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  5. -Omega Keys Are Now Stackable. -Omega Chest Loot Table Has Been Adjusted -Omega Keys Are Now 25$ Each In Store Instead Of 50$ -Omega Keys Now Require Only 5 OP Keys Instead Of 10 -Added Ava's Accumulator effect to paladins cape. -Added More Ichigo's/Anoukes at sponsor zone -Removed OP Potion From Raid Box as it needs more polishing before being released again to work with ss and stuff. -Revamped Raid Boxes To Be Way More Profitable -Increased The Raid Box Amount U get From 2 To 6 On Raids -Buffed HP On Raid Monsters -Revamped Slayer Store Because Prices Were Outdated As Fuck, added some new items in there -Fixed CTRL+B For Staff Members -Updated The Claim Messages For Donators
  6. -Increased attack speed for madara fan -Fixed an error with summoner rovin, where even tho u didn't have bulging bags it would still say that u added them. -Added Effect for future weapons where u will have 1/100 hits to 1 shot the npc -Added A Donation Doubler System Where Now I Will No Longer Need To Double The Donations On Stuff This System Will Start Working From Next Week. -Added A Donation Announcer To Show The Player Who Support The Server! -Elo Should Now Work Properly, Let Me Know If It Doesn't Work. -Fixed So Mage Couldn't Be Used On Pinata -Made Dantes Necklace Auto Pickup Caskets -Fixed CTRL+B Not Working For Donators -Fixed trump giving way to many lmboxes -Fixed Marios Head Not Giving The Right DR. -Removed DDR Ring From The Omega Chest As I've said to the past donators that will be not be available in game only webstore. -Added More Papa Bags -Big Money Bags Now Respawn Faster -Fixed Log On Messages -Adjusted Money Bag Task As It Should Have Been -Removed The Packages From Infartico -Changed Dailylogin rewards
  7. -Nerfed Pinata HP -Added Supreme T-shirt exclusive to omega chest only -Added whole drop table for OP Chest in the interface -Increased Cost Of Making Red Keys -Fixed Boss Point Shop Not Deducting Points after a purschase -Changed Royal amulet to Glarial's amulet -Added Omega Keys To Webstore -Fixed Interface For Omega Chest, plus to hit the rare table on OMEGA Chest is 1:3 chance, and common loot table is till the more lit sword -Nerfed Big Papa health -Lowered The 350 killcount for money bags on ::Task to 150 -OP Key price is now 6$ from 8$ -Goku price is now 30$ from 60$ -Megazord price in webstore is now 60$ from 110$ -Nerfed Papa Bag Health By 2x
  8. -Added a brand new referal system which will allow me to check what brings the most traffic to the server. But not only that i have also added a voucher codes so now when ever a player joins if he enters the correct code he will get a small starting reward! -Added a brand new system basicaly where the whole server can donate bags to summoner rovin. This npc will be spawning sick random event bosses for now only pinata is there, more to come! -Fixed Lottery going into negative timer. -Added a system where AOE weapons will only affect defined NPCS and everything else will not be affected by it -Fixed Keyroom banking items bug -Added Popup notification system! -Vials Now Dissapear after you used up the last dose of potion -Added Galaxy Box To The OP Chest -Fixed Up Some Model Mix Ups -Added Better Drops For Papa Bags -Super Saiyan Mode Is Now Untradable -Minor Bug Fixes -Fixed Balance Pet Announcing As A Drop -Increased The Amount Of People Who Receive Rewards From Pinata And It's HP Level -Nerfed PC Portals Health Per Person Joined -Added Best In Slot Madara Wand -Added Madaras Wand Into Combiner -Fixed Pinata announcer -Added M416 Assimov/AK-47 Assimov -Added Dragonrage Maul/Heroic Maul -Added Brand new Chest Rewards System that u can now right click chests to see rewards -Added A Brand new system that allows me to add keyshortcuts instantly. -Brand New DPS system that can be toggled off if u don't want to see it by doing command ::toggledps -Added CTRL+H for home @everyone -Added CTRL+E for empty command -Fixed a bug with custom ffa sometimes fucking up stats -A new HP/PRAYER Bars for even sexier and