the streets of StarGaze and bully someone into buying it! In all seriousness sometimes lateral 'upgrades' are necessary. lateral 'upgrades', what the hell is that you may be asking? This is the act of trading your item at a certain price point for another item that is the in price but different in identity. Example: This guy is looking to trade his Jax Lantern for BFG + 100k, you might be thinking great, not only do I have to 'buy' another item with another item and fork over my cash ! Well,this right here is what you would consider a lateral 'upgrade'. However, you should also know that the Jax Lantern is way more commonly sold and bought currently than the BFG. What are some Alternative currencies I should look into? Not just anything can and should be considered an alternative currency. Donation scrolls, Diamonds, and Legendary Mystyer boxes are the best. That reason being that all of these items have a very low cost but are high in usefulness to every player. Many players see $5 Donation scroll as 600 bags. I cannot stress this enough 10,000x $5 scrolls are a hell of a lot easier to move and transfer to bags than any item ever will be. Market Trends? What does that mean? That means you need to get into our StarGaze Discord and watch the #Annoucments channel like a hawk. In all seriousness knowing the content of future updates can and will make you millions. Example: You see Dante just uploaded a picture showing off some new craftable weapons. From that picture alone you should expect that whatever item he is showing off, it is going to be more than likely craftable which means the price in crafting supplies will rise. This, in turn, means you need to stock up on it and hold onto it for a while. Until its price goes up of crouse.
  3. A small content update into the game, gonna be finishing up a big boy list for the upcoming week guys. It will focus more into beggining-mid tier game rather than go for end game players, love ye all -Added Frieza Final Form into the game you can find him at ::frieza heading to the north side of the mountain -Added Frieza Final Form pet, the pet will have 15% Drop rate chance increasement and hardest hitting Pet in game to assist in combat https://gyazo.com/7a91258ad3a172eb035b88e11ab69cde -Added Frieza Final Form mode, the mode will give 7% Overall damage increasement when activated https://gyazo.com/08eed774b4b2119c24b255b5b9e723d2 -Added Brand new frieza set if obtained all 3 pieces it will increase Magic damage by 15% plus it's a trybrid set https://gyazo.com/d5d48926afa028082243faae3567d168 -Added New items into Rare drop announcer -Fixed some bugginess with vote claiming, but mostly it still depends on everythingrs if their servers are laggy it means we might still run into some hik ups -Fixed some minor bugs not worth mentioning
  4. I'm back boys finnaly done with my corona virus... Protect ur family and loved ones guys cuz this virus is not a joke i can tell from the experience, anyway with better news i'm back on Stargaze and ready to do some work guys! Gonna be checking the suggestion list, and adjusting a lot of stuff aswell as working on new content updates, as always expect weekly updates once again guys. Love ye all!!! -Redone all of the slayer tasks, you will no longer get non custom slayer tasks which u can not find on the stargaze map, now it's gonna be purely custom progressing nicely with each master aswell Easy tasks ROCK_CRAB(SlayerMaster.VANNAKA, 1265, "Rock Crabs can be at ::crabs.", 1500, new Position(2709, 3715, 0)), SQUIRTLE(SlayerMaster.VANNAKA, 519, "Squirtle.", 2100, new Position(2709, 3715, 0)), MOURNER(SlayerMaster.VANNAKA, 347, "Mourners can be found at ::train.", 2150, new Position(2355, 4037, 0)), WOLVES(SlayerMaster.VANNAKA, 97, "Wolves can be found at ::train.", 2250, new Position(2355, 4037, 0)), VETION(SlayerMaster.VANNAKA, 97, "Vetions can be found at ::vetion.", 2250, new Position(2744, 9103, 0)), Icegiants(SlayerMaster.VANNAKA, 3072, "Icegiants can be found in the teleport interface.", 100000, new Position(3358, 3402)), Medium tasks SNAKES(SlayerMaster.DURADEL, 128, "Snakes can be found in the teleport interface.", 100000, new Position(3358, 3402)), BANDIT(SlayerMaster.DURADEL, 1880, "Bandits can be found in the bandit camp.", 4500, new Position(3172, 2976)), AQUANITE(SlayerMaster.DURADEL, 9172, "Can be found at teleport book.", 5500, new Position(1897, 4368)), STARGAZEPSWARRIORS(SlayerMaster.DURADEL, 2436, "Can be found at teleport book.", 5500, new Position(2766, 2799)), GLOD(SlayerMaster.DURADEL, 5966, "Can be found at teleport book.", 5500, new Position(3351, 9393)), TERRORDOGS(SlayerMaster.DURADEL, 5417, "Can be found at teleport book.", 6500, new Position(2756, 9995)), TREE_SPIRITS(SlayerMaster.DURADEL, 655, "Tree spirits can be found at ::treespirits.", 6000, new Position(2141, 5538, 3)), Tortoise(SlayerMaster.DURADEL, 3819, "Tortoise can be found in the teleport interface.", 100000, new Position(3358, 3402)), Hard tasks ANOUKE(SlayerMaster.KURADEL, 1101, "Anoukes can be found by using anouke tab", 9000, new Position(2795, 2775)), TRUMP(SlayerMaster.KURADEL, 1001, "Trump can be found by using command ::america", 9500, new Position(3213, 2824)), PHEONIX(SlayerMaster.KURADEL, 8549, "Can be found at teleport book.", 9000, new Position(3213, 2824)), TANK(SlayerMaster.KURADEL, 6316, "Can be found at teleport book.", 10000, new Position(3213, 2824)), SMALLBAGS(SlayerMaster.KURADEL, 6343, "Can be found at teleport book.", 11000, new Position(3213, 2824)), Elite Tasks DARKLORD(SlayerMaster.SUMONA, 6306, "Portal at home would lead you straight to his lair", 14000, new Position(2754, 3514, 0)), ABBADON(SlayerMaster.SUMONA, 6303, "Abbadon can be found at ::abb", 16000, new Position(2509, 5177, 0)), ICHIGO(SlayerMaster.SUMONA, 666, "Ichigo can be found by buying tabs from teemo", 16000, new Position(2509, 5177, 0)), GOKU(SlayerMaster.SUMONA, 2511, "Goku can be found by buying tabs from teemo", 16500, new Position(2509, 