March 29, 2019 | Update29-03-2020, 14:24 by Dante

A small content update into the game, gonna be finishing up a big boy list for the upcoming week guys. It will focus more into beggining-mid tier game rather than go for end game players, love ye all ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
-Added Frieza Final Form into the game you can find him at ::frieza heading to the north side of the mountain
-Added Frieza Final Form pet, the pet will have 15% Drop rate chance increasement and hardest hitting Pet in game to assist in combat
-Added Frieza Final Form mode, the mode will give 7% Overall damage increasement when activated
-Added Brand new frieza set if obtained all 3 pieces it will increase Magic damage by 15% plus it's a trybrid set
-Added New items into Rare drop announcer
-Fixed some bugginess with vote claiming, but mostly it still depends on everythingrs if their servers are laggy it means we might still run into some hik ups
-Fixed some minor bugs not worth mentioning

March 26, 2019 | Update26-03-2020, 18:09 by Dante

I'm back boys finnaly done with my corona virus... Protect ur family and loved ones guys cuz this virus is not a joke i can tell from the experience, anyway with better news i'm back on Stargaze and ready to do some work guys! Gonna be checking the suggestion list, and adjusting a lot of stuff aswell as working on new content updates, as always expect weekly updates once again guys. Love ye all!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
-Redone all of the slayer tasks, you will no longer get non custom slayer tasks which u can not find on the stargaze map, now it's gonna be purely custom progressing nicely with each master aswell

Easy tasks

    ROCK_CRAB(SlayerMaster.VANNAKA, 1265, "Rock Crabs can be at ::crabs.", 1500, new Position(2709, 3715, 0)),
    SQUIRTLE(SlayerMaster.VANNAKA, 519, "Squirtle.", 2100, new Position(2709, 3715, 0)),
    MOURNER(SlayerMaster.VANNAKA, 347, "Mourners can be found at ::train.", 2150, new Position(2355, 4037, 0)),
    WOLVES(SlayerMaster.VANNAKA, 97, "Wolves can be found at ::train.", 2250, new Position(2355, 4037, 0)),
    VETION(SlayerMaster.VANNAKA, 97, "Vetions can be found at ::vetion.", 2250, new Position(2744, 9103, 0)),
    Icegiants(SlayerMaster.VANNAKA, 3072, "Icegiants can be found in the teleport interface.", 100000, new Position(3358, 3402)),

Medium tasks


March 7, 2019 | Update07-03-2020, 11:57 by Dante

Dropping a small content today and another update tomorrow will be focused into second form frieza/bug fixes/and revamping all slayer masters so they would give normal tasks based on their lvl
-Goodiebag box no longers appears as Puzzle Box in trade screen
-Goodiebag box now gives donation deal bonus balance
-Adjusted webstore prices up to date
-Adjusted webstore inacquirate descriptions
-Fixed some items going to the wrong equipment slot
-Wrote combat script for Frieza
-Fixed buffering bug, where it could have caused client to freeze from long game play times
-Added KC Requirement for the frieza
-Added New First Form Frieza Mode giving 4% damage
-Updated starterguide command
-Added New Teleport Frieza Saga to the teleport manager