unique look to our client! -Increased requirement for OP Key as new chest is coming and it will require this key aswell -Added broly transformation to the custom shop for 50k -Added Small Money Bags To Slayer Tasks -Added Small/Big Money Bags To Daily Task -Removed Legendary/rare/uncommon/common packages from game -Added New 1$ scrolls -Decreased Size Of Broly -Fixed arc armor showing up as shadow -Added brand new royal amulet to PC which is basicaly gonna give 30 more points after each PC game u do while u have it equiped -Added More Big Money Bags -Made it so u cannot sell Seeds to gamble store. -Fixed teleport when opening magebook teles, boss2 themo smoke devil tele goes straight to moneybag zone now it teleports home -Added New AOE npcs, not released just yet -Added New Queen Of Ants Model -Added New AOE tokens which will be used for a final boss instance/upgrading aoe weaponary. -Reworked Entire Stargaze warriors shop removed the unecessary interface and packed the shop with good items -Fixed Trump Not Working With Collector Necklace -Added New Omega Key -Increased Loot Drop On Pinata from 10-15 players -Increased pinata health -Adjusted some drop rate for some players not working if it goes over 500% -You can now combine 1k C keys into 100 red keys -Now you will need 50 red keys to open OP Chest -Buffed SSJ Blue Gloves -Reworked Caskets Loot Table So They Are More Worth Picking Up -Increased Chances Of Obtaining Rare From Theduo.
  9. -Made it so pinata could be only attacked with 99 stats and not boosted -Fixed Player Owned Shop basicaly when u open a shop the whole server starts lagging, if u spam POS shops the server dcs -Fixed Kick Command it only like kicks the player and makes him relog instantly -Added Timer for Lottery when To Know When The Winner Will Be Picked -Added a system where it now gonna track ur killcount on everynpc, u can toggle it off/on if you wish by doing command ::kcmessage -Fixed Dantes necklace not picking up clues -Fixed an error with MLS freezing ur account when ur doing special with it. Now basicaly it also adds a hit so to use mls spec all u need to do is hit an npc 🙂 -Increased price for scratch card -Adjusted prices for afk tree -Fixed Doom Staff Giving 300 Magic Lvl instead of 150. -Fixed Pet Luigi Giving To Much DR. -Removed Donation Box From Rare Announcer -Fixed Double Drop Ring Appearing As Ring Of Stone In Trades -Buffed Universo Bow -Fixed Ring Of Perfection stats
  10. -Fully Fixed Jail So People No Longer Have Ability To Teleport From It What So Ever. -Made It So Rank King Could Only Use Mithrill Seeds And Dice Bag For Upcoming Gambling Update -Made It So Now When U Open Mboxes Everything Opens Instantly! -Made It So Now When U Join ::gamble you will also join cc gamble automaticaly and when you leave it, you get back to the cc help -Increased chance of hitting the rare table with scratch cards -Added A Pinata! It's basicaly an event that either i will host once in a while or donators will be buying them in the donator store or afk tree store. Also pinata has a twist you can only hit it when you have no equipment on you! -Increased the Common loot table prizes for cash box -Scratchcards no longer give Donation boxes now they will give a replacement scratch card -Added More Medium/Big Bags Into Bag Zone -Removed Scratches off Money bags -Added Cash Box/Super Saiyan Mode and other missing stuff To Rare Announcer -Adjustments to Kofitas set -Big Bags Now Give Boss Points -Reduced Chance Of Upgrading MLS -Made a teleport for pinatas, which can be located at ::pinata -Rayban Stats Increased -Added Super Saiyan mode to broly drop table this item will not only transform you to broly, but also will give u a slight 5% damage boost while you're in it -Increased RAM Size For The VPS -Decreased The Price Of Op Key In The Webstore -Added Papa bag drop table! -Added Evil Tree Kindling Shop A.k.a afk tree, for now there is barely any items but they are juicy ones! Check it out at home area! -Donation Box Now Stacks -Leaderboard now works in home area -Added NPC Total Killcount for the leaderboard -Pet rick now has ability of hitting up to 1.5k damage -Increased chance of obtaining Rare item from galaxy box was 1/5 now 1/4 chance! -Added A new pet bag, his features are 1k damage and 25% drop rate increase! -Added More Items To Custom Sell Shop -Minor Bug Fixes