5177, 0)), VEGETA(SlayerMaster.SUMONA, 2505, "Vegeta can be found by buying tabs from teemo", 16500, new Position(2509, 5177, 0)), INFARTICO(SlayerMaster.SUMONA, 1010, "Infartico can be found at ::inf", 16000, new Position(2509, 5177, 0)), BALANCE(SlayerMaster.SUMONA, 8281, "Can be found at teleport book.", 16000, new Position(2509, 5177, 0)), ARCSPIDER(SlayerMaster.SUMONA, 6307, "Arc spider can be found at ::arcspider.", 23000, new Position(2990, 3414, 0)), LEFOSH(SlayerMaster.SUMONA, 6309, "Lefosh can be found at ::lefosh", 23000, new Position(2909, 3612, 0)), WRENCHER(SlayerMaster.SUMONA, 6313, "Wrencher can be found at ::wrencher.", 23000, new Position(2671, 3349, 0)), MEDIUMMONEYBAG(SlayerMaster.SUMONA, 6344, "MEDIUM Moneybag can be found at ::moneybags.", 23000, new Position(2671, 3349, 0)), CORPOREAL_BEAST(SlayerMaster.SUMONA, 8133, "The Corporeal Beast can be found using the Boss teleport.", 24000, new Position(2885, 4375)), Hardest ones Tasks NEX(SlayerMaster.CHAELDAR, 13447, "Nex can be found in the teleport book.", 100000, new Position(2903, 5203)), GENERAL_GRAARDOR(SlayerMaster.CHAELDAR, 6260, "General Graardor can be found in the Godwars Dungeon.", 38000, new Position(2863, 5354, 2)), KING_BLACK_DRAGON(SlayerMaster.CHAELDAR, 50, "The King Black Dragon can be found using the Boss teleport.", 36000, new Position(2273, 4680, 1)), CURSEBEARER(SlayerMaster.CHAELDAR, 10126, "Cursebearer can be found using the Boss teleport.", 36000, new Position(2273, 4680, 1)), Cabal(SlayerMaster.CHAELDAR, 631, "Cabal can be found in the teleport interface.", 30000, new Position(3336, 4722)), BIGMoneybags(SlayerMaster.CHAELDAR, 6345, " BIGMoneybags can be found in the teleport interface.", 30000, new Position(3358, 3402)), GODZILLA(SlayerMaster.CHAELDAR, 1676, "GODZILLA can be found in the teleport interface.", 30000, new Position(3358, 3402)), Greendragon(SlayerMaster.CHAELDAR, 941, " Greendragon can be found in the teleport interface.", 30000, new Position(3358, 3402)), Bluedragon(SlayerMaster.CHAELDAR, 55, "Bluedragon can be found in the teleport interface.", 30000, new Position(3358, 3402)), Reddragon(SlayerMaster.CHAELDAR,53, "Reddragon can be found in the teleport interface.", 30000, new Position(3358, 3402)); -New Infinity Stones is out! Go find it boys -Fixed Kick command for Helper Rank -Minor Bugs has been fixed
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  6. 101 Items Every StarGaze Player Needs This guide is going to focus on items that every player needs to have on their Christmas list when it comes to items that are extremely useful in StarGaze. This list will be done in what I perceive as important. With each item, I will tell you why it is on this list and how you can obtain it. Number #1, Infinite Prayer Symbol What does it do: When in inventory this item will allow grant you Infinite prayer, however; if you use a divine spirit shield, Blades of Wrath or any other prayer draining item. Your prayer will drop. Where to obtain: Infinite Prayer Symbol can be obtained only from the OP STORE at ::shops (Azzanadra) for 2 million bags. Number #2, Stat Boosting Item (Rubber Duckie, Dom C-Bow, MLS) What does it do: These items when spec'd with grant the player an insane boost in combat levels. Each respective attack style has a Stat boosting item. For range use the Dominion Crossbow. For melee use the More Lit Sword, and for Magic use the Rubber Duckie. These items will increase your damage 3 fold. I cannot suggest these items any more than what I have. Where to obtain: The More Lit Sword can be obtained from upgrading a lit sword which you can get from ::moneyzone. You can get a More Lit Sword also from the Holy Waters shop for 2.5 million holy water. for ease, I suggest just buying it off another player. The Dominion Crossbow can be obtained from ::event or purchased off Player Owned Shop. As for the Rubber Duckie, this item can also be bouggt off POS or you can do some Dungeinering for it! Number #3, Pet Bugatti or Pet Loyal Star What does it do: The Pet Bugatti has a passive Soulsplit effect which is super useful for doing Vorago and other high DPS bosses. The Super Loyal Pet Star, on the other hand, increases your damage output by a whopping %5. Where to obtain: The Pet Bugatti is obtained from Super Pet Mystery boxes or bought from another player on POS. The Super Loyal Pet Star, on the other hand, can be bought from POS (which I do not suggest) or purchased with 2 million loyalty points which you get from just being active on StarGaze. Number #4, Damage Boosting Mode (Broly, Trump, Frieza..) What does it do: These mods all increase damage output. America Fuck Yea,1%. Broly mode, 5%, Frieza First Form Mode, 4%, Frieza Second Form Mode, 6%. Where to obtain: Out of all the Modes listed above Broly Mode is the only untradable one which is obtained from killing ::Broly. Frieza modes along with America Fuck yea can be obtained from POS. Donald Trump drops America Fuck yea Mode, Frieza modes are dropped by Frieza Number #5, Dantes Necklace What does it do: This Necklace is best in slot necklace currently, it can be 'upgraded' with dragon scales to boost a specific attack style. This necklace also picks up items on the floor and increases Drop rate %. Where to obtain: You can make one from ::combine, or you can get lucky with OP Keys or you can purchase one on the POS, this item is tradable. Number #6, Good Drop Rate Boosting Gear What does it do: It boosts that drop rate of goodies silly Where to obtain: You can make one from ::combine and a lot of drop rate boosting gear is tradable. If you are curious what boosts drop-rate check out the Drop-rate boosting guide on the Forums. It should be noted that some bosses like Vorago are not affected by an increase in drop rate. Some/most pets also boost drop-rates. DISCLAIMER: THIS GUIDE WILL ALWAYS BE GETTING UPDATED AS MORE IMPORTANT ITEMS ARE INTRODUCED INTO THE GAME, I KNOW I LEFT A FEW THINGS OUT DDR RING END GAME ARMOUR AND WEAPONS.
