We're bringing some news to stargaze players regarding our current staff team changes

We are still looking for 1 new SS member so make sure if you haven't applied already you pop your application in. To the people that have applied make sure that you are putting the work in game in! So now lets get on with the important parts!


Has been a long time player for stargaze and helped us our numerous times, i'm glad to have him as our staff team member!


Darkassasin was basically plotting to back stab Stargaze from the begging which in the end failed. And he has been permanently banned from stargaze.

Kofita got demoted because of issues with in game Staff team.

Thank you all for applying and i look forward to picking one more Server Support member in the near future!

February 20, 2020 | Update21-02-2020, 00:22 by Dante

Slayer will still get worked on on weekend to make the Tasks custom only 🙂
-Client no longer dumps sprites which means faster load time.
-Fixed Lottery System Sometimes not registering entries
-Fixed a dupe
-Fixed Client Teleport Interface
-Added New system for voting, basically when people hit 100 vote rewards whole server gets a global boost
-Added New System for SET DAMAGE BOOSTS
-Added Frieza into the game with his first/second/final form
-Added Frieza modes first form giving 3% damage increase second form 5% and final one 8%
-Added Infinity Stones into the game, they will be scatered around entire stargaze world good luck finding them! 🙂
-Nerfed The Chance Of Obtaining Rare On OP Chest
-Fixed Scratchcards not giving $ in donation deal tab
-Adjusted Mystery Box loot
-Adjusted Legendary Mystery Box loot
-Made stones untradable
-Added New Prayer flicking system for npcs to make game to be more challenging
-Second tier donation deal is now fixed
-There is now a chance of obtaining superior slayer box when doing slayer 1/200 chance and 1/120 chance for emperors
-Added Rewards to super slayer box and added it to ::rewardslist
-Added ::setyelltitle and ::resetyelltitle for emperors to make custom yell titles near their names
-Red keys no longer spam when combined
-Scrolling fixed with all interfaces
-All interface npc models are resized to a normal...

February 11, 2020 | Update12-02-2020, 00:38 by Dante

Quick updaterino a smallerino one, i'm working on a self updating loader as the last one i developed wasn't that great and had no compatability with let's say MAC users
-Added Blue/Green/Red dragons as daily task
-Fixed bug where when ever u closed the upgrader interface it would pop out the donation deals
-Added More Dragons in Dragon Zone
-Now all collector items pick up Double Drop as it should have been from the beggining
-Fixed Some Dialogue outdated mistakes
-Removed Gambling Shop from King Zone as king can no longer gamble
-Added Gods from godwars into King Zone
-You can now sell Fighting boots into the junk store
-King can now do CTRL+E to open Junk store when ever they please too
-Added NEW BIS Hellfire Crossbow that can be found on ::combine
-Genesis full set bonus now has an effect of ignoring 20% of NPC Defence level
-Buffed Genesis sword