  11. -Roseblood gloves have been removed from the webstore, now they are only obtainable through OP KEYS -Fixed Inifnite Scroll Having Bad Text On The Name -Added A Small Fee in Uber Zone of 25k to access the moneyzone -Moved bank command from uber to deluxe knowing how easy it is now to get uber. -King Boss Drops now OP KEY instead of SoulFragment -Cash Box Has Been Added it has a Common Loot Table which u can get from 1k Bulging Bags To 10k And A rare loot table which can give you from 50k to 125k -Money Zone has been added which will have 3 New Bulging Bag npcs and 4th one is a Big Papa Bag, which will get updated in his loot later this week -Executive Totem Combination Now Only Needs 5 totems of each boss to make the totem rather than 15. -Buffed Universo Bow Speed -Shadow diamonds implemented into masamune and Universo combine table -Killcount has been added on the moneybags To kill Medium bags u will need to kill 500 Small Bags To kill Big bags u will need to kill 1500 Medium Bags To Kill Big Papa bag u need all of the bags killed 3k times. -Replaced Fantasy Box To Cash Box for the daily login -Changed Dialogue on login message -Lit Sword Can Now Be Used In Upgrader To Make More Lit Sword -Added Missing Stats to Pydar Gloves. -Removed Soul Fragments of masses -You can now combine Red/Crystal/Seasonal Keys into op key via ::combine -Summer keys/Chest was renamed to seasonal -Added a bunch of items to sell custom shop -Rubber Duckie Removed from lefosh -Added Valkyrian Set -Added Petter Griffin Head -Added Infernus King Set -Added Brand New BIS Range set which can be only obtained from Keyroom lvl 5. -Fixed The Amount Of Pc Points Given In Special Days -Now 2X Pc points will happen from Friday Till Sunday -Fixed Lottery Man Giving Incorrect Rewards Sometimes -Added a Drop Simulator Which Can Be Used By Doing ::dropsimulator command in game -Added Diamond Box Which Will give 10 of each diamond, and will have 20% of giving 20 of each diamonds instead of 10 -Added 2x Drop Ring Which will work on regular NPCS/BOSSES(NOT MASSES THO) it can also be combined with Perfect Ring To Make Perfectionist Ring -Iron Man No Longer See Everyone as ironman on their headicons -Fully Fixed ::resetnpcs so staff members could reset the npcs if there is an issue with despawning -Luigis Head have been removed from the webstore, now they are only obtainable through OP KEYS -Added Pet Bag -Added Mario's Head to webstore -Added Pinata that will soon become a cool event! 🙂 -Added New Rainbow Smoother Texture -Added Ring Of Perfection which is a combination of Perfect Ring And Double Drop Ring. -Added Galaxy Box, which will contain the new valkyrian Set/Sephiroth Set and more OP As hell items, It will have 2 drop tables tho either u get cash boxes or 1/5 Chance of obtaining a rare piece -Updated ::commands -New Umbralo sword added -Added Diamond Chest To OP Store -Fixed some sets shining through stuff -Added New Items to the webstore -Lowered some prices on webstore -Removed red keys from rare announcer -Added moneybags zone to the teleport manager -New Client Version StargazeV7
  12. -Added a brand new super saiyan mode, which when activated u will receive 20% damage boost increase and u will turn into moda fucking broly! -Leaderboard showing killcount can be shown at home by pressing leaderboards -Removed Keyroom Banking after ur inventory is full -Changed King Yell Color To Orange -Smooth colorchanging particles, also for items like hweens/phats etc. First item has been added with it which is executive cape -Rank headicons for staff members and King Donator Rank and Ironman -Osrs Broadcasting System whats the command again for it -Custom Minigame basicaly a free for all minigame but with a twist, which is teams. You can't kill your team mates, and by the end of the minigame the winning team will receive the prize! -Lottery System has been made so basicaly it works like that, everyone in the server can buy tickets. The pot will be showed every 15 mins, after 10 hours there will be a random winner picked, but know that the more tickets u buy the bigger chance to win you have! 