  7. April

    The Ultimate Money Making Guide

    The Ultimate Money Making Guide DISCLAIMER: This guide is meant to help new and veteran players find new ways of making money, I will try my best to keep it updated as the server grows. Please keep in mind that these are some of the methods I have used and these are not the only ways of making money. This guide will focus on consistent ways of bringing in money. I WILL NOT BE COVERING ::MONEYZONE, ::MONEYBAGS, DRAGONS or AOE ZONE. As these methods are common sense by now if anyone has read the starterguide or spent a few minutes in the server. Low Requirement Options Option #1 (Voting) Voting is one thing everyone regardless of level should be doing on a daily basis if he or she wishes to help the server grow and make an easy ~50k in a few minutes. When claiming vote rewards I suggest claiming Cash Box x3 (::reward 2). This might seem like a no brainer but you would be surprised how many players don't vote just because they see it as a waste of time. Option #2 (Solving Clue Scrolls) Solving clues scrolls are a great way to make some starting out cash if you do not mind a Lil click intensive work. Keep in mind the more money you are able to spend on clues and the less amount you spend per clue will decide how much you will be making. I suggest buying clues for 100bags AT THE MOST or less each. A good thing to do is to check the POS (player owned shop) find someone who has a bunch of clues and PM them asking if they would be willing to go a little lower than the listed price. 9 times out of 10 players have no problem cutting you a deal <3. As you can see below this player has a lot of clues which is the perfect kind of person we are looking to purchase our clues off. Option #3 (Looking for low priced items on POS to sell to Custom) Do not get this and flipping mixed up. Where flipping is based on following Market trends. This way of making money is based purely on finding mispriced items and selling them to the 'Sell Your Customs Here' NPC found at ::shops. BE ADVISED: This method is in no way shape or form a good idea unless you know the worth of items in the 'Sell Your Customs Here' NPC. If you do not then do not attempted to do this. You can and will lose money. I still do this from time to time, if you are unsure of the instant worth of an item ask someone do not be irrational. Good items to focus on are mid-low level gear such as Arc Armour, Goku pieces, Fire Guns and other items you know the worth of. Option #4 (Leeching) Is it frowned upon by some members of the community? yep. Does that mean we shouldn't do it? nope. Leeching is the act of leeching or piggybacking off higher level players at various mass bosses like ::Vorago in hopes of getting a drop. As of the last update, the top 9 players who deal the most damage will get a drop. So if only 8 people are killing Vorago all you have to do is deal 1hp of damage to him and you will get a drop! Vorago is great money he will always drop Legendary Mystery boxes (LMS for Short) which can net 25 bags each on the POS or can be sold instantly to the 'Sell Your Customs Here' NPC at ::shops. This method is not constant money. You will not make any money if you are not getting drops. Don't waste your time doing this unless you are getting drops! I leeched rather hard starting out and I cannot blame anyone else for doing the same thing. If it's good money and players are allowed to do it then I suggest you take advantage of that Right while it lasts. Option #5 (Evil Tree) The Evil tree can be found East of ::home. I suggest using this method only when you cannot do any of the others or you are unable to give StarGaze any attention. This is a decent way of making a lil money with no effort. Cutting down the Evil Tree will grant you Kindling which you can trade-in for a Pinata. You can sell Pinatas on the POS for a decent profit. Medium Requirement Options Option #1 (::Keyroom level 4) Is Keyroom grindy? yep! is it worth it? Yep. When it comes to making some decent mid level money killing Flesh Crawlers on Keyroom level 4 is a great way to get some cash by opening Level 4 keys in hopes of getting various Diamonds. Sadly currently the worst part about ::keyroom is how every chest has to be opened one at a time. On the good side of that, you are allowed to use an auto clicker! SUGGESTED GEAR AND ABILITIES: Deluxe + Donator status so you can use ::bank function, 99 prayer so we can use Soulsplit, Dantes Necklace or at the very least a collector Necklace to pick up our keys, and finally a good range or mage weapon like a Fire Gun or Jax Lantern with its respective stat-boosting counterpart (Dominion crossbow for range, Rubby Ducky for Mage). You can use a melee weapon but your profit per hour will suffer due to having to get so close to the Flesh Crawlers. WARNING: IF YOU LEAVE THE KEY ROOM FLOOR YOUR KILL COUNT WILL RESET AND YOU WILL HAVE TO GRIND ALL THE WAY BACK UP. I ALSO SUGGEST YOU HAVE AN ALT AND A SECOND MONITOR OR LAPTOP SO YOU CAN SETUP AN AUTO CLICKER TO OPEN ALL YOUR CHESTS WITHOUT WASTING A LOT OF IN-GAME TIME DOING IT. Option #2 (::Keyroom level 5) The same premise will follow when it comes to Level 5 farming. The only difference will be the suggested gear. Instead of farming for Diamonds. We are farming Paladin range armor which goes for around 200k-300k per piece. SUGGESTED GEAR AND ABILITIES: Deluxe + Donator status so you can use ::bank function, 99 prayer so we can use Soulsplit, Dantes Necklace, FAST HARD HITTING RANGE OR MAGIC WEAPON. DO NOT use a MELEE weapon UNLESS you can ONE HIT, You also need to invest in an Infinity prayer symbol. WARNING: PALADIN ARMOUR CAN TAKE SOME TIME TO SELL IF YOU ARE GOING TO TRY TO MAX YOUR PROFIT, THE MORE PATIENCE YOU HAVE THE MORE MONEY YOU WILL MAKE. Option #3 (Killing