January 16, 2020 | Update16-01-2020, 16:10 by Dante

Here we go another small updaterino coming to the StargazePS, introducing a brand new BEST HYBRID GEAR IN GAME Unique to only StargazePS as these models were baught for us, Tyrael's Set.
Another update should be coming aswell as i'm gonna be working on more content this week aswell as start implementing new home Area which u can find at #polls-regarding-updates at Our discord!
-Added Clue Scroll Rewards to the ::Rewardlist
-Removed vorago from anoukes teleport
-Removed a lot of rare drop spam, that wasn't really that of a rare drop
-Added command ::updates to redirect you instantly to the updates page, where you can read the latest updates on stargaze!
-Added Announcer when u hit rare on super scratch card
-Fixed Some Typo Mistakes
-Added 35% Dr Bonus To Loyal Star, Plus 10% Damage increase when the pet is out
-Fixed AOE pet bonus there was a calculation error now it gives the extra drops
-Buffed spender shield
-Buffed Madaras Wand
-Increased voragos damage radius so no safe spotting would happen
-Fixed dante's necklace picking up bad drops
-Fixed vorago bugging out and losing agro
-Fixed Starter Tasks Descriptions
-Nerfed Vorago Max Hit
-Updated Boss Event Message from event boss to boss event
-Added DR To Tyrael's set
-Added Tyrael's Set to the combiner
-Some minor bug i fixed forgot

January 14, 2020 | Update13-01-2020, 22:18 by Dante

Here is a brand new update for stargaze! This update focuses on Content and QOL, but it's not over for this week as i'm now developing even more stuff such as brand new Home Area map with way more detailed stuff such as skilling area/afk area/training/event boss area and more it's going to be a really nice way to start off 2020 like that with a fresh look and revamp of old stuff 🙂
-Added Brand New Ying&Yang Map
-Clipped Ying&Yang Map
-Fixed Mystery Box Pet effect now it has a chance of giving 1/400 kills a random reward for you
-Added Brand New Super Scratch cards that contain the rarest and best weapons in the game, but not only that if you do not match 3 of them you still get a guaranteed Prize!
-Added Vorago Models
-Added Vorago Pet will have 1.5k damage boost plus 20% dr increase
-Did a custom vorago Combat Script
-Added Vorago In Mass Boss Teleports
-Added Vorago to mass boss system with drops. Vorago won't have drop interface until next update as i'm redoing the drop system a bit but here what he will drop

Red Keys
Seasonal Keys
Cash Boxes
Legendary Mysteryboxes
Pet vorago
Op Keys
Extreme Megazord Set
Omega Key
Boss Key

-Added New GFXs
-Added New Animations
-Added New Images
-Added Brand new reward list interface which will help to show what rewards u can obtain from various boxes/cards etc.
-Fixed Some Corrupted Spawns

January 7, 2020 | Update07-01-2020, 22:49 by Dante

Small QOL Update for ye all! 🙂
-Removed universo armor from taxi
-Buffed LMS And other drops on taxi
-Added Another row of taxi npcs
-Auras from harlakk can now be sold to custom shop
-Added More Sponsor tokens drops for donkey kong
-Added captain america shield to the kingstore for 200k kingtokens
-Removed junk drops from anoukes drop table
-Heroic Maul is now sellable for 1m in custom shop
-Removed from the donation shop fire gun
-Buffed The chance to obtain loot from op asf chest
-It's now harder to obtain aoe weapons from Mystery Box Of All Mysteries
-Increased price on attack stones
-Buff Tank Drops
-Boss keys stackable
-Made king tokens untradable
-Ultra donation box stackable
-High-end weapon tier boxes stackable
-Updated vetions zone
-Added brand new command ::Gear that will redirect to savages gear guide to help you learn about stargaze armor sets