🙂 -Elo System so basicaly the more active you're the more damage boost you will get it can CAP at 20%, the more inactive you're the lower is your elo. -Check why npcs start despawning after a period of time command for respawning - resetnpcs -Pin system where people who have different ips than your original one which u logged in with coudln't get to ur account ::setloginpin is the command, this will help us protect everyone from being hacked in game, so people now who will be hacked it will be at your own fault as you receive an option to put a protection on your account to dodge getting your bank cleaned -Removed Water Textures/Walls -Tier 7 sword with 10% chance can be upgraded to skittles -::animatetextures now gives u an option to turn off texture animating for less lag. -Zeus aura can now be used with guns, and it will have unlimited ammo -Blades of destruction are now same as masamune -Renamed Holy Symbol To Infinite Prayer Symbol -Added Fantasy Box To OP STORE for 600k -Added command ::teleport to open the teleportation interface as people were asking -Added Universo Bow Into The Game -Now when pressed on custom stuff in the old interface it no longers shows wildy teleports so no luring will happen -Renamed Arc Warriors To Stargaze Warriors -Added Universo Bow In Combiner -Removed Donation Boxes from custom boss -When u get a bandit task and u click teleport it now teleports you to the correct spot -New Client Version No Need To Redownload Cache, All u need to do is get the new client
  13. -Implemented a system where i could track high-end items every single move on them when they will be emptied/dropped/pked/traded/Alched and so on. -Quick Fix on some bugs -Masamune little tweak -Stability Fixes
  14. -Changed Bandits task reward to the beginner boxes -Added the infinite prayer effect to holy symbol -Added brand new SHOP called OP SHOP u can buy very good items for big prices in there, more items are coming this week aswell -Bug Fixes
  15. Savage123

    Summer Chest Loot Table

    Common Bulging Tax Bags x200 Bulging Tax Bags x220 Bulging Tax Bags x240 Bulging Tax Bags x250 Mystery Box x420 Mystery Box x702 Mystery Box x300 Darklord Platelegs x1 Rare Ice Diamond x1 Darth Maul Wings x1 Darth Maul Legs x1 Darth Maul Body x1 Darth Maul Helm x1 $10 scroll x1 Crystal Staff x1 Starlight Staff x1 Heroes Sword x1 Balizard rapier x1 Raid Box x1 Ultra Rare Dragon ball star 1 x1 Dragon ball star 2 x1 Dragon ball star 3 x1 Dragon ball star 4 x1 Dragon ball star 5 x1 Dragon ball star 6 x1 Dragon ball star 7 x1 Nature SS x1 Infernal SS x1 Beowolf Body x1 Beowolf Legs x1 Beowolf boots x1 Beowolf Gloves x1 Beowolf Helmet x1 Beowolf Cape x1
  16. Savage123

    OP Chest Loot Table

    Common: Red key x30 Red key x40 Summer key x3 Summer key x5 Summer key x6 Summer key x8 Uncommon: Ice diamond x1 Shadow Diamond x1 Smoke Diamond x1 Blood diamond x1 Paper Sack x1 Dominion Crossbow x1 Ring of Devotion x1 Teddy Bear x1 More Lit Sword x1 Rare: SSBG Hair x1 Eye of the Ranger x1 Eye of the Mage x1 Eye of the Warrior x1 DBZ Perm Tele x1 Ichigo Tele Perm x1 Golden Mystic Staff x1 Ultra-Rare Fighting Boots x1 Staff of Ra x1 Eye of the Warrior x1 Ruby Ammy (b) x1 Dantes Necklace x1 Red Wings x1 Luigi's Head x1 Skittles x1 Fire gun x1 Spender Cape x1 Executive Totem x1
  17. -Buffed QBD set -Changed Daily Reward 8 Streak -Added More Tasks For Beginners -Soul Fragments Have Been Added To The Summer Chest Rare Loot Table -Added Scratchcard To Warriors Trial You Can Now Also Obtain Them From Damis -Added Some Missing Items To Rare Loot Announcer -Buffed Trial Sword Tier 7 Attack speed -Made Trial Tier 7 Swords Untradable -Reduced Rod Drop Rate To 50% -Adjusted Drop Rate For Eye Of The Mage/Eye Of The Ranger/Eye Of The Warrior So they would level up progressively the higher the tier the better the dr -Stoner Set Is Best In Slot Mage Now -Add Ichigo teleport to the OP Chest/Dragonball Teleport -Added Ichigo Pernament Teleport And Dragon Ball Pernament Teleport To The Op Chest -Moved Nex Minions Closer -Nex Minions Now Have Same Drop Table As Nex -Some Bug Fixes