Vorago) Killing Vorago is a great money maker. Be advised you will not be able to SOLO this boss unless your rich and have an Infinity staff. If you are in the mood to kill Vorago but you see no one at ::vorago just ::yell in chat and ask if anyone wants to join nine times out of ten another few players would love to help which will make it a lot easier. SUGGESTED GEAR AND ABILITIES: Infinity Prayer symbol, Bugatti pet, decent weapon Range or Magic weapon and damage boosting gear. DO NOT WEAR GEAR THAT INCREASES LUCK. LUCK FACTOR HAS NO USE WHEN KILLING VORAGO HIGHER DPS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO BE AIMING FOR. I also suggest some sort of Mode (Donlad Trump, Broly ect.) and you should look into purchasing a stat boosting item for range or mage. DO NOT use melee. Option #4 (Flipping items on POS) Flipping is a great way to make some cash with minimal effort if you know the prices and market trends in StarGaze. A lot of players are willing to drop prices to the extreme in the name of making cash and not ending up trading items for items. My favorite is Dante Necklace flips. I've picked up around 10x Dante Necklaces for 1.4-1.6m and it doesn't take more than 48 hours to turn around and sell them for 1.8m. ultimately the best item to flip is the one you find yourself for obvious reasons. Option #5 (Slayer) Since slayer is constantly getting buffs and re-works this skill that I would once consider a trash-can rolling down a hill while ablaze has actually turned into a great way to make some money. That being said the best tasks are any tasks that you get from Cheldar because only her tasks will have a chance at rewarding you with the new Slayer Box which is how we are going to be making our money. SUGGESTED GEAR AND ABILITIES: Your best in slot armor and weapon High Requirement Options Option #1 (New Content) If you have high-end gear you need to be abusing new content while prices are unstable. I cannot stress this enough. Currently, the new Frieza boss is the newest content which means its drops are unstable and some players are willing to pay a pretty penny to be 'the first' one to use an item. Currently, there isn't much end-game content that is good money that is currently restricted to high-level players. Most of the 'end game' content in StarGaze currently isn't really that good. Some of the BEST money-making methods are the mid-level ones that High-level players are allowed to accomplish at a way quicker pace due to their OP AF Gear. Make no mistake I will add in High Requirement Options into this guide when I see fit.
  8. Dante

    March 7, 2019 | Update

    Dropping a small content today and another update tomorrow will be focused into second form frieza/bug fixes/and revamping all slayer masters so they would give normal tasks based on their lvl -Goodiebag box no longers appears as Puzzle Box in trade screen -Goodiebag box now gives donation deal bonus balance -Adjusted webstore prices up to date -Adjusted webstore inacquirate descriptions -Fixed some items going to the wrong equipment slot -Wrote combat script for Frieza -Fixed buffering bug, where it could have caused client to freeze from long game play times -Added KC Requirement for the frieza -Added New First Form Frieza Mode giving 4% damage -Updated starterguide command -Added New Teleport Frieza Saga to the teleport manager
  9. salt

    StargazePS Starterguide V3

    Welcome to StargazePS! I am assuming you are new and want to know where to begin? Firstly Vote Starting on Stargaze will be a lot easier if you take a couple of minutes to do ::vote into your chatbox and vote for us. It helps the community to grow immensely and it will help you get a decent amount of cash stack. I'll suggest on picking either cash boxes or raid boxes. What's next? Get your combat levels up! Now that you have voted for the cash boxes/raid boxes you have some cash. Use the command ::shops and get some food from "Consumables Healer". Next head to ::train command to teleport to "Starterzone" or Kill "Squirtles" to start. You will notice that the other monsters are unattackable if you don't have the required pre-requisite monsters killed. Do remember to pick the starter tokens up as there is a exchange shop for it where you can get bones etc. If you have yet to get 95 prayer, go to ::dzone and kill otherworldy being they drop noted dragon/frost bones. Gearing up! Now that you've gotten decent amount of cash from the boxes. Head to Player Owned Shop (POS). It's north of home NPC called "Player Owned Shop Manager". There are some gear guides you wanna check it out. Weapons Progression Guide and the Gear Progression Guide and you can decide what items you can afford in POS. For new players, it's advisable to get "Mystic Staff" (2-3k Bulging bags) from POS. In Stargaze our currency are bags, there are 2 different type of bags One is Hefty Bags (1b) other one is Bulging Bags (2b) mainly used in the server. Next, you wanna get an Arc armour it has decent magic bonuses. Stargaze Warriors! Head over to Stargaze warriors by doing ::moneyzone. Each warrior killed will get you 5 points. They also drop caskets, crystal keys and clues. You can open up your caskets to obtain Red Keys, where you can sell it to "Custom Item Buyer" shop at ::shops for 100 bulging bags each. You can also open them at ::chests. Once you got a good amount of points you can spend it on "Stargaze Point Shop". I'll suggest getting UNIVERSO a magic weapon (4k points) which is better than mystic staff. Clues Clues are a good way to make money as they are stackable, but you might want to save at least 100 clues before starting. Grab a spade from ::shops "Explorer Jack" and head to ::cg or Clue Scroll Guide. Slayer Slayer is a decent way to make money thanks to the recent update. You are able to obtain Super Slayer Box at 1:200 rate. Keyroom The Keyroom (::keyroom) is a good place to make money too. I'll advise you getting deluxe rank (1k donated, ::benefits) first so you will be able to ::bank or ctrl+B. Its good for getting gold for the early stages you will start making money at floor 3 and 4. Keyroom Loot Guide, you'll want to look out for Diamonds as end game players will need them for combining of items. At every floor there is a portal for you to click to see how much kills you need before the next floor or do ::keykills. DO TAKE NOTE! If you die, logout or teleport out of the keyroom you will be starting from floor 1 again. I'll advise you to get a collector necklace from players, ::event shop (400k tokens) or slayer shop (2k points). As it will help with picking up your keys. Useful Ingame Commands ::pc (Opens pricecheck guide) ::vote (Opens voting screen) ::empty (emptys your inventory) :starterzone/::train (brings you to starterzone) ::shops (takes you to shops) ::dropsimulator ( Opens up the drop simulator screen where you can see what you can get from the selected npcs) Useful End-Game Items Dante's Necklace/Top Donor Icon (TDI): Picks up everything including caskets and clues. Infinite Prayer Symbol: Prayer will never drain when it's in the inventory cost 2M bulging bags from Azzanadra at ::shops Buggatti Pet: Has Soulsplit effect Trump/Broly Mode: 1%/5% increase in damage. More Lit Sword (Melee) (2.5mil holy water) /Dominion Crossbow ( 400k ecto tokens) (Range) / Rubber duckie (1Mil Dungeoneering Points) (Magic) boost stats to 300. ::combine Combine command will open up an interface where you can craft the best weapons and gears ingame. Daily Login Reward Simply log in daily to get your reward. These rewards resets every 24 hours, if you don't see it click on the bottom right-hand corner and shift it to Daily Login Reward. Item Upgrader The item upgrader north of ::home, beside POS. It's worth a try to upgrade items but do take note if the item fails it DESTROYS. Stat Comparator You'll use them to compare the different stats of items that you wanna know stats of before buying them. It's found at the mystery box tab and shift it to the stats comparator icon. Credits : @April & @salt.
  10. Dante

    March 2, 2019 | Update

    Here we go let's start March with them updates! We're going to have another one aswell this week for a new Dragon Ball Z, More slayer tweaks, and more content overall! Love you all -Updated Rates on Super Slayer Box -Updated Starterguide link to a way more advanced thanks to April! -Removed Setyelltitle from regular players as it was not intended to be there -Removed the requirement to enter gwd doors, so King zone could be accessed with ease -Skullcharm no longer stacks in inventory -Added new preference command that will allow you to turn off white text when item is dropped by doing ::groundnames -Added Killcount Skip Scroll this scroll will allow you to skip every killcount that will be coming in the future or is right now in the present -Adjusted Red Key chest loot table -You can now sell LMBS to the Custom Shop -Mustang and Masamune received buffs -Lottery now doesn't spam as much as before -Vorago now drops up to 5 players so there wouldn't be leeching from other players -Megazord extreme has been buffed -Skittles and firegun has been added to the custom store -Fixed timer for custom boss -Turmoil now works with mage and range increasing the damage by 14% -It will now display your drop rate and attack speed in the equipment tab the lower the attack speed number is the faster ur hitting -::npctasks interface now has a close button -The damage interface now extends up to 10 players, and doesn't go beyond that when it did before -Red dragons are now in the instance manager -Added new system that will now protect accounts from going NULL -Added First effect to the Infinity gauntlet, it has 1/200 Chance to snap npc out of existence -Buffed Vorago Pet -Updated staff of ra inventory model -Removed trash drops from KBD -Fixed Pheonix staff shoting wrong projectiles -Added New Goodiebag box called killcount goodiebag, this goodie will contain the brand new killcount scroll as it's top tier reward, Goodiebag box will be exclusive to the webstore item -Added Reality stone one of the 6 infinity stones into the goodiebag box -Buffed Hellfire bow -Infinity stones are now tradable -Buffed red dragons drop table -Some bugs that i've fixed but don't remember -Goodiebag box added to webstore -New Client version 9.8
  11. Production

    Give Away Event

    Hello StarGaze Community, I'm hosting a giveaway, all you have to do to enter is subscribe to my youtube channel, like any video on my channel (all currently stargazeps videos) & the video you leave a like on be sure to leave a comment with your in-game name. There will be 3 winners which will be a random selection. This event will end a week from today on 3/1/2020! Youtube Channel Rewards
  12. Production


  13. We're bringing some news to stargaze players regarding our current staff team changes We are still looking for 1 new SS member so make sure if you haven't applied already you pop your application in. To the people that have applied make sure that you are putting the work in game in! So now lets get on with the important parts! Promotions: Salt Has been a long time player for stargaze and helped us our numerous times, i'm glad to have him as our staff team member! Demotions: Darkassassin Darkassasin was basically plotting to back stab Stargaze from the begging which in the end failed. And he has been permanently banned from stargaze. Kofita Kofita got demoted because of issues with in game Staff team. Thank you all for applying and i look forward to picking one more Server Support member in the near future!