  18. -Added Infinite Prayer Scroll into the game, now when u have this scroll in your inventory your prayer will not be absorbed anymore. -Dante's Necklace Now Picks up clues/Double keys from keyroom -Fixed A Game Breaking Item Being Involved In Game -Made So Combiner Now Says Which Items Ur Missing -Made Combiner List Refresh Way Faster -Removed Not needed system out prints -Fixed Combiner Bug -Removed the message from FFA to contact staff for rewards so people wouldn't be so confused -Made it so instance manager can now hold 500 NPCS -Made it so instance manager can now support more npcs post in suggestions if you would like to see ur particular npc -Fixed Admin Commands -Killcount system is now in place you will see the requirements for some of the zones
  19. -Added Mario Helmet into the webstore -Deleted Frost Minigun from webstore -Dragon Minigun price decreased from 15$ to 10$ -Drazulian Firemachine prices decreased from 35$ to 25$ -Roseblood Gloves Removed From Webstore Shop -Added Brand New Pydar Gloves To The Webstore 60$ 60% drop rate and stats. -Fixed a bug where Executive cape would turn into trial sword t7 if banked -Removed extra hit on T7 sword -Cursebearer now drops 5 Auras Chests Instead of 1 -Buffed Abbadon Health -Added a brand new batman mask -Added Killcount system so basicaly, this upcoming week we're gonna be implementing killcount system where u will need to kill a certain amount of npcs before u can actually advance to another npc
  20. -Added Executive Cape to Checkdr -Added ::cg/::clueguide a shortcut to be redirected to clue guide -Buffed Super saiyan Blue God Aura also increased the drop rate from 40% to 60% -Added more npcs to instance -Fixed server giving tier 4 keys out of blue -Skotizo Boss is now a boss for kings, it would be a waste to have this boss useless in our server so i'm gonna be using it to be as A king boss! ::kingboss -Added Ava's accumulator effect to executive cape -Did some definitions for upcoming items -Increased Tier 7 Sword Attack Speed By 1 tick -Added Soul fragments for op key combination -Added Soul fragment to upgrader -Added Soul fragment to Broly/Abbadon/Wrencher -Added panda in ::checkdr -Moved afk tree more into the middle -Added items to the dropparty command -Added dropparty area command ::dropparty -Fixed panda Not attacking
  21. We have checked and i think trials minigame should be good to go -Fixed a bug where trial swords turn into a pet -Adjusted Trial swords stats -Lvl 1 and 7 swords will have insane speeds -Fixed warriors trial on teleport manager -Added trial swords to untradable category up to tier 7, tier 7 is tradable
  22. Quick small update adressing some stuff, i have fully fixed warriors trial now, staff members will test it out today and we should be gucci cuz i need to make adjustments to the swords them selves, plus regarding mass bosses if u will have suggestions please feel free to post em because i only did right now a quick drop table so u could start farming for the main item which is totems. -Green plug sword now renamed to Lit sword so it could be searched on pos -Jail location has been changed so no PKING would accur -You can now visit people that have been jailed by doing ::visitjail -Buffed Completionist cape -Silver torva now can be sold in custom shop -Added Dante's Inferno Models Into the live server -Added Kofita's set -Mass Bosses have been reworked -Totems have been added To BORK/LE'FOSH/ARCSPIDER -Executive Combination has been added in the ::combine -New drop party event has been added -You can now sell drygore pieces to custom store -Redid bork drop system -Added executive token to webstore
  23. thiizy

    The New Clue Scroll Guide

    Good Guide ❤️ Used and, Accurate!