  14. Slayer will still get worked on on weekend to make the Tasks custom only -Client no longer dumps sprites which means faster load time. -Fixed Lottery System Sometimes not registering entries -Fixed a dupe -Fixed Client Teleport Interface -Added New system for voting, basically when people hit 100 vote rewards whole server gets a global boost -Added New System for SET DAMAGE BOOSTS -Added Frieza into the game with his first/second/final form -Added Frieza modes first form giving 3% damage increase second form 5% and final one 8% -Added Infinity Stones into the game, they will be scatered around entire stargaze world good luck finding them! -Nerfed The Chance Of Obtaining Rare On OP Chest -Fixed Scratchcards not giving $ in donation deal tab -Adjusted Mystery Box loot -Adjusted Legendary Mystery Box loot -Made stones untradable -Added New Prayer flicking system for npcs to make game to be more challenging -Second tier donation deal is now fixed -There is now a chance of obtaining superior slayer box when doing slayer 1/200 chance and 1/120 chance for emperors -Added Rewards to super slayer box and added it to ::rewardslist -Added ::setyelltitle and ::resetyelltitle for emperors to make custom yell titles near their names -Red keys no longer spam when combined -Scrolling fixed with all interfaces -All interface npc models are resized to a normal size -Duo Slayer is now here, all u need to do is get a slayer gem from any slayer npcs -Changed BFG OFF-HAND inventory model so it wouldn't confuse people -Removed Summoner Rovin For Now -Adjusted Slayer Streaks -Removed amulet of accuracy from the wrong item slot -Replaced a lot of Sprites with different color to give us a unique look -Custom Boss Now Respawns every 2 hours, because i didn't want to give it a loot boost. The reason is cuz achieving deluxe is now easy pezy. -Added command ::chests that will teleport you to the chest area -Fixed command ::crabs teleporting to nowhere -Added More Pheonixes -Added Cash Boxes to the summer key chest -Added Boss points to the dragons -Updated ssj armor inv models/Jax lantern/Tdi Icon -Buffed TDI a little bit -Added Boss Points To Taxies -Added Thanos Map -Added Thanos To The Teleport Manager -Added bonus mage effects to the Universo/QBD/Tyrael/SSJ Universo 15% damage increase SSJ Full set 20% damage increase QBD Full set 35% damage increase Tyrael Full set 50% damage increase -Added First Infinity Stone "Space Stone" somewhere in stargaze, u will need to find out where. Every week i'm gonna be adding a new stone into the game but you will not know where, it will be ur task to find it guys! -Added Thanos Drop Table -Added Slayer Gem to the slayer items shop the empty one -Did some adjustments to modeling system -HD Setting is now way more stable -Godzilla now spawns faster -Did some little bug fixes that i forgot about
  15. Quick updaterino a smallerino one, i'm working on a self updating loader as the last one i developed wasn't that great and had no compatability with let's say MAC users -Added Blue/Green/Red dragons as daily task -Fixed bug where when ever u closed the upgrader interface it would pop out the donation deals -Added More Dragons in Dragon Zone -Now all collector items pick up Double Drop as it should have been from the beggining -Fixed Some Dialogue outdated mistakes -Removed Gambling Shop from King Zone as king can no longer gamble -Added Gods from godwars into King Zone -You can now sell Fighting boots into the junk store -King can now do CTRL+E to open Junk store when ever they please too -Added NEW BIS Hellfire Crossbow that can be found on ::combine -Genesis full set bonus now has an effect of ignoring 20% of NPC Defence level -Buffed Genesis sword
  16. ukkoboii


    Ingame name - ukkoboii Rank - King
  17. Sorry for the delay with the update guys, had a very busy week IRL, but we're back in the game baby! EVEN MORE CONTENT IS COMING UP THIS WEEK! WITH REVAMPS/NEW INTERFACES AND MORE! If you found any bugs let me know ASAP! -Fixed Megazord Extreme pieces not being tradable for regular players -Fixed issue with boss of the day where it duplicated the name on the interface if you were offline -Fixed issue where it didn't gave the reward for boss of the day -Fixed the issue with Lottery system causing whole server to freeze -2xed Supreme T-Shirt on stats -Reworked king zone prices for skittles/staff of ra/firegun -Buffed Tyrael Set -Emperor has higher chance to save red keys upon open -Emperor players can get x3 rewards from barrows -Emperor players get more commendations from PC minigame -Emperor can TAB reply To people now -Emperor and King rank now get extra Bulging bags from thieving -Emperor has 60% DR increase -Drop rate adjusted overall all of the drop rate/ranks/pets have been deducted by half to fix the dr system. -Double drop now gets picked up by TDI and Dantes, it will not work with anything bellow that. -Now after u close daily interface the donation deal tab will pop up -Sponsor rank no longer appears in announcement because of how easy it is now to achieve -Added NPC 10K Tasks system you can check it at ::npctasks -Added new recoloring system -Upgraded interfaces not holding more than 67k on button ids -Upgraded Tool for inventory model looks -Fixed some inventory models -Added Brand New Executive shield -Added Executive Shield To ::combine -Runelocus now gives 2 vote points instead of 1 -Removed Ring of devotion from donation deals as it's not worth it -Made adjustments to examine for Hades/Poseidon/Ares auras -Added keyshort cut CTRL+C To open combiner for SPONSOR RANK -Buffed Donation Deal tab -Removed Agro off White Wolfs -Added More items to afk tree store -Added :y for baby yoda icon on the chat -Extreme magic potion now dissapears after drinking last dose -Buffed Taxi Drops -Added Dragon Variants of Dante's necklace -Added Dragon Hearts which will be used on new Necklaces/Boots -Added Dragons Adjusted HP/Defence levels to the zone -Changed WebsStore Descriptions -Gave staff tools to track people who abuse multi log easier -POS shop now lists when item is searched at the top is the most expensive at the bottom is the cheapest ones -Added new texture type of blinking -Added DRAGONZONE To the teleport manager -Jail limit removed -Deleted over 400 NPCS from the map for improved performance -Added fee on the gates for the map -Clipped new dragonzone map -Raids do not start anymore upon server restart -Fixed Anvils at skilling zone -Adjusted some prices on webstore -Added Missing Coal stones at skilling zone at home -Fixes to increase server performance -Added New Community Manager Rank -Added Killcount requirement for dragonzone -Each dragon will have a huge defence for each combat style -Upgraded Muting system -Removed seasonal keys from rare drop announcer -Added some items into rare item announcer -You can now fuse 5 dragon hearts with your dante's necklace to either make it red/green/blue depending on the diamonds u have and style u want to apply it with. They will have all dantes necklace benefits and on top of that upgraded DR -Moved gambling to emperor, as server voted for it, and i think it's better this way people having to enjoy and explore the game and stay with us overall rather just rush it to KING and gamble everything away...
  18. Swift


    ingame name-Obliteration Rank-Sponsor
  19. As the title says, im Obliteration, been here like a month or so, just now got around to making a forums account so here I am haha. love the server, love the updates. seems like a great server. see y'all ingame!-Obliteration
  20. Hey guys small update that i wanted to push today, i hope ye all enjoy it! More to come as always haha! I'm about 25% done with minime pet which will be sick to have! If you have ran into any bugs/issues please let me know asap and i will patch them up ASAP aswell! Do you have more awesome ideas that could improve the game and make it enjoyable? Please feel free to post em on #suggestions Channel! -Boss of the day is finally here now let me explain it's simple! 1.Check with morvan daily boss manager, see what kind of boss you have to kill 2.Teleport to the area, with instances you will need to do it manually on your own 3.Kill the boss 4.Check morvan and the leaderboards to see who is #1 On the leaderboards 5.When the timer runs out the server will Announce who got the reward doesn't matter if player is online or not it will stay record your winning. 6.Claim your rewards if you finished first -Pinata now gives up to 30 players drop -Vorago pet now has a chance to hit up to 1500, plus it has 25% dr increase -Buffed Infinity Staff max hit so it could go toe to toe with mustang sword -You can now sell dice bags for 600k -Added KBD to instance manager -Fixed a bug where you coud dig with 1 clue scroll rather than needing 2 -Whole skilling zone now functions as it was intended too -Added Small rewards to vorago babies -Added More Ultra boxes in the sponsorzone -Minor bugs not worth mentioning fixed
  21. So today we have had some big changes on our @Staff team. It's been a rough decision and we have had an INCREDIBLE amount of applications and it was so hard to pick the best ones. There are many factors that were looked at in hopes of finding the perfect candidates. We are still looking for 1 new SS member so make sure if you haven't applied already you pop your application in. To the people that have applied make sure that you are putting the work in game in! So now lets get on with the important parts! Nightmare Our Server Support Nightmare has been completing an incredible amount of work in the past months, recently we have seem him excel in game and have received very positive feedback about his activity and work in Stargaze. We believe that he is ready for his next step in the journey of the team. Make sure you give him a huge congratulations. Nea Nea is our first pick to join the Stargaze @Staff team. He has been extremely active since joining Stargaze and we cannot thank them enough for all the work they have put in. Their application was flawless and wowed us all. Welcome to the team! Darkassassin Darkassassin known as "Vinny" is our second Stargaze @Staff team pick. He has done an incredible amount for us here at Stargaze with back end development of maps and content for you guys. He is also very active in game and i hope he will continue to support the server with his high quality content and help. Thank you all for applying and i look forward to picking one more @Server Support member in the near future!
  22. Hey guys please delete your current 9.5 Clients and redownload the new one again, as it will have quite a lot of fixes in it. Plus i wanna give you heads up after this update on what i started working, basically i'm working right now on a bunch of stuff such as NEW DROP SYSTEM BOSS OF THE DAY SYSTEM MINIME PET THAT YOU CAN EQUIP YOUR ITEMS AND HE WILL FIGHT ALONGSIDE OF YOU NEW RAIDS COLLECTION LOG ITEM STATS BAR BRAND NEW PLAYER OWNED SHOP SYSTEM WITH BETTER FEATURES AND MORE... I hope you enjoy this one, if you find any bugs let me know! Thanks again, and thank you for posting these awosome suggestions guys -You can no longer auto retaliate to NPCS that u have no KC -Donation deal second/third tiers now work normally -Made charm slot not render items, it will not show items when you equip it -Made Crown slot render items on you, so basically it will show the item u are wearing -Fixed saving problems with the equipment slots -Yew tree at skilling now works, that was reported with issues -Fixed loot display system where the drops can now be displayed on some npcs that had no drop tables such as vorago and more. -Deleted a lot of system outprints to track the console easier -Command ::teemo no longer teleports you to the oldhome area -Now you get 2 clue caskets rather than 1 when digging the clues. -Addded Super Scratch card as a voting reward in the website voting rewards -You can now sell Sephiroth/Valkyrian Pieces to the custom shop. -Nerfed Madaras Wand as on DPS wise it was to close to Mustang -Buffed Universo Bow -Fixed some models that were basically going through the body of the character the textures -Added Brand New BIS Staff called Infinity Staff, this staff not also works on solo NPCS, it also works On AOE Zone! -Updated a bunch of inventory models -Made a tool that will help me with future inv models/texturing and more -Fixed usumidori scytche handle being invisible -Fixed usumidori scytche looking like it was out of hand -Added Scoreboard to starterzone -Command ::train now teleports to startingzone -Added New command ::crabs to teleport to rock crabs for slayer -Added DR To gensis set -Did some item renaming -You can now hit vorago minions with aoe -Increased chances of obtaining rare on lvl 5 keyroom -Added more items to the donation deals tab -Fixed smithing at skilling zone the furnance not working issue -Added New BIS Infinity Staff into ::combine -Changed Daily login 7 streak reward -A little bit of bug fixes, some buffer packet fixes