  24. thiizy

    90 Scratch Card OUTCOME <3

    ❤️ Quick outcome of 90 SCRATCH CARDS ❤️ - WAS Going to Upload a video but.... wasn't nothing too "Thrilling" while opening 😞 - Better chances/luck hopefully NEXT and to ALL on these lucky things ❤️ 😇 THESE ARE OBTAINED VIA STORE ABOVE & PEST CONTROL (IN GAME) Message STAFF in GAME for assistance or if needed further information/go to STARGAZEPS > DISCORD >>> https://discord.gg/7mSgmJu
  25. -Added Panda in the webstore. -Instance system has been added, to get to this command just to access it you will need to pay atleast 2k Bags to have your own instance. -Combiner system has been added so no longer you will need to check discord for the combinations, you will see it being displayed on the interface all of the possible combinations. Command For Combiner is ::combine -Brand New Background With Changed Buttons. -Added Brand New BIS Hybrid Gear Called QBD SET, it's gonna be the same as SSJ just with additional stats plus dr. -Added QBD Set into Combiner -Fixed for some of the items their secondary names when for example looking on POS or when accepting trade -Fixed some corrupted bad looking models -You will now be required to finish your scratchcard before loging out so you wouldn't get a null. -Added Trial Tokens -New Trial Swords Tier 1-7 have been added -Brand new minigame has been added called Warriors Trial the object of this minigame is to obtain in room 1 tokens which can be than used in room 2 to kill other npcs which will be dropping tiered swords. But don't forget that to even enter the cave u will need to have 150 Trial Tokens, tier 1 to 7. tier 7 sword will be close in power too usumidori and just letting u know will be used in an awesome option for Upgrader! -Golden maul can now be used on afk stone for 2x stardusts -Jail is now working flawlessly -Added Trial Minigame/Bandit Camp into the teleport manager -Changed Daily Rewards loot table a little bit -Changed Fountain Dialogue so it would say how much it increases stats -Nerfed KBD Stats By A Lot. -Rayban stats increased by a little -King yell fixed -Ares lvl 4 aura STR bonus adjusted -Added More Custom Slayer Tasks -Fixed Commedations for staff ranks -Added some items to bulging bag store -Beginner Boxes are now functional they have 2 loot tables common and rare! -Brand new zone added called Bandit Camp this is a zone that will be dropping the new Beginner Boxes -Added a brand new ancient sword that can only be obtained by hitting the rare loot table in the beginner box -Updates all links that were broken -Added a brand new ::rules command -Updated log in messages -Health for donkey kong has been adjusted to 250k from 125k -Sponsorzone shop prices have been adjusted towards the pricelist -Fixed trump not announcing rare drops -Added Brand new executive cape that is on par with P Ring -Added a executive totem so if u want to get ur self a executive cape u will need this in the combination process -Added new models into the cache to work with for the future -Fixed some other minor bugs that i have encountered -Patched a memory leak -Fixed an error with global kill event where it could null out -Client V6 Version
  26. Jewel

    Combinable Items

    Collector, Attacker, Healer & Defender Icons: Icon Level 1: Base Level Icon Level 2: 500 Energy Fragments Icon Level 3: 2,000 Energy Fragments Icon Level 4: 5,000 Energy Fragments Icon Level 5: 30,000 Energy Fragments Doom Staff: 10K Energy Fragments + 1K Bulging Bags + Cat Staff Icy Glaive: Anouke Glaive + 5 Ice Diamonds + 7K Bags Zues Off-Hand: Anouke Off-hand Glaive + 5 Ice Diamonds + 6K Bags Godz Bow: Shadow Bow + Rainbow Bow + Amazo Bow + Devils Blood Bow + Purple Dimension Bow + Limey Bow SSJ Body: Byakunal Body + Darth Vader Body + Roseblood Gloves + 100K Bags SSJ Legs: Byakunal Legs + Darth Vader Legs + Luigi Helm + 100K Bags SSJ Wings: Shooter Cape + Berserker Cape + Magician Cape + Darthvader Cape + Red Wings + 55K Bags SSJ Gloves: Byakunal Gloves + Darth Vader Gloves + 15K Bags SSJ Boots: Byakunal Boots + Darth Vader Boots + 15K Bags Red Spirit Shield: All Corp Shields + 10K Bags Gold Spirit Shield: Red Spirit Shield + 10K Energy Fragments + 30K Ecto Tokens + 2 Ice Diamonds Golden Mystic Staff: Crystal Staff + Doom Staff + Universo + Red Starlight + 350K Bags Rick Pet: Vegita Jr + Goku Jr + Infartico + Godzilla + Trump + Ichigo + Darklord + Abbadon + Heron + Beaver + Rockgolem + Tangleroot + Squirrel (30% DR and 3% chance to double rare loot) Eye of the Mage: Ring of Devotion + 7 Ice Diamonds + 50K Bags Eye of the Ranger: Eye of the Mage + 5 Smoke Diamonds + 40K Bags Eye of the Warrior: Eye of the Ranger + 3 Smoke Diamonds + 5 Ice Diamonds + 100K Bags Divine’s Wrath: Skittles + 10 Ice Diamonds + 20 Blood Diamonds + Heroes Sword + Balizard Rapier + 650K Bags Big Fucking Gun 9000: Firegun + 15 Ice Diamonds + 20 Smoke Diamonds + Drakonium Minigun + Plazma Minigun + 600K Bulging Bags Hefty Bags to Bulging Bags: 10K Hefty Bags + 1 coin = 5K Bulging Bags Massamune: Divine's Wrath + 50 Ice Diamonds + 50 Blood Diamonds + 50 Smoke Diamonds + 3M Bulging Bags Dante's Amulet: Ruby Amulet + 10 Blood Diamonds + 10 Ice Diamonds + 10 Smoke Diamonds + 350K Bulging Bags Usumidori Scythe: Anger Scythe + Shadow Scythe + Green Scythe + Lava Scythe + 5 Ice Diamonds + 5 Blood Diamonds + 10 Shadow Diamonds + 300K Bulging Bags Ares (Melee), Poseidon (Range), Hades (Mage) Auras: Aura Level 1: Base Level Aura Level 2: 2,000 Energy Fragments Aura Level 3: 4,000 Energy Fragments Aura Level 4: 30,000 Energy Fragments Aura Level 5: Upgrade Chance at Item Upgrader Jax Lantern: Golden Mystic Staff + Staff of Ra + 10 Shadow Diamonds + 10 Ice Diamonds + 10 Blood Diamonds + 650K Bulging Bags Zeus Aura: Level 5 Ares + Level 5 Poseidon + Level 5 Hades + 60k Energy Fragments + 600K Bulging Bags
  27. Welcome to the brand new Stargaze homepage! We've been very excited to finally overhaul the website and bring you the new homepage. Please let us know if you have any feedback as it will be much appreciated! The new homepage brings a breath of fresh air to our community, and the updates upcoming in October will bring a bunch of new content to the server, as well as implementing the valuable feedback and suggestions we receive in discord. Thank you for playing! Sincerely, Stargaze Staff ❤️
  28. -The pest control npc now tells how many points u have -Some small bug fixes -NPC Despawning fix not sure 100% tho, but this might do it, because i can't replicate this bug on my own -New Panda PET has been added it will have an ability to hit up to 4k, plus 40% drop rate increase, the only way to obtain it is by doing PC and getting scratchcards or webstore donation.
  29. This update is all about the perk system! -Perks will now change instantly after the timer runs out -Perk system no longer gives that glitchy chat bar at the side of the screen -Perks now work properly and give what it suppose to give -Made a message pop out to tell which perk is activated now -The timer is no longer stuck and will show how long it is left until the perk timer runs out
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