  23. A little bit of conterino adjusting some bugs and fixes -Added new system for VOTING at the end of the month, the server will be picking randomly a person who voted on the server to give it a reward, basically the more u have voted the more chances u have and more tickets u get on entering the event!!! -Fixed Head Icons, them being messed up a little bit, all u need to do is redownload the client, same version no cache update if u don't mind it than u don't need to download it -Added Boss of the day NPC at home -Rewrote the system how legendary mystery boxes are handled now it handles value way better and give you the correct size of items -Fixed mass bosses not giving loot -Bosstimer is not stuck anymore after being killed -Added Missing Upgrader/POS npcs at the home area -Fixed some staff related commands -Fixed Super Scratches not adding to donation deal amount -Added Fantasy Box/50$ Scroll To The Super Scratchcard common loot table -Added New NPC That will be handling upcoming new Boss Of The Day -Removed Daily Boss Command -Increased Price of super scratch card in pest control to 5.5k -Removed container messages that were shown when openning super scratch cards -Updated ::rewardlist
  24. Update time everyone! I have even more stuff that's being developed! Let me know if you guys will find any issues with this update! I hope ye all enjoy -Added New Home Map -Clipped New Home Area Map -Added Brand New Genesis Set which is unique and baught only for stargaze! -Added Custom Scroode Mode Made For BobbyT8000 -Fixed Some Items Going Into Wrong Slots -Fixed Some Items Overwriting Each Other Causing Them To Become Another Item -Fixed vorago drop table bug -Added 2 new equipment slots for upcoming charms and only unique items to stargaze -Adjusted Warriors Trial Sword Drops Slightly As I Got Reports That It Was Easy As Hell To Obtain The Sword -Increased HP On pinata so it wouldn't get killed so fast and more players have a chance of participation -Deleted some ugly ass unecessary code that was eating up server performance for no reason -Added New System Where I Can Now Manualy Put Icons On The Map With Ease -Added Map Icons All Over New Home Map -Fixed some objects with broken textures that weren't animated now they work perfectly -Fixed Trivia Question that was broken -Rewrote Whole Super Scratchcard system and improved on it. That's why it was unreleased yet -Updated Afk Area On New Home Map Tree/Rock Now Spawns at the same area -New Fountain Of Heroes Replacing the fountain of youth plus you will no longer need to pay 10k for it only 500 bulging bags will be enough -Boss event moved to a new location -Added ::shops command to move to a new shops location -Changed Most Of Skilling Locations on the lvl tab -Made all of homes object function normaly -Moved most of skilling npcs to skilling area -Increased Chances Of Obtaining Supreme T-Shirt from the omega chest -Keyroom rewards no longer are sent to the bank, now it goes to the inventory straight -Added New Starterzone -Increased Chances Of Obtaining Loot On Keyroom Lvl 5 -Loot Is Now picked up automatically At Infartico if wearing collector item -Added Animations To Genesis Set -Added Genesis Set To The Super Scratchcard loot table and reward interface -Added Divine Effect To The Spender Shield -Adjusted Some More Prices On Webstore -Hardcoded all the prices from webstore to work with donation deals so i wouldn't need to give them manually, now everything works automatically -Extreme Megazord untradable pieces are now tradable -Nerfed Custom GWD Health, but removed agro from them so they couldn't be afked -Pets no longer go away on death -Legendary Mystery Boxes Now All Open With 1 Click -You can no longer attack pinata when ur pet is out -Now when using command ::pinata your stats will go back to normal without you needing to get killed -Macban now works for admin rank -Staff Members Can Now check inventories -Staff members can now check banks -Donation Deal Timer Doesn't Go Nuts Anymore as it was basically the more u press on the donation deals the more tasks it openned making the timer go faster with every click -Added Extra notification for when Pinata event goes live when you press to spawn it -Added Command ::bosstimers which will show in how many seconds the global bosses are going to spawn -Fixed Jail so now it works properly -Added brand new damage counter system for top 5 damage dealers to show dps done on multi zone NPCS u can toggle it off if u don't want by doing ::toggledamageoverlay -Fixed Looping issue with the client it needing to load 2x models, rather than 1 so it should load client a little bit faster -Fixed seasonal chest saying u need summer key to open it -Moved all of the chests to the new home area -Diamond Chest price has been increased from 800k to 900k in OP Store -Added Super Scratchcard to Webstore for 9$ and to Pest Control Minigame -Increased pet bag from 10k value to custom -Fixed Bugged Youtubers icon on top of its head -Fixed a major bug where u could basically turn ur self into Owner xD -Fixed some minor bugs that i've fixed in the process
  25. Here we go another small updaterino coming to the StargazePS, introducing a brand new BEST HYBRID GEAR IN GAME Unique to only StargazePS as these models were baught for us, Tyrael's Set. Another update should be coming aswell as i'm gonna be working on more content this week aswell as start implementing new home Area which u can find at #polls-regarding-updates at Our discord! -Added Clue Scroll Rewards to the ::Rewardlist -Removed vorago from anoukes teleport -Removed a lot of rare drop spam, that wasn't really that of a rare drop -Added command ::updates to redirect you instantly to the updates page, where you can read the latest updates on stargaze! -Added Announcer when u hit rare on super scratch card -Fixed Some Typo Mistakes -Added 35% Dr Bonus To Loyal Star, Plus 10% Damage increase when the pet is out -Fixed AOE pet bonus there was a calculation error now it gives the extra drops -Buffed spender shield -Buffed Madaras Wand -Increased voragos damage radius so no safe spotting would happen -Fixed dante's necklace picking up bad drops -Fixed vorago bugging out and losing agro -Fixed Starter Tasks Descriptions -Nerfed Vorago Max Hit -Updated Boss Event Message from event boss to boss event -Added DR To Tyrael's set -Added Tyrael's Set to the combiner -Some minor bug i fixed